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The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, as it appears in the garden, with the Tree of Life in the background.

That's it? That's the tree everyone was makin' a big deal about? I mean it's a big-ass tree don't get me wrong but...
~ Dante
Yes. That's the very same tree which symbolizes rebellion and independent thought. The same tree which Lucifer used to cause the downfall of mankind and shift the very flow of nature as a whole. And the same one he'll use to do it again...but more for his benefit this time.
~ Immanuel to Dante

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is one of the two trees in the Garden of Eden, the other being the Tree of Life, although many scholars believe that the two trees are the same tree. It is an ancient and divine tree that once resided in the Eastern border of the Garden of Eden within Heaven, although after Lucifer's machinations, the tree was thrown into Limbo and grew withered and lifeless due to being cut off from Heaven but retains its enormous dormant power.


The tree is said to be the antithesis of the Tree of Life although not in the malevolent sense. What this means is that while it was allowed to eat from the Tree of Life it was forbidden to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as eating from the tree means to rebel against God and to embrace the cruel and harsh reality of mortality and death. Furthermore, the symbolism of the tree goes so far as to be related to rebellious dependance for one's self instead of God. It was known that anyone who approached the tree in order to gain knowledge for selfish or dark needs are consumed by a spirit and died like a withered branch. While the fruits themselves are not evil, it was the actions of Adam and Eve that caused disturbance and discord in Creation, as such, the fruit appear to be some sort of linchpins in the chain that keeps the cycle between Order and Chaos balanced.

According to Gabriel, the fruits of the tree do indeed bestow power to whomever eats it, but it varies. The tree itself seems to have a will of its own, but still remains impartial in some way. Gabriel again states that the Tree is capable of "reading" a person or entity's soul. It is later proven that the Tree can be overwhelmed by one of incredible power such as Lucifer. For he was able to return to his angelic self after eating one of the fruit from the tree, and the tree's power did not affect him despite being a fallen angel and full of pride. Lucifer explains that this is due to him being the most "perfect creation in existence" and surpassing the tree itself. He stated that it was deceived by his "light".


The tree has become a central item due to the fact that it was used to incite the infamous Fall of Man. After the creation of the first humans, God informed them that they can whatever they please, all except for one, and that is to take a fruit from that tree. However, Adam and Eve were visited by Satan himself in the guise of a snake, and told them that the reason that God forbade them from eating the fruit of the tree, was that the fruit would grant them eternal life and divine power.

Eve was the first and later tempted Adam into eating the fruit. As a result, they were cast out from Heaven for disobedience and were cursed to walk the Earth as ordinary humans. The tree along with the Garden was then thrown into Limbo, and as a result being a desolate wasteland that is held together by the tree's withered black roots and branches. Despite the tree's condition, it still retains its power but in a dormant state.

The acquisition and subsequent resurrection of the tree became one of Lucifer's main objectives during the Apocalypse, being that he desired the power from the tree in order to regain his divine status when he was an angel and become powerful enough to storm of the gates of Paradise. Furthermore, the tree would be used to grow through the Axis Mundi during the Conjuction of the Spheres and have its roots spread throughout the four corners of the Earth linking the very fabric of reality, including Heaven and Hell, together and be it connected to Lucifer in order to remake creation. After Lucifer's defeat, the tree was returned to Heaven and is currently being guarded by the archangel, Uriel.