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Greed is known by many things. It is also known as avarice, cupidity, or covetousness! It is the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it for one's self. It is applied to a markedly high desire for and pursuit of wealth, status, and power. And does it harm you? No! It gives you power! It gives you strength! Far beyond that of any mortal could ever hope to comprehend! With power you are untouchable.
~ Mammon.

Mammon, also known as Maymun or Plutus, is a powerful fallen angel, now demon, that is commonly personified as Greed and is the noble demon lord of avarice, richness, abundance, prosperity, wealth and injustice, most often personified as a deity. He is the demon that forged Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom and gave knowledge to mortals on the creation of Homunculi.


In his appearance, Mammon is somewhat similar to the gods Plutus and Dis Pater; especially when Plutus appears in The Divine Comedy as a wolf-like demon of wealth, wolves being associated with greed in the Middle Ages. Thomas Aquinas metaphorically described the sin of Greed as 'Mammon being carried up from Hell by a wolf, coming to inflame the human heart with Greed'.

In other interpretations, Mammon was not really a demon but another name for dishonest wealth. Later, Mammon become viewed as an actual demon and is also one of the Seven Princes of Hell, each representing the Seven Deadly Sins. Mammon represents Greed and is known as the Treasurer of Hell, and was said to have dealings with the Greek deity Zeus.


Fall from Grace

During his time in Heaven, he was depicted as forever looking downward at Heaven's golden pavement rather than God himself. In fact, Mammon's obsession with gold was to the point where he did not even care about Lucifer's rebellion but due to the fact that he cared more about material wealth than God he was cast out by the archangel Gabriel.

After the rebellion in Heaven, Mammon was banished to Hell where he is the one who finds underground precious metal that his demonic companions use to build their capital city, Pandemonium by Lucifer's order. Mammon counsels the devils to be happy with what they have got, and to create a home for themselves in Hell.

Treasurer of Hell

At some point during further construction, Mammon and Mulciber discovered the substance known as Necroplasm during their cultivation of the Abyss and transforming it into the kingdom of Hell. Upon this discovery, they would take this substance, cultivate, and later mass produce it for other beneficial means; it is mainly exclusive to the Eighth Circle of Hell within the Malebolge. The production of necroplasm gave way to the creation of Basileus and the Hellspawn.

Mammon, alongside Dagon and Astaroth, also took care of Azazel's son, Anung un Rama. The two demons witnessed the birth of the Cambion in Hell, and then cut of his right hand, and crafted on the enigmatic Right Hand of Doom in its place. Mammon believes that with this object, which is the key to the Outerverse, they can unleash and maybe even control the Ogdru Jahad known as Yog-Sothoth, using the ancient deity in their war against God and Heaven.

At some point in time, Mammon, with the aid of Mulciber, created the legendary Twin Blade, which was made from the bones of a fallen angel, salt that was crystalized from the tears of Michael, then melted down with the ichor of a god into Damascus Steel. The Twin Blade is capable of killing almost anything.


Mammon is credited as the creator of alchemy, specifically credited as the one who bestowed knowledge to humans on what the proper alchemical compounds are needed to create gold. Mammon's bestowal of such forbidden information also led to the creation of the homunculi, humanoid entities of great power and strength, which in turn makes him the indirect creator of such creatures.

He first showed the power of alchemy in Egypt in 300 B.C., to a metallurgist 'sorcerer' named Ronny along with his disciples, who were also at the time members of the recently formed Illuminati. With Mammon's guidance, he creates a "complete homunculus," using his and their blood as a medium. This complete, omniscient homunculus (shaped in the likeness of Ronny) observes this Ronny and others out of curiosity and slight envy.