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Titania is the fairy queen and wife of Oberon, the king of all fairies. She was once a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann with Oberon before splintering from the pantheon to rule at her own accord.


She is the ruler of the Seelie Court alongside her husband. While considered beautiful and delicate Titania is a very proud creature and as much of a force to contend with as her husband Oberon. However, she is often seen and as told by other fae that she engages in conflicts with Oberon concerning how the kingdom should be run and what their actions would bring upon their subjects in regards to their safety. At some point, according to Puck, she and Oberon were even engaged in a marital quarrel over which of them should have the keeping of an Indian changeling boy.

As queen of the fairies, Titania cares deeply for those she calls kin and her subjects. She wishes to help them in their fight for survival but is, somewhat, like a parent in her approach. Whilst she does not wish to see them suffering, she realizes that she cannot restrain their inquisitive nature and basic human desires for freedom of choice. With this regard, although she may manipulate circumstances to their advantage (or sometimes their disadvantage), Titania tries her best not to interfere directly with their day to day living and will only assist when it is personally requested.


Titania is a strong willed protector to her followers. Whilst, in her ways and methods, she is often as mysterious as the dreams she likes to evoke, she is a sharer of knowledge and a great teacher who believes in the journey of self discovery. She does not want worship nor does she desire to impose fear. She needs mortal creatures to recognize her existence, hold her power in awe, trust her like a mentor and adore her as a close relative. However, she is often mysterious and clandestine in her approach to gaining this situation and, rather than coming forth and directly requesting such, she considers that this trust and bond will be stronger if steadily built and earned.

Titania was shown to be a jealous lover, demanding unconditional adoration from her lovers even though she rarely returned the feelings herself: her affair with Tam Lin ended when he realised what she was truly like and she was noticeably annoyed when Dream sent no secret message for her with a servant who returned to Faerie from his realm. However, she has also shown genuine affection and emotion, even if she tries to hide it: when her affair with Tamlin leaves her with a human son (possibly the powerful magician Timothy Hunter she is devastated to have to send him to Earth to keep the secret of her nature and her affair from the King and risks sending her entire realm to war against Hell to protect her son with Oberon from being kept in Hell as payment of Faerie's tithe to the demons.