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I cannot do this alone and so I ask for your aid. From you and all those who rebelled. Let us be united in heart, soul, and deed! And together we could build a republic of Heaven above in a republic of ideas below! Worlds in which the scars of history may be healed! Better worlds! Where the privilege of freedom becomes the right of ALL peoples! But I tell you this now: there is no neutral ground. You are either for me or you are against me.
~ Lucifer

Lucifer (or Lucifer Morningstar), formerly known as Helel, also known as Satan, the Devil, Light Bringer, the Light Bearer, and the Morning Star, was one of the earliest of God's creations, and the twin brother of Michael. He was regarded as the wisest, greatest and most beautiful angel in all of creation having virtually no equal with only God being his superior.


Lucifer was said to be the brightest in all of creation and was the most revered to and the most praised among the angels for his beauty and power. This in the process, caused Lucifer to be prideful of himself.

While he is regarded as an Archangel, Lucifer is also said to be a Seraphim and the first one to be created from the choir, thus he was appointed as the prince of the choir. Lucifer illuminated the pathways to Paradise for departed and misguided souls, burning through the shadow of Death to reveal the morning of Jehovah.

He is infamously known as the angel that rebelled against God and Heaven and caused the downfall of mankind. Lucifer was also the overarching antagonist during the Illuminati's attacks on society, manipulating individuals to create events that will lead to the Morning Star's release from his tomb. His release also triggered the start of the Apocalypse and became hellbent on creating a New World Order in the wake of the old world's destruction and establishing himself as the new God for the sake of being freed from his Father's plans.


Lucifer is described as being the most beautiful and brightest angel in existence and regarded as the perfection of wisdom and beauty. His beauty exceeded all other angels in Heaven which is certainly impressive as an angel's appearance is indescribably immense to the point where a mere glimpse would make a mortal or even an immortal go mad from their sheer beauty and power.

He is noted to have six colossal whitish gold wings, said to look as though it were made of light. According to the Old Testament, when Lucifer was in Heaven his clothing was adorned with every precious stone – red carnelian, chrysolite, white moonstone, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald – all beautifully crafted for him and set in the finest gold. However, his wings have shifted into various shades of dark red during his rebellious stage and later becoming shades of black when he fully rebelled. His wings were burned off during his fall and mutated into giant red chiropteran wings. Although his wings would also take the appearance of those that is lightly burning, singed black like charcoal, while embers would flutter off the burned wings.

Lucifer can also take different appearances and forms. The avatars he has assumed throughout the centuries have been immortalized in medieval and Renaissance art and imagery. Among his avatars, the most well known ones are him having the appearance of a Satyr similar to the Greek god Pan, the other being a serpent, a charcoal colored humanoid with large stag-like antlers reminiscent to a Wendigo, a teal or maroon colored humanoid with a skull-shaped face and large black horns that curve upwards bearing a starry pattern. Much like Satan, he is also capable of shapeshifting into other creatures.

While Lucifer's true form could not be described in simple words, he is shown to be a supremely beautiful and handsome being whenever he assumes a more human-like form in order to walk among the mortals. He possesses bright golden eyes, which turn red whenever he is enraged or black with orange irises, and ginger curly hair which was a gold blonde before he fell. His facial features are extremely well-defined, stated to be "perfect like a marble statue" and being described as picturesque and like a painting. Lucifer's left hand and forearm, however, is burned a blackish teal from constraining the Secret Fire in his left hand. While Lucifer's face is described as being beautiful some notice it to be also sad and pitiful. In fact, Riza Colton describes his face as the kind that has people's best interests at heart and with great alluring and seductive calmness that one could easily forget his inner malevolence.



