Satanachia, also known as Chia, Satanackia or Satanchia, is the Great General and commander of Lucifer's and Satan's army, controlling over 54 legions of spirits. He is also a member of the Six Great Officers.

He also holds the Goetic nobles Aamon, Barbatos, Pruflas and Astaroth as his direct subordinates (The fealty of Aamon and Barbatos may effectively bolster the number of legions he controls by 40 and 30 respectively). He also has the demons, each ranked a Chief, Sustugriel, Serguthy, Heramael and Trimasel under his command.

Satanachia possesses profound knowledge of all the planets. He also holds power over women, having the ability to subjugate all women and girls and to do with them whatever he wishes. Jeanne D'Arc was accused of being under his influence. He also has the ability to reach through people and works them like a puppet. He deals in mind control and total subjugation.

Satanchia presides over crystal balls, tarot cards, Ouija boards, and divination by fire. He can give strong insights into the practice of circle casting and the raising of sacred spaces in general. He can give in-depth delineations of the four elements. Satanachia can improve mental acuity and increase bodily flexibility. He can make the witch a better liar and teach her to manipulate others.

Jeanne was ironically the only woman to be immune to Satanachia's wills which in turn made the demon very obsessed with her, trying to bring her to Hell himself before the Archangel Raziel got to her first. It savors the misfortune of humans, and shows its cruelty by carefully torturing its prey without killing it. 

He appears as a strong soldier with blonde hair, wearing the armor of a Roman soldier with an orange breastplate but he does not wear a helm. He speaks slowly in a calm voice and does not say very much.

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