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Nisroch, also known as Nisroc, Nysrog or Chefros, is a Fallen Principality-turned-Demon who became Hell's master of cuisine and Beelzebub's personal chief. His name may mean "one who hears". He was once worshipped as an eagle-headed or eagle-like deity of agriculture and/or the moon, sporting wings and exaggerated musculature representing his power.


Time in Heaven

Before his fall, Nisroch served as a Principality that guarded the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. He is said to have rejoiced in the worship of Sennacherib, king of Assyria, whom had commanded the invasion of forty-six fortified cities of Judah and captured them. The king blinded himself and the angel to the violence by emboldening themselves to believe together, they were more powerful than God himself.

The king then proceeded to lay siege on Jerusalem, intent on destroying the holy city as well. When God commanded the angel to punish king Sennacherib, Nisroch was unable to do it, and instead tried to justify the violent actions of the king in an attempt to keep his position as a god to the Assyrian people.

Fall from Grace

Upon seeing the angel's repugnant display of pride, God had tens of thousands of Sennacherib`s followers slaughtered overnight by an angel of the Lord. When Sennacherib saw the carnage, he abandoned his conquest of Jerusalem and fled to Nineveh where he was murdered by his sons while trying to commune with the gods of his pantheon.

This enraged Nisroch and drove him to proclaim his new allegiance to Lucifer's rebellion, resulting in him being immediately cast down from the heavens by God himself. Nisroch, like all the rebel angels, was present during the formation of Pandemonium and later attended Lucifer's rally within the capital. Nisroch, who is described as frowning and wearing beaten armor, calls into question Lucifer's argument that the fight between the angels and demons is equal, objecting that they, as demons, can feel pain, which will break their morale.

Chef of Hell

After the establishing of Hell's laws and hierarchy, Nisroch rejoiced once again as the chief cook of Hell, overseeing the cuisine that provides some of the finest nourishment for the nobles of Hell though 'finest' in regards to the demonic legions of the Inferno as it would certainly be abhorrent for the likes of mortals.