Lucifer, then known as Helel, was created by God and Asherah the same time as Michael alongside his younger siblings Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel before the dawn of creation. Lucifer aided his father in the battle against Azathoth and the Ogdru Jahad with Lucifer and Michael personally battling the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep. After Azathoth's defeat and imprisonment along with the defeat and slaying of several Ogdru Jahad, Lucifer and his siblings were then spread out to repair and stabilize the newly formed universe, after which, they would further be involved in its continued construction without any intervention from outside malevolent forces. Lucifer's task, in question, involved him using his power of light and fire to weave suns and stars, thereby earning the title "Morning Star".

At some point in time, the after-effects of the warring conflict between God and Azathoth, especially when the two primordials required the use of chaos for creative and destructive purposes, lead to what is called the paranatural to seep through the confines of God's rings of creation. This was said to have been the result of God and His shadow's energies dropping in the seas of chaos which resulted in the birth of the Upside-Down Man, the true source of all paranatural phenomena. Seeing the threat he posed, God ordered Lucifer to imprison and seal off the Upside-Down Man to not affect the normal planes of reality.

The Anointed Son

After creating Heaven and the Earth, Lucifer continued to aid in the creation of the celestial bodies across the universe. He created suns and stars that would provide nourishment and life for barren planets that would soon be able to sustain life. Lucifer was then anointed by God as a Seraphim, and the first one among the choir, which in turn made him the prince of the Seraphim. Lucifer was revered and praised by God and the other angels for his beauty and splendor, even above the likes of his other siblings such as Michael, Gabriel, or Raphael. While he is seen as God's favorite, Lucifer rather preferred the company of his mother and to be showered with affection from Her, but unlike God, She loved Her children equally.

Lucifer was chief of the musical department in Heaven and was perhaps the most talented musician amongst his siblings. Lucifer had musical instruments built into his very being as the workmanship of his timbrels and pipes were prepared for him on the day of his creation. Lucifer led his choir as they cultivated and sang their Father's music, which reverberated throughout Heaven and illuminated its beauty and splendor to showcase the Light. Lucifer's music was said to have been so great it almost put the other angels in a trance to where they followed his composition like moths to the flame. Even amongst his fellow archangels, Lucifer's music is more noticable amidst the collaborative themes of the archangels.

Lucifer's exalted position and power and being the favored creation of God caused his pride to grow. However, his pride was challenged when God then tasked him with watching over and guiding His creations. While he would not admit it to anyone else, Lucifer detested being under the control of his Father due to the fact that he is an angel that embodies free will. Due to being the favored son, God would reveal to the Morning Star His plans regarding His creations along with His reasons. And the more Lucifer was told by God about His plans the more he began to change for the worst. Lucifer's thoughts began to stray from what his Father desired, which was made evident yet subtly in his music, as the themes of his conduction bore adornments that were not entwined with the norm but one that expresses his displeasure towards his Father's secrets and ways of ruling creation.

Rebellion in Heaven

Paradise Lost

Eventually, it led to a series of heated arguments between Lucifer and God, consisting of Lucifer questioning his Father on why He would perform such acts and would only grow infuriated by His cryptic answers, ending in God admonishing Lucifer each time. Whenever Lucifer would leave, he would deduce and soon realize that everything and everyone would be under the shadow of God's hand, living and acting the way He wants and chooses for them to live and act. It became known as "predestination". Lucifer grew heavily opposed to "predestination"; a concept that involves the destiny of all beings under God's will and command. Since Lucifer embodies free-will this would go against his very being and purpose thus becoming an existentialist. He was opposed to the idea that God would want all to follow under his guidance and rule with them having no choice nor say in the matter and having to either die or live by God's decree from the moment they are born.

It was not until God created humans that Lucifer's pride began to overtake him and grew more rebellious against his Father. It soon led to Lucifer becoming dissatisfied with following God alongside the fact that his Father favored the new creations known as humans, spending less time with His own family and more on developing these humans. To add insult to injury, Lucifer would be told by God to watch over and guide these humans which only made Lucifer look down on these mortals with contempt, especially when having that a 'perfect' being like him would have to watch over these creatures like a shepherd over his flock. At some point, Lucifer would instead attempt make creations of his own as he believes from the conversations between him and his Father that these humans would not be like the Magnum Opus He would preach about. So, Lucifer would attempt to take the Secret Fire to make new creations with his own two hands. Through his own usage of Vril, his new creations (presumed to be the first Jinn) would mirror his beauty, splendor, and will. However, he was stopped by God and forbade Him from ever using Vril.

