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Nyi Blorong, also known as Serpent Lady, or Nyai Ular is a demon that takes the form of a human with the torso of a serpent from the waist down. She is known to be a seductress in a Persugihan branch, and is also known to be an admiral of Nyi Roro Kidul. Her original human name was Dewi Anggatri, a daughter of Pamekasan Duke in Ancient Java, before she was cursed to be a demon.


Dewi Anggatri is the eldest daughter of Daryana, a Duke of Pamekasan Duchy in ancient Java. She was a beautiful woman, but was known to be cruel, clever, deceitful, and even rebellious against the Greater Spirits.

One day, she overheard a discussion regarding a fearsome battle between Sura, The Great Shark and Baya, The Great Crocodile. The fight will end with a wager in tow, that Sura and the rest of his people and other Water Spirits hunt in the oceans, while Baya and his kingdom of crocodiles and other animal spirits hunt on land. If one from the two kingdoms are caught breaking the deal they will be executed. Dewi sees a loophole in the wager, as there is a place between land and ocean; the rivers that spread across the region. This gives her the idea to disturb the peace between the kingdoms and make them fight each other again.

The next day, she let a goat run loose to a river that have hungry crocodiles waiting for food. The crocodiles immediately chase the goat all the way to the waters before feasting on it. This alerted a shark, who swam to the crocodiles and told them about the wager, but the crocodiles argue that the goat is from land and so they have the rights to eat it. The argument escalate to a fight with more sharks arriving to help their cohorts.

Eventually, news of the quarrel reaches the leaders of the respective kingdoms, which resulted in them fighting as well. The waters became red from the blood of Sura and Baya. The kings fighting for days on end, with no winner due to their rivaling strength. Dewi Anggatri observed the battle with glee in her hiding place, which was soon discovered when one crocodile spots her shadow. The crocodile then shouted while pointed at Anggatri as the one who manipulated them. This infuriates both Sura and Baya, and the two personally comfort Dewi but cursing her. They transformed her upper body to have scales instead of skin, and her body from waist down became that of a serpent. To put a salt on the wound, they forbade her to hunt fish and other animals on both land and the sea, but not before Baya threw her all the way to the Southern seas. Eventually, she was found by Nyi Roro Kidul. who took pity on her, she raise her as the admiral of the Southern Sea Kingdom.

Encounter with Jaka Tarub

One day, she saw a young hunter named Jaka Tarub, who was searching for deer. Seeing the young man's beauty, she wanted him all for herself and began seducing Jaka to the dark path. First, she brought a drought to the forest he hunts in, causing the animals to seek refuge to other places. Next, she haunts him in his dreams, tempting him with women, riches and throne of the kingdom, however, it does not break Jaka's will. Frustrated, she cursed him to fall in love with a Bidadari, young goddesses from Khayangan.

A year after Jaka was left alone by his lover, Blorong, in form of a beautiful woman, seduces him to join her side, however, before she can claim him, Jaka stabs her with a bronze knife. He revealed that he knew it was her who manipulated him during his life, so he sought the help of a local spirit to forge him a weapon. She shrieked with anger as she dissolved to a puddle reforming in Alam Jahat

White Serpent Ritual

This ritual, also known as "Ritual Ular Putih", is for those who seek worldly pleasures in an instant. One must first venture to a cave far into the outskirts of towns but they must bear food offerings to the cave, along with candles and a small statue that is shaped like a serpent.

After that, they must strip their clothes and make love to Nyi Blorong until midnight. The next morning, Nyi Blorong disappears, but she leaves her scales that turn into pure gold. However, like all Faustian bargains, it comes at a cost. If the person does not find a suitable sacrifice for a year, Nyi Blorong will claim their soul to enhanced her own beauty.