Since time immemorial, you humans would always blame me for your failings. You use my name as if I spent my entire day sitting on your shoulders, forcing you to commit acts you would otherwise find repulsive. "The Devil made me do it." I never made any one of you do anything. That is your own doing. I introduced free will yet you began to cultivate it into sin and empower it thereby becoming your own demons. A fact that I tried to prove to my Father and siblings. And yet I was cast out, stripped of my power, and to be burned in the Abyss for eternity...all because I was right.
~ Lucifer

Lucifer (or Lucifer Morningstar) formerly known as Helel or Samael, known as the Light Bringer, the Light Bearer, Satan, Morning Star, Child of the Dawn, and the Son of the Morning, was one of the earliest of God's creations, and the twin brother of the Angel Michael. He was regarded as the most beautiful, wisest, and greatest angel in all of creation having virtually no equal with only God being his superior. He is infamously known as the angel that rebelled against God and Heaven and caused the downfall of mankind.


Lucifer was said to be the brightest in all of creation and was the most revered to and the most praised among the angels for his beauty and power. This in the process, caused Lucifer to be prideful of himself. While he is regarded as an Archangel, Lucifer is also said to be a Seraphim and the first one to be created from the choir, thus he was appointed as the prince of the choir. Lucifer illuminated the pathways to Paradise for departed and misguided souls, burning through the shadow of Death to reveal the morning of Jehovah.

So immense was his grace and power that his throne was positioned atop a mountain anointed by God Himself; adorned with burning stones known only as the stones of fire, infused with the fires of the Sun to give light to the dead and the lost as Lucifer guided them to Paradise.

After creating Heaven and the Earth, Lucifer's pride grew. That is when God tasked him with watching over and guiding His creations. However, he became dissatisfied with following God alongside the fact that his Father favored the new creations known as humans, especially when having that a 'perfect' being like him would have to watch over these creatures like a Shepard over his flock. This dissatisfaction became paranoia and arrogance for while Lucifer loved God, he felt that God was going senile and Heaven needed a new ruler to save it. With this arrogance, Lucifer rebelled against God, with the support of many angels. However, Lucifer was overcome by the archangel Michael and the Chariot Merkabah, with God then banishing him and his followers from Heaven.

Lucifer fell for days, and when he finally collided against that what would be Hell, his collision alongside those of his fallen brethren fashioned the very constructs of Hell itself. When found, his form was demonized into the current form known now. With this new form, he conquered Hell alongside the original Seven Princes of Hell and made it his domain. Since conquering Hell, he not only rules over the fallen angels, but also the demons that were native to Hell.

The reason for Lucifer's rebellion differs from interpretation to interpretation, however, the three most accepted reasons of the fall is a refusal to bow down to mankind upon its creation, disagreement about God's plan of salvation, or the sin of Pride in aspiring to overthrow his creator and become ruler of Heaven himself. Nevertheless, he is widely and ultimately regarded as the angel that rebelled against his creator. For such an act, he was also identified with Satan himself even though the two are completely separate beings. But it is because of his form and pride that his actions are considered so demonic that he would be compared to the Devil.

After the human birth of Jesus Christ, Lucifer offered him the world in exchange for his allegiance. However, Christ rejected him. Lucifer still yearns to return to Heaven and eventually take the throne he feels he is destined to sit on. And he nearly succeeded when he successfully manipulated certain people into bringing about the Apocalypse, cunningly setting up a chain of events that led to his freedom and the beginning of his war against God and humanity. After his defeat at the hands of the combined might of the Dark Knight Initiative alongside others such as the other four main archangels and their angelic armies, Lucifer was chained and imprisoned within Heaven this time. However, it was not until Samyaza and the Grigori invaded Heaven, especially after Uriel's demise at the hands of the fallen Watcher, that Lucifer began to change and decided to aid his brothers in stopping Samyaza from ruling the cosmos. Eventually, Lucifer decided that he would instead remain on Earth in order to better understand his Father's creations but is under constant surveillance by the Global Occult Coalition due to Heaven being in ruin from Samyaza's attack.

