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Existence is truth. Truth is a lie. Lies are pain. And this pain is like a gnat that is festering within your ear and no matter the effort you cannot be rid of it. This pain leads to madness and madness leads to evil. I seek the destruction of all to rid myself of that madness. And no one will stand in the way of my longing for peace from this noise.
~ The Scarlet King

Khahrahk, later known more infamously as The Scarlet King, is an ancient, eldritch, and nihilistic primordial entity who seeks the end of all existence and is regarded as a grand enemy to the Federal Bureau of Control, the Global Occult Coalition, and the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. He has a particular personal hatred towards Lucifer himself due to believing him to be the cause of his pain from the war in Heaven which shifted the very nature of existence.

He was once a guardian of the Tree of Life, known as the Sentinels of Creatio, and was tasked like many of his sentinel siblings to watch over the Tree and to serve Asherah, the wife of God. However, Khahrahk soon became "self-aware" of his own existence which caused him great pain and sought out to end all of existence just to rid himself of that pain.


He is an ancient and demonic god who is untold amounts of eons old and is revealed to be a creation of Asherah Herself, who is creation given form. He at first served Asherah faithfully for many years although, for unknown reasons and especially after Lucifer's rebellion, he slowly began to change and became aware of the truth regarding existence as a whole. This sparked his own independent mission which is to spread worldwide destruction and destroy all of existence itself and thus making him the enemy of many beings, like God and the Primordials.


From Light to Madness

The Scarlet King was born with the planting of the Tree of Life, called Khahrahk at the time under the tutelage and watch of Asherah. He was the smallest and most frail of his siblings. It is believed after Lucifer's rebellion against God, the very nature of existence itself shifted astronomically as a way of mending the damage Lucifer inflicted upon it during the war. This healing, however, proved to be Khahrahk's descent into madness and evil as overtime it made him the only one aware of the truth behind reality, and it consequently brought him great pain as a result. Due to being aware of the truth behind existence, he decided that existence itself is painful and that he would have no part in it, resulting in him desiring to destroy existence itself. He started by consuming his siblings and growing stronger on their essence.

Omnicidal Conquest

He vowed to destroy the Tree, God, Lucifer, and Creation, and consumed or subjugated all the ancient elder gods, naming himself "King of the Darkness Below". He declared war on creation itself, one which will not end until the very end of everything. He took Sanna, one of the only Sentinels he spared and subjugated, forcibly as his wife and sired seven daughters with her. Sanna died after birthing them, and the King took his seven daughters as his new brides, sealing them so they would not die as their mother had. From his seven bride-daughters he had seven children called Leviathans; they have no relation to the Biblical Leviathan.

The Scarlet King began a rampaging conquest across existence itself as he slaughtered any opposition that attempted to thwart him in destroying the Tree of Life. It was not until the Seven Archangels gathered and wielded the spears that were once held by the Sentinels that the Scarlet King found himself in peril. Before he would completely consume his siblings, Asherah was able to save a sliver of their essence before rebuilding them slowly and implanting them within the spears. When Michael, armed with his Lance, struck a mighty blow to the Fallen Sentinel, it provided enough time for the Seven Archangels to unleash the finishing blow. The spears, imbued with the power of the Sentinels, granted the Seven Archangels the power to subdue the Scarlet King which then fashioned the energies they emitted into seven unbreakable chains that bound the Scarlet King.

Children of Destiny

Despite the Scarlet King's imprisonment and defeat, it is revealed that his brides and unborn children are linked to the chains that keep him caged in his prison. It is prophesied that should his Leviathan children be born, and his brides lose their lives in the process, each of their births and deaths respectively will cause the seven chains to break and inevitably free him. The FBC attempted to prolong the birthing process of the seven brides but each was met with failure. Regardless, they were able to neutralize or destroy the first six brides, but the seventh - the strongest - had yet to be born.

