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Rlim Shaikorth

Rlim Shaikorth, also called the White Worm, is one of the Ogdru Hem and was the first of the Ogdru Hem who perished at the hands of the Hyperboreans.


Rlim Shaikorth appears as a gigantic, pale, white worm with a great gaping maw and empty sockets for eyes that drip blood continuously. It fed on the bodies, souls and knowledge of the most powerful of sorcerers, and the more it consumed, the larger it grew. It was also capable of causing those within its immediate vicinity to fall into a deep sleep, and to control their actions whilst in the state.



Even though it is counted among the Ogdru Hem, Rlim Shaikorth was a being of unknown origin, but it is hinted that it originated in another dimension. Much like the rest of its brethren, Rlim Shaikorth presumably engaged against the Elohim but was soundly defeated during the Battle of the Powers.

Conflict with the Yeti

At an unspecified point of time afterward, Rlim Shaikorth reemerged, and rampaged across the continent of Hyperborea during its icy climate. However, it was met with resistance in the form of the Yeti. The Yeti engaged the White Worm in a long and gruesome conflict likely due to the fact that the Yeti would not relinquish their new settlement to the beast but others suggest they were operating under the command of Ithaqua who was not at all keen on sharing worship and dominion with Rlim especially since he himself is imprisoned. The leader of the Yeti tribe, named Uulyn, would recieve aid from Ithaqua, allowing him to inflict a terrible wound into Rlim Shaikorth's side, incapacitating it. The Yeti could not fully destroy the White Worm and instead opted to break apart a section of the ice it laid upon and push it outward into the ocean where it could not cause any harm.


Unfortunately, Rlim used its power to make the large patch of ice as its mode of transportation across the waters, eventually becoming a fortress for the White Worm called Yikilth. Thousands of years later, Rlim used Yikilth to transport itself towards the coastline of Hyperborea in order to exact its vengeance, however, it found that the Yeti have long since moved out of the continent and is instead inhabited by an Adamic race of beings called humanity. Even so this did not deter it from its course and used the iceberg's power to devastate Hyperborea's coastline with impunity. A Hyperborean priest of immense spiritual power named Eibon, who caught it during a period of rest, was able to kill the creature by shooting an arrow lit aflame with the Secret Fire straight into the wound once inflicted by Uulyn the Yeti. Rlim's death resulted in the release of a seemingly endless stream of hot black "blood" which melted the iceberg and sent its frozen contents to the bottom of the ocean.