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Lucifer alongside Beelzebub with Satan (hidden) proclaiming themselves as the Triumvirate of Hell.

The Satanic Triumvirate, also known as the Triumvirate of Hell and the Triumvirate of Hades, was a system of shared power in Hell amongst Lucifer with Beelzebub and Satan that was created during the early formations of Hell to ensure that chaos did not engulf the Inferno.


Some time after Lucifer and his rebel angels fell from Heaven, what was once called the Abyss, instead began to take shape around Lucifer and his fallen brethren, shifting and contorting under the influence of their wickedness, becoming the realm of the afterlife known as Hell. The triumvirate first demonstrated their power by defeating the Prime Evils.

During the first gathering of Hell's inhabitants, the Stygian Council, the many demons and fallen angels would continuously argue with one another on how to strike back against the divine which sparked upheaval in Hell, fracturing its inhabitants into two armies; those who welcomed oblivion and those opposed. As a result, Hell was divided and thrown into conflict. To restore order, Lucifer conceded to share power with two of his most prominent and trusted fallen angels, that being Satan and Beelzebub, to assume the positions of cooperative sovereign rulers of the Inferno.


The Infernal Triumvirate was responsible for creating the hierarchy within Hell, and while complex for a human mind, it is not so much for Hell's occupants with many of the high-ranking and low-ranking demons having positions of power that is similar to how the hierarchy of the human realm works when it comes to high-ranking positions in their system of power. Despite being a triumvirate, Lucifer and Beelzebub are the more prominently active members of the system whilst Satan does not contribute much in Hell's activities due to the fact that he is mostly held within the deepest trenches of the Ninth Circle of Hell. Due to this, Satan's position was usually filled by other high-ranking demons with the most notable ones being Astaroth, Azazel, and Belial.