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Virtues (Art by Aw Anqi)

Virtues are part of the second sphere and watch over the movement of the heavenly bodies so that order is maintained. They are also part of the ministries through which signs and miracles are made in the world.


Just as they govern the movements of celestial bodies, they are also said to be in control of the seasons, stars, moon and even the sun, therefore, what is witnessed throughout the vast reaches of space concerning the orbiting of planets, arrangement of stars, as well as specific suns set for a system are all manipulated by the Virtues thus making them one of the most powerful angels in Heaven.


Known as the shining ones, they at times are portrayed as having a physical form, however, these forms appear as if they are melded with the cosmos themselves, a description that fits and reflects off of their duties assigned to them by God. It is also because of this that they have been mistaken for Primordials due to their elemental nature. They are led by the great archangel Ariel who is also a Virtue.

Known Virtues