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"Now, everyone and their grandmother can name a tricky asshole in their life, physical or not. And while some of those tricky assholes have no redeeming qualities, Valefor here actually does have a lot of use. Demons that are suggested to be good familiars definitely do not fuck around – a strong and loyal demon to protect you can be hard to find in this economy. Do your best not to keep all your eggs in one basket with this guy, but he’s definitely got a lot going for him. I could see him originally being seen as the demonic embodiment of a mercenary – fiercely loyal, but subject to turn on you when something else tempts them."

Valefar, also known as Valefor, Malaphar, Malephor, or Malephar, is a Vampyric and Hellish Duke of Hell and the sixth demon listed in the Ars Goetia. He tempts people to steal and is in charge of a good relationship among thieves. He leads people into thievery and leaves them at the gallows.

Valefor's Sigil

Valefar is considered a good familiar by his associates "till they are caught in the trap". He commands ten legions of demons. He is also to collect human greed and manifest it as glittering treasure, he also teaches loyalty and the art of manipulation and show you how to charm others and get what you want. He has been called a tricky asshole by other demons.

He is usually represented as a lion with the head of a man, or as a lion with the head of a donkey. He is also depicted as being utterly monstrous, with him having multiple lion limbs, a mighty mouth with a second one underneath, the ears of a donkey, and a devilish tail. If he is in astral form, he usually appears through a mirror.

According to the Grand Grimoire, he is a direct subordinate of Sargatanas.