It resides in AI231-KE-7 and is prevented from existing by using Procedure 110-Montauk, developed by Robert Montauk, a scientist. What the procedure actually involves is unknown, but it is heavily implied that it involves brutal acts of violence in order to keep the Leviathan away. Another source claims that the Scarlet King and his child could not see reality the same way than humans could, meaning that concept of brutal acts of violence against AI231-KE-7 could keep them away. However, despite the best, or heinous, efforts of the FBC, the seventh child was born but unlike its six other siblings, the seventh was surprisingly harmless and quite benevolent and was known as Gargaláo.


While his true form is unknown, artists that are susceptible to the unnatural laws of reality draw him as a classical Devil-like figure with antlers, sometimes having also tendrils/tentacles coming from his body, likely a reference of his Lovecraftian inspiration. He is also often depicted with eyes on his chest.

Regardless of his depiction in artistic showings, the Scarlet King is given a little description by one of his followers. His fists are described as massive and gnarled, holding the chains of his consorts and concubines. The same fists could effortlessly smash a man's throat. The King's voice is described as similar to "the chittering of a billion infinitesimal insects", and swirling and constantly moving. His voice also was neither "high nor low nor cacophonous nor methodical", simply just being.

Powers & Abilities

The Scarlet King's has shown to possess colossal apocalyptic power to where his very release of his own power was making creation itself quake according to Metatron. While in the beginning he was much weaker than his Sentinel siblings, he soon gained a tremendous increase in power after consuming them and was more than capable of directly threatening the forces of light. The Scarlet King's power is so great that he was able to bestow his own enormous power to his children that acted as his own legion. Both he and his armies were so powerful that he very nearly defeated all the gods and divine immortal entities that tried to stop him from reaching the Tree of Life. It was only with Michael, armed with the Lance, that the Scarlet King was finally put down and even then it was considered a great struggle for the mighty archangel.

Even after the Scarlet King was imprisoned with seemingly unbreakable chains, his power and influence was such that it could affect the minds of individuals whom are susceptible to the unnatural laws of the world. Despite being severely weakened by the chains that bound him, his powers were still great enough for him to control his followers and have them break each chain one by one to free him from his prison. When the Scarlet King was finally released he immediately began to target the Tree of Life and defeated all that opposed him in the process. The Scarlet King was noted to have surprisingly ignored Earth despite the fact that the planet houses powerful supernatural forces. This implies that individuals like the Dark Knight Initiative, the Global Occult Coalition, and the FBC are beneath him and not worth his time.

When the Scarlet King breached the gates of Paradise, he easily defeated or killed the innumerable forces of Heaven. When he made it to the Tree of Life he was able to rip the very roots of the tree apart to bring down all of creation. The Scarlet King's power grew to the point where he nearly overwhelmed Michael, even when he was once again armed with the Lance, and looked as though he shrugged off Michael's attacks with the Lance itself. Eventually, Lucifer entered the fray and despite taking heavy damage from the two twin angels, the Scarlet King continued with his relentless assault. Even with the combined might of Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel the Scarlet King still would not be so easily felled despite taking enormous damage from the five great archangels. Michael noted that he is quite possibly near in power to Nyarlathotep himself with Lucifer saying that the Scarlet King is one of the most troublesome to deal with.

In fact, the Scarlet King's durability and power came to light with the plan needed to actually fully destroy him. It was shown that even with the archangels' enormous firepower it would not slow the Scarlet King down as they realized that the only things which can actually kill him are the very spears which were once held by his fallen brethren that guarded the Tree of Life. The spears, however, could only be wielded by the Sentinels themselves and were thus ineffective in killing the Scarlet King even if held by an archangel. It was not until the spirits of the Sentinels, who resided within the spears, were summoned and allowed the Seven Archangels to successfully wield them and fatally injure the Scarlet King. Despite being impaled by these nigh-unstoppable spears, the Scarlet King did not perish. He also was able to endure a savage assault from Michael in his fully Ascended Form. It took Lucifer converting a whole planet into a massive hyper giant that was then formed into a bow by Uriel who shot it straight into his head to finally kill him.