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And where Nyarlathotep went, rest vanished, for the small hours were rent with the screams of nightmare.
~ H.P. Lovecraft about Nyarlathotep
It would be far too easy to destroy you all. But I won't. Why? Because you all provide me far too much entertainment and I could never be dissatisfied! So, you need not worry. I will continue on with this game. And you will NEVER see me coming.
~ Nyarlathotep's warning to the forces of the Dark Knight Initiative

Nyarlathotep is an ancient cosmic being and is a member of the Ogdru Jahad. Not only is he counted among their number, but he also acts as their messenger and herald.

While most, if not many, of the Ogdru Jahad are inactive and incapable of human understanding, Nyarlathotep differs from them. Nyarlathotep is even seen as the Devil in Lovecraftian literature as Satan is in Christian literature although Nyarlathotep is arguably far more malevolent.


Nyarlathotep is a master shapeshifter and has "a thousand" other forms and manifestations, most reputed to be quite horrific and sanity-blasting. Nyarlathotep has assumed the forms of other creatures and beings, and thus causing many cultures around the world to worship and revere this particular form as a separate entity or deity. In the process, it taints and damns the religion of God. He also frequently takes on a human form as an enigmatic male fashioned on an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. He could also assume female forms and possess the genitalia of both genders.

Like Cthulhu, his mere presence induces madness and insanity to mortals such as humans and can communicate with them via telepathy. He is also able to freely travel across every plane of existence and exists beyond the "archetypal infinity". Like his race, his true form is unspeakably dreadful, and would render any being in close proximity or even from afar into a pile of blob-like nothing. This shows that Nyarlathotep must take a form that is compatible with the laws of our reality.


Unlike the majority of his race, Nyarlathotep is active and is tasked with wreaking havoc across the cosmos, and most notably Earth in particular. His goal is to sow despair and woe wherever he treads, thereby spreading the chaos that he was born from and to engulf the light of God in his darkness. While he claims to be a simple messenger, his actions are incredibly destructive and heinous to be looked upon as one through human perception.

Most of the Ogdru Jahad have their own cults serving them; Nyarlathotep seems to serve as He serves several cults and takes care of their affairs in the other Ogdru Jahad's absence. Most Outer Gods use strange alien languages, while Nyarlathotep uses human languages and can easily pass for a human being if he chooses to do so. Finally, most of them are all-powerful yet evidently without clear purpose or agenda, yet Nyarlathotep seems to be deliberately deceptive and manipulative, and even uses propaganda to achieve his goals. It is suggested by some that he will destroy the human race and possibly the earth as well. 

While he does possess numerous followers, Nyarlathotep is believed to have even spawned children known as the Million Favored Ones. Their number is obviously implied in the epithet. His children are said to be as depraved and as manipulative as he is, to the point where they would even have cults of their own and gather a collective number of people to either join them or perform a sacrifice of sorts for their benefit or, mostly, their father. But in the end, the Million Favored Ones would always follow the orders of Nyarlathotep without question as he would use them to further his agendas.


Nyarlathotep is also said to be the most "human" of the Ogdru Jahad. This is due to him assuming many human forms over the centuries he has been on Earth. This also aids him in throwing society in shambles, turning many people against each other, inciting wars and battles, revolutions, and so forth. He is known to perform this through the use of corrupt propaganda, deception, and manipulation. Because of this, Nyarlathotep is considered to be the most 'human' of the Outer Gods due to his ability to walk freely among the mortals, thus, it makes him the most terrible of the Old Ones.

Due to his intellect and seemingly unrivaled manipulative prowess, Nyarlathotep is the mastermind behind many cataclysmic events and conflicts that have transpired with many individuals ranging from humans, demons to even celestial beings like angels and gods being nothing but mere pawns on his chessboard unknowingly aiding him in his plans.

Nyarlathotep enacts the will of the Ogdru Jahad, and is their messenger, heart and soul; their wishes he immediately fulfills and the one member of the who deals on a personal level with human beings in general. Unlike the other Ogdru Jahad, causing and spreading madness is more important and enjoyable than death and destruction to Nyarlathotep, making him an extremely cruel and evil monster.

He is described as the very soul of "gigantic, tenebrous, ultimate gods – the blind, voiceless, mindless gargoyles". As such, his evil is absolute, for he is not only the servant of these creatures, but their very consciousness. He is known as the soul of darkness, comparable to many dark and evil entities known to man. Nyarlathotep is believed to be more powerful than the majority of the Old Ones themselves, likely due to him being an Outer God.

Powers and Abilities

Nyarlathotep is, for all intents and purposes, an indescribably powerful entity while also being highly complex to be understood. It is believed that Nyarlathotep is able to control the mystic energies of the cosmos to varying effects at an undefined level, both cosmic and demonic as well. He is able to manifest as a vast multitude of avatars. While the god's near-boundless intelligence is behind all of them, each avatar varies greatly in appearance, power, and purpose. Being the herald and soul of the Ogdru Jahad, he held a special position and power amongst their ranks. It is implied that throughout his battles, Nyarlathotep could have ended the fight he was in at any given time but chose not to since he wanted to be amused and entertained which is why he has not outright destroyed the Earth already.

He has proven capable of taking on all but the strongest of opponents such as when he faced the five archangels at once and held his own quite well against them before being defeated, able to fight Michael and Lucifer at their prime, effortlessly defeated Dante, Vergil, Nero, and Immanuel either individually or even all at once, able to fight Michael, Lucifer, Dante, and Vergil all at once and despite their extraordinary skills and power the Crawling Chaos was able to best all four of them though he admitted it was quite a struggle, able to challenge and defeat the strongest of the old gods and easily bested the forces of the Dark Knight Initiative. Nyarlathotep was even able to fight on equal terms with Elaine Belloc for a short period of time before she began to overwhelm him. She was also said to be the only entity who was capable of truly harming and pushing him to his limits. Even when he does receive damage from his opponents it only serves as a minor nuisance to him and attacks from incredibly powerful beings can only cause him brief pain though it varies on who he is fighting.

Nyarlathotep's greatest power, however, would be his mind. His cunning, intellect, deception and manipulation is near-boundless that he is described as a "black tongue that spreads mischief and evil wherever he goes". He revealed that he was the architect behind the many events and conflicts that have ravaged not only Earth but the realms beyond as well. His deception was shown to exceed even the likes of Lucifer's as the Morningstar discovered he was a pawn in his game despite Lucifer being able to connect the dots first. Almost every conflict that the protagonists faced and the antagonists initiated, wether it be supernatural or normal, was all a ploy by the Crawling Chaos to have him collect the necessary components to reassemble his blade, the Void Sword, in order to release his father from the Nihilo Mask and once again return all that there is into nothingness and darkness. Moreover, all the pawns in his game were unaware of his true involvement in the hells they had to endure until it was too late. His machinations has even made the strongest of minds, such as John Constantine, fall prey to him. Nyarlathotep stated that through his use of Earthly propaganda he could easily make it so that the world would be plunged into thermonuclear war but he chooses not to since he derives a sort of twisted pleasure of entertainment from the suffering of mortals. He has even had moles within many agencies like the GOC, FBC or B. P. R. D.