However, he saw that the humans would be no different than everything else that would be under God's puppet strings and he realized that he could perhaps impart his ideas of existentialism on these new creations. He approached one of the two, named Lilith, who was strolling through the primeval plains of the Garden of Eden, and the two had a rather amicable conversation. During the conversation, Lucifer managed to persuade Lilith into siding with him as well. He convinced her that since Lilith had been created from clay the same as Adam she is equal to him and therefore should not be under him, she would be no puppet bound to any string, and would instead must live out her life the way she desires to live it rather than having be told how and why. Lilith was enlightened by the Morning Star's words and this caused her to not be submissive to Adam and leave him.

War in Heaven

Lucifer's paranoia made him see God as a tyrannical ruler and declared that no one should not be in control of their own lives and fate, instead they should be free agents who have control over their choices and actions, and as such, proclaimed that he would rule in God's stead to rid the very concept of predestination. Lucifer rebelled against God, with the support of one-third of the heavenly host. While Lucifer was at first attempting to avoid a civil war, it was not until Lucifer discovered from Michael that his own brother was destined to kill him and the Morningstar was enraged by the fact that something like this was kept from him that he snapped and declared war against God and Heaven. Lucifer, alongside Beelzebub acting as his second-in-command, and Samael being his trump card, lead the rebel armies into Heaven to destroy the Heavenly Host who would dare oppose them and to storm God's throne room.

Lucifer and Michael's grand battle (Art by Aw Anqi)

While the other angels fought each other, Lucifer was able to enter Empyrean as he was planning to face God on his own. Lucifer then found himself in confrontation with Gabriel himself. Gabriel pleaded for Lucifer to stop this rebellion as billions of angels in both sides had perished but realized that it was futile as Lucifer was not going to stop his crusade. Gabriel charged Lucifer only for Beelzebub to quickly step in and engage the archangel in Lucifer's stead. Lucifer stated that his fight was not with Gabriel and instead with their Father and left his brother to fend off the Lord of the Flies. When Lucifer finally confronted his father, God asked him what truly was the point in this war. Lucifer replied that God was going senile, and to preserve His seat of authority and power, He would subjugate all beings under fate as they would have no free will of their own. There will be no advancement if they were to have no control over their own lives. God made the argument that He would only guide them and that they were free to choose what paths they take of their own volition.

However, Lucifer saw only the calamities that would be wrought under God's method of ruling, all while He simply sat back on His throne and not raise His hand. A capricious observer of His creations following His grand plan. Before he could strike, Michael finally arrived in time and struck Lucifer back from their father, forcing him out of the Empyrean. The great Archangel began a long, arduous, and terrible battle against Lucifer which is said to have nearly ravaged all of Heaven from the sheer force of their power alone. During the climax of the fight, Michael struck Lucifer with a savage blow that left a scar across his face and chest, making the Morning Star back down briefly. Michael, in a final attempt, pleaded for his brother to stop this madness. But Lucifer, in unyielding rage, only responded by assuming his corrupted Celestial Spark and rush back towards Michael who responded in kind with his own Ascension Form. During the battle, Lucifer called in Samael who took the form of a Great Red Dragon in order to overpower Michael. However, as the fight raged on and Michael was slowly being overwhelmed, God took the essences of all the angels that fell in His name and molded them into one being to stop both Lucifer and Samael, and the result became the Archangel Merkabah who along with Michael fought Samael and Lucifer respectively. In the end, Lucifer was overcome by Michael and the Chariot Merkabah, with God then banishing him and his followers from Heaven.

