The Demonic Paradise Wiki

Marchosias. (By Cambion Art)

Marchosias, also known as Marchocias, is the 35th of the 72nd of the Ars Goetia and is a great and mighty Marquis of Hell, commanding thirty legions of demons.


He is depicted as a wolf with gryphon's wings and a serpent's tail that spews fire from his mouth, a she-wolf with griffin wings and a serpent's tail that spit flames, or an ox, and under request of the magician he changes shape into a man.

One of his favourite forms is that of a grand soldier. He is a strong fighter and gives true answers to all questions, and is very faithful to the magician in following his commands.


Before his fall he belonged to the angelic order of Dominions, and when he was bound by King Solomon who told him that after 1,200 years he holds futile hope that he will return to Heaven ("unto the Seventh Throne"). Marchosias obeys exorcists and the domination of angels. 

Marchosias is a demon that’s all about strength. Both inner and outer, he teaches one to use their innate power to help themselves. People summon Marchosias if they need a healthy dose of power and motivation in their life.