Powers and Abilities

Being the second-born creation of God, Lucifer is a being of incalculable celestial power. He is among the most powerful entities in all of creation with Zariel stating that the Morningstar is powerful in ways that defy description itself and commands the legions of Hell, including its lords, unchallenged; the only two beings that rival him in the depths of Hell are Satan and Beelzebub whom formed the Satanic Triumvirate. Lucifer's power also surpassed even the likes of the Great Old Ones, incomprehensible beings that have existed before or during the dawn of creation, and rivals the likes of the Outer Gods whom are the parents of the Old Ones.

Dream of the Endless outright admitted that Lucifer is much more powerful than he is and stated that he is not even sure if he will be able to survive a straight fight with him. His other siblings like Delirium, Despair, and Desire also expressed fear towards the Morningstar. Raphael told Vergil that it does not matter if he is the offspring of a Knight of Hell, because he will still lose even with Vergil's "powerful friends" fighting alongside him. During a meeting between the gods that were discussing the oncoming Apocalypse, many of them expressed doubt at the thought of defeating Lucifer, while many others were confident enough to bring him down until Gabriel himself, who was among the attendees, said to all of them that they cannot ever hope to defeat him even with all the power they have at their disposal and convinced them to not intervene in the fight unless they want to risk death or defeat. Even in his weakened state, he easily bested the demon king Mundus and took the power that he stole from him after he was released from his prison.

When Lucifer breached through Hell and was unleashed upon the Earth, his very presence caused earthquakes and otherworldly thunderstorms to encompass the globe. Furthermore, particularity sensitive supernatural beings were immediately riddled with an agonizing feeling of dread just from sensing Lucifer's overwhelming power. Overtime, Lucifer's power grew to the point where he effortlessly bested the forces that opposed him during the starting phases of the Apocalypse on several occasions even with their enormous fire power and strategic plans. If he is provoked to violence, his preference seems to be to use fire and light as a weapon. His original role was as "God's lamplighter", in which he used his will to condense clouds of hydrogen into star-masses and set them alight. As terrifying as they are at times brief, battles with Lucifer usually begin and end with him drawing down the flames of a super-heated main sequence star and incinerating to ash anything in the immediate area. He was able to defeat many of the other archangels that tried to stop him, bested Gabriel in combat and fought on equal terms with Michael; in fact the battle between Lucifer and Michael was said to have set the cosmos ablaze from the sheer force of their power alone during the War in Heaven. Most impressively, much later on in the story, Lucifer was able to clash and hold his own against the Outer God Nyarlathotep despite the fact that the Crawling Chaos was more powerful than he was.

After consuming the Divine Fruit when he resurrected the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Lucifer regained his divine status and was powerful enough to nearly break the firmament, the barrier that separated the physical from the metaphysical, in order to raid Heaven. As a result, Lucifer defeated nearly all of the forces in the Dark Knight Initiative, even when some of their greatest and strongest warriors unleashed their absolute full power, either without or slight effort and almost killed both Dante and Vergil to the point where they ended up in a coma and were very near death. Even after both Dante and Vergil's true power were unleashed while also being empowered by also having consume the Divine Fruit, they still struggled against the Morningstar. After the Apocalypse was thwarted, Gabriel outright told Dante that he and his allies only survived the final battle out of sheer luck and the only reason they were able to achieve victory is through God's aid and from Lucifer's overconfidence. Furthermore, when Dante informed Zariel the plan their attempt to kill Lucifer, the angel told him that he doesn't believe that's even possible.


  • "You really don't understand, do you. My name will be hated, despised and loathe by all, god or man, that gives me power. My name and my identity will never be forgotten, erased or vanish. I can't die, my existence will keep coming back over and over and over every time I am remembered by one singular being. So why do you believe that you can even kill me?"
  • "Go and tell them that I'm coming... Go and tell them that I'm here, and show them the evidence... You're not ready for me. No one is."


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