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Before there was time. Before there was anything. There was nothing. And before there was nothing...there were monsters.
~ Grigori Rasputin

The Ogdru Jahad, also known as the Outer Gods or the Seven Gods of Chaos, are a group of beings that defy human and celestial imagination, and part of the Old Ones. They are stated to be among the most powerful beings conceived in the primordial nothingness that predated the universe, rivaling beings like the Primordials themselves.


Their chaotic and highly destructive characteristics make the likes of even the Great Old Ones seem tame in comparison. While the Ogdru Hem represent the vast unknown confines of space, the Ogdru Jahad exceed that, as they are metaphysical manifestations of the deep and bottomless charts of the universe, the likes of which would utterly shatter a human's mind.

Whilst the Archangels battled them and thus knew of their existence, they were so ancient and mysterious that the likes of demons, angels, monsters, and even many deities did not believe that they existed. Both Heaven and Hell thought it to be a "myth" or "scary bedtime story", told to keep others in line.

The only other angel, aside from the archangels, that is aware of their existence and their location is Metatron, who swore an oath to not breathe a word of their existence to anyone unless told to by God. The archangels even admitted that they would rather fight the Ogdru Hem again than to face the Ogdru Jahad in combat for a second time. This implies that the Ogdru Jahad possessed power that either rivals or even overwhelms the Archangels, even ones as old and powerful as the likes of Michael and Lucifer.


Their origins are widely unknown, possibly more so than the Ogdru Hem themselves. But scholars believe that the Ogdru Jahad are comprised of the fragments of the original primordial chaos that existed before there was anything. Before the creation of existence there was a battle between Azathoth and God. When Azathoth was brought forth from the shadow that God cast unto Chaos, Azathoth used Chaos to form pieces of itself that turned into these Outer Gods and commissioned to be its main fighting force in order to battle against the forces of God. Ultimately, God had prevailed and the Almighty imprisoned Azathoth and its creations.

However, it soon became apparent that God was unable to truly destroy the Ogdru Jahad. While He was successful in destroying a few, the rest proved to be immune. According to the archangel Gabriel, since the Ogdru Jahad are in actuality the ultimate representations of the great unknown, depravity, and chaotic nothingness, they cannot be truly destroyed due to the fact that one cannot simply destroy "nothing" and something that exceeds the understanding of even the likes of a celestial being. Consequently, God had to imprison the Ogdru Jahad in the confines of the realm known only as the "Outerverse" which is the space that exists outside of our physical universe, and is only ever accessible to God Himself and whoever holds the Right Hand of Doom.

However, it was revealed by their followers that very few lesser Outer Gods have taken residence on Earth, but are currently inactive. Despite the fact that the Ogdru Jahad are imprisoned, their influence still lingers throughout the cosmos. And that is evidenced through their "soul" and herald, Nyarlathotep and even later formed the Ogdru Hem. The Ogdru Jahad serve a cosmic function that their children do not and although they may be worshiped as gods by madmen and heretics, they care little for such things and are dedicated to their tasks without question. The old empire of Lemuria appeared to know about the Outer Gods, with them to be the first to refer to them as the "Ogdru Jahad", but did not worship them.


As they are immortal and vastly powerful entities whose true nature defies description, with even its nature as multiple beings being ambiguous, the motivations of the Ogdru Jahad may not be possible to represent in human terms. As such, the human and quasi-human inhabitants of the Demonic Paradise universe have expressed a variety of opinions on what the Ogdru Jahad wants beyond freedom, which they desire above all other things.

From the varied attempts of Grigori Rasputin and Project Ragna Rok to free the Ogdru Jahad, it is readily apparent that their release is closely tied to the fall of creation. But the question of mankind's fall varies: Herman von Klempt believing the Ogdru Jahad would be released by the freed Ogdru Hem once man has been destroyed. A common vision all share is that the Ogdru Jahad will do something akin to "burning the earth to a cinder" so it is possible they are all referring to some common vision of the dragon's release but are guessing at how the prophecy is fulfilled.

Beyond that, there is much dissent as to precisely what the Ogdru Jahad will do upon release. The aliens that watch the cosmic prison of the Ogdru Jahad apparently perceive Earth as a focal point necessary to maintaining the prison. If the Ogdru Jahad are released, they will destroy Earth and then the entire Universe.

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