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I have the sea in my veins. I understand the language of the waves. The forces of nature are mine to command. The most fearsome of aquatic beasts? Mine. A raging tempest? Mine again. A tsunami intending to completely eradicate an island? Yes, mine. And all guided by my trident.
~ Poseidon

Poseidon was one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology. His main domain was the ocean, and he is called the "God of the Sea". Additionally, he is referred to as "Earth-Shaker" and "Storm-Bringer" due to his role in causing earthquakes and storms, and has been called the "Father of horses" as he created them from sea foam. He is usually depicted as an older male with curly hair and beard.

Like Zeus, Poseidon has had numerous affairs and thus many children but unlike his brother's vengeful wife Hera, his own wife did not press the matter. At one point he desired Demeter. To deter him, Demeter asked him to make the most beautiful animal that the world had ever seen. So, in an effort to impress her, Poseidon created the first horse. In some accounts, his first attempts were unsuccessful and created a variety of other animals in his quest; thus, by the time the horse was created, his passion for Demeter had diminished.

After the Titanomachy, the three deities worked in reshaping the world. First Zeus set out to divvy up the world between his brothers, Earth was set to be neutral ground and Zeus choose the heavens as his realm so he gave the remaining Oceans to Poseidon and Underworld to Hades. His weapon was a trident, with which he could make the earth shake, causing earthquakes, and shatter any object.

Poseidon resented Zeus's claim to the heavens and as the oldest brother wanted his father's former domain for himself and resented the hand-out even more, various myths and poems recount Poseidon’s feuds with Zeus and clashes for power, and because of this he was considered by Greeks to have a difficult quarrelsome personality. Combined with his greed, he had a series of disputes with other gods during his various attempts to take over the cities they were patrons of.

Poseidon is married to the sea goddess Amphitrite and together they had a son named Triton. He also had a child with Aphrodite, a daughter named Rhodos. Other notable children of him were the hero Theseus, the hunter Orion and the cyclop Polyphemus.