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Shudde M'ell (Art by Hubert Spala)

Shudde M'ell, also called the Great Chthonian or the Conqueror Worm, is one of the Ogdru Hem and is believed to be the supreme regent of the Chthonians as well as the largest and most powerful of the race.


Shudde M'ell appears as a colossal worm with tentacles sprouting from its head, and is so large that it can cause earthquakes by simply moving. Although Shudde M'ell is thought to have lain dormant beneath Ethiopia for aeons, it is also suspected to have been the cause of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.



Millennia ago, when humanity as we know it was a thing still to come, Shudde-M’ell was among the Ogdru Hem that battled against the Elohim in a bid to claim dominion over the Earth. When the Old Ones were bested, the gods imprisoned most of their defeated enemies. As such, Shudde-M'ell found itself locked in a subterranean prison below the sands of Ethiopia, with Kthanid creating Star-Stone artifacts to keep them bound to their prison.

Over the aeons, a branch of terrestrial humans evolved to their present condition due to the arcane experiments committed by the Elder Things, and sprung from the valleys of Africa. With time, tribes of humans reached Ethiopia, and with them came curiosity. The masters of the tribe, those known as shamans, began to excavate the unusual outcroppings that surrounded them, and eventually came across strange artifacts which they chose to wear as badges of office. As time went on, the shamans dug up further artifacts, and the number of these charms worn became a sign of seniority amongst others. Little did these men know how the taking of the star-stones would affect the world around them.


As the star-stones were slowly removed, so were their confining properties, and soon the Chthonians were free. With this, Shudde M'ell and his kind were free to roam the earth, and so they did for the next few millennia, excavating their lairs across the globe and eventually infesting nearly every part of the planet. However, by the time the descendants of Adam and Eve assumed rulership over the planet and established the great kingdom of Hyperborea, Shudde M'ell was astonished as well as enraged over the fact that these meager humans developed the power to push back against Shudde M'ell and its ilk for they could not burrow beneath the earth that leads to Hyperborea, especially since the kingdom was protected by Rahab.

As the ages pass, Shudde M'ell would traverse the confines of the planet alongside its spawn, and it seemed to flourish during the dark age of Noah. However, even then, Shudde M'ell was met with resistance by the likes of the Nephilim who went so far as to use the Chthonians as a means of transport through the unbearable and endless sea of sands, degrading Shudde M'ell and leading to the Chthonians into warring with them. But by that time, the Great Flood was upon all those who were no longer worthy of God's mercy. Given that water would spell the destruction of Chthonians, Shudde M'ell's race was said to have perished from the turbulent waters for even the water would make it through the deep burrows of the Chthonians.

Modern Age

Shudde M'ell was revealed to have survived the Flood but was severely injured from the large bodies of water it attempted to block out and thus resorted to laying dormant in order to regain its strength. With the passage of time, the geological formation of the Earth shifts to where Shudde M'ell ended up being encased in a crystalline prison of amber. In the 1960s, a legion of Nazis led by Herman von Klempt set up a base in the Tunisian desert upon discovering the body of Shudde M'ell buried deep in the sands. According to Klempt based on what he read through legend, it is believed that the Reptilians, who were once one of the inhabitants of Ubar, were the ones who first discovered Shudde M'ell but saw the great evil it would bring and encased it in amber, after which they left Tunisia.

Hellboy was sent to intercept and stop the Nazis alongside Roger, a Homunculus, and Henri-Laurent de Marigny, a known occultist, but they were too late as the Nazis had awakened the Great Worm. A representative of the Reptilian race that monitored the Old One's prison warned the three that, if it was not stopped, it would become powerful enough to destroy all life on Earth, and then summon the remaining Ogdru Hem from their prison. Hellboy, Roger, and Henri battle Shudde M'ell both inside its prison then later up to the surface. Shudde M'ell would not fall so easily even with the combined might of Hellboy, Roger, and Henri all while Hellboy wielded an alien blade given to him by the Reptilian guard. Eventually, they managed to defeat the Great Worm though Henri tragically died during the battle. Hellboy then called in the B.P.R.D. to carry the body of Shudde M'ell away.