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A shoggoth. (Art by BorjaPindado) very horrible. No words can describe call it a monstrosity would not...would not do it justice. So hungry...God...oh, God...
~ Danforth's ramble upon glancing at the Shoggoth

The Shoggoths are a race of extraterrestrial monstrosities that were created by the Elder Things but later rebelled against their masters after they gained intelligence.


Shoggoths are massive amoeba-like creatures made out of iridescent black slime, with multiple eyes "floating" on the surface. Described as "protoplasmic", they lack any default body shape and instead being able to form limbs and organs at will. Their appearance is so horrifying that many would classify them as "true" monsters. Being amorphous, they could take on any shape needed, making them very versatile within their aquatic environment.



These creatures were created by the Elder Things at the time when the war between the Ogdru Hem and the polytheistic gods began to wane. Most of the Ogdru Hem were either imprisoned or destroyed, with their dwelling places also being buried or annihilated by the old gods. As time passed, alien races began to visit the Earth after it was safe enough, and explored as well as experiment on the local fauna of the planet. When the Elder Things landed, they created an organism that would become the shoggoths


Though able to "understand" the language of the stars, they had no real consciousness and were controlled through hypnotic suggestion. The shoggoths built the underground cities of their masters. Over millions of years of existence, some shoggoths mutated and gained independent minds. Some time after this, they rebelled. Eventually, their masters succeeded in quelling the insurrection, but thereafter watched them more carefully. By this point, exterminating them was not an option as the alien lords were fully dependent on them for labor and could not replace them.

Although, during their years of experimenting with the Earth's fauna, they came across what would be known as hominids, the supposed earliest ancestors of humans. Their experimentation and manipulation of their DNA led to the hominids gaining intelligence and advancing in resources and physiology. This led to the Elder Things wanting to use their skills to replace the shoggoths but the primal hominids also rebelled against them, which also garnered the interest of the surviving Ogdru Hem who corrupted the minds and spirits of these hominids to become monstrous humanoids serving them instead. The shoggoths at one pointed offered to work with the hominids but they refused and fought against them, seeing the shoggoths are their lesser. It was during this time that, despite their masters' wishes, they demonstrated an ability to survive on land while the Elder Things retreated to the oceans.

Modern Age

Shoggoths that remained alive and escaped the extermination committed by the primal hominids took refuge in the abandoned Elder Thing city within Antarctica. While there, they would later imitate poorly their masters' art and voices, endlessly repeating "Tekeli-li" or "Takkeli", a cry that their old masters used.

From then until the present day, the number of Shoggoths active on Earth has slowly dwindled next to nothing, and in the modern age can only be found in the Elder Things' abandoned city in Antarctica, in the deepest oceans, and hidden away in the darkest, most inaccessible corners of the world. Those that were discovered by the wayward scientific research teams or civilian explorers, had their location alerted by the likes of the Federal Bureau of Control or the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.