Ruler of Hell

Lucifer fell for days, or "nine times the space that measures day and night" according to Milton, and when he finally collided within the "Lake of Fire", which is in actuality the seas of Chaos, his collision alongside those of his fallen brethren fashioned the Abyss into the very constructs of Hell itself. Lucifer was the first to awaken from the impact and called out to his unconscious brethren to stand with Samael and Beelzebub being the first to rise followed by the other innumerable fallen angels one by one. Because Samael and Beelzebub were the first to awaken, they were automatically given rights to rule alongside Lucifer after the kingdom of Hell would be set forth.

Lucifer's fall into Tartarus (Art by Erskine Designs)

Despite losing his grace, he still retained portions of angelic appearance but with some demonic features added and his bright and pristine wings were burned off from the fall and were mutated into blackish red and fiery bat-like wings thought would occasionally have the appearance of a smoldering black smoke. His once pristine ethereal hair became a blood red color and while his face remained beautiful, it held a fierce and proud gaze that never faltered.

However, before he could conquer this new Hell, he was also met with resistance in the form of the Three Great Evils, also known as the Prime Evils, ancient demonic beings that sprang forth from the Abyss and awakened upon the full birth of the universe. Lucifer, alongside Satan and Beelzebub, fought the Prime Evils with Lucifer personally battling Diablo, the First of the Evils. He defeated the Lord of Terror and banished him and his two brothers out beyond Hell's borders and further into what came to be known as Tartarus. With the Evils out of the way, he conquered Hell alongside the original Princes of Hell and made it his domain. Since conquering Hell, he not only rules over the fallen angels, but also the demons that were native to the Abyss. He soon commissioned a grand and glorious palace known as Pandemonium to be built within the center of Hell in order to fully establish his power and splendor if he was not going to rule Heaven.

Fall of Man

Despite his defeat and imprisonment, Lucifer retained his proud and fiercely defiant nature. He declared that the blow he and his brethren have received shall be returned to God by their hands. Beelzebub was the one to advise Lucifer on making the first strike against God by targeting his newly favored creations: mankind. While it differs on who exactly tempted Adam and Eve as it varies between Lucifer or Satan, but the theme of the tale remains the same with Satan sneaking into the Garden of Eden and tempting one of the humans into disobeying God.

As Lucifer and Satan prepared to leave Hell, they came across Sin, who was in labor with Death, and was born from Satan's head when his own thoughts went against the will of God and the Death from Sin from her union with Satan. Sin states that she cannot allow Satan to leave through the Gate by God's orders but Satan responds by informing her that she is not a creation of God and therefore should not be obedient to Him. Contemplating on this, Sin relents and allows them to leave. As they made their way back to Paradise, Satan and Lucifer came across Lilith sitting by the Red Sea, accompanied by Tanin'iver, and was in despair over the fact that God would have His angels kill 100 of her children every day for not returning to Adam. Knowing this, Lucifer had Lilith join the two fallen archangels on their quest to strike back at God and to pay back her debt to Lucifer for freeing her from Adam's presence. The four would only make their move at the hour the angels go up to worship God.

The three saw the angel Gadreel guarding the gates of Eden. Lucifer then conjured several stars, threw them across Gadreel's line of view and moving them to dash around him like hyperactive fireflies, briefly disorienting the angel. In response, Lilith ordered Tanin'iver to lunge at Gadreel and subdue the angel by the throat, preventing him from alerting the angels guarding the other gates. This gave Satan and Lilith the opportunity to sneak into the Garden of Eden undetected prompting Lucifer to leave and return to Hell. Inside the Garden, Lilith, in the form of an owl, would whisper words of power, doubt, independence, and self-reflection into Eve's dreams as she was perched atop of the sleeping woman on a tree, coaxing her enough for Satan, who assumed the form of a Serpent, to deceive Eve into eating the Forbidden Fruit, promising her that if she and her consort devour the fruit they would rule with equal authority like God. Moreover, should they eