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Surgat is a lesser demon in the Inferno, however, his deceptive and cunning mind make him one of the most frightening and dangerous as well. Known as the "One Who Opens All Locks" this title reflects his nature and purpose, being able to understand and open any lock in the world, making it almost impossible to escape from him as well as conceal oneself from him.

It is speculated that Surgat was once summoned to the material plane by an unknown person in hopes that he gives him the knowledge to construct mechanisms that would benefit mankind. This mechanism, in question, is the lock for a door. This summoning marked his first appearance which is believed to have been located in Nineveh, the capital of ancient Assyria.

He obliged, but at a price: to forever haunt those who would have locks in the darkest of homes and abodes, since the darkness is a realm he is most fond of.

When someone becomes Surgat's target, he relentlessly pursues them no matter how much they put effort into escaping. Once he reaches his victim, he frightens them by presenting them images that would make them go mad.