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Za'amiel Wielding the Rod of Vengeance

Za'amiel, known as the Rage of God or God's Fury, was one of the 200 angels under the command of the 20 Watchers who fell from Heaven for fornicating with mortals against the will of God.

Before his fall, Za'amiel's role was to deescalate conflicts and encourage unity among humans. Za'amiel possessed the ability to hear all prayers made in anger so that he could combat humanity's rage at its source.

He is believed to have been given this task after the cursing of Cain the Wanderer, who Za'amiel observing in secret as he traversed across the Earth, drawn to the smoldering rage that dwelled within the human.

The Fall of Za'amiel

There came a time when, after centuries of listening to all the angered prayers of mankind, Za'amiel too became consumed by rage. He became angry at humans for their ignorance and enraged at the angels for their incompetence, but most of all, he came to hate God for refusing to accept that he was in any way responsible for the sins of mankind.

In retaliation, Za'amiel launched an assault on the celestial plane himself. The attack was so savage and barbaric that when the heavenly angels came to intervene, they too lost themselves to his combat rage and began attacking wildly and without regard for their surroundings.

Many angels fell, some to Za'amiel, others to the blades of their own allies, until finally he was cast out by the archangel Michael with a tremendous bolt of radiant light. Za'amiel was severely injured by the attack and imprisoned while in his weakened state, now chained against a jagged rock in Dudael for all eternity.

Prayer to Za'amiel

Despite his state of imprisonment, it is said that Za'amiel still possesses the power to answer the prayers of worshippers who have succumbed to anger and fury, or those who pray to him asking for the power to enact their revenge. Depending on the prayer of the individual, Za'amiel will bless them with one of two gifts. Some will be empowered with tremendous strength and resistance to pain that increases proportionally to their rage, transforming them into hulking beings.

Alternatively, Za'amiel could curse dwellings of the individuals enemies with a lingering rage that influenced the inhabitants of the place to become more violent and aggressive the longer they stayed within the structure. This could even lead entire groups to break out into a frenzy over minor conflicts, or push a normally calm person into a homocidal rage. The only known way to dispel these curses was to perform an act of friendship and unity within the dwelling, though due to the effects of the curse this often proves a difficult task. Acts known to dispel this Curse of Rage include:

  • All the inhabitants of the dwelling sharing a meal together
  • All the inhabitants of the dwelling laughing together
  • Providing shelter within the dwelling to the destitute
  • An exchange of gifts among all the dwelling's inhabitants
  • Mutually exchanged apologies between the inhabitants of the dwelling.