Zepar is a demon and a great, mighty duke of Hell. One of the fallen angels and the 16th spirit of the Ars Goetia, Zepar is a duke who appears as a soldier dressed in red armor and clothing. Zepar's most important infernal duties are related to love, lust, and sodomy. It is said that he is capable of seducing women by taking the human form of their husbands and lovers.

Zepar is said to be one aspect of Crone as well, making women barren. He is likewise considered a familiar of the demoness Lilith. He can also inspire men and women to love and lust. Zepar commands 26 legions of infernal demons, who assist him in his nefarious endeavors.

One may work through Zepar as a means of obtaining the union of another female, or creating a shadow form of a succubus via dreaming sorcery. According to some sources, Zepar tries to seduce men through means of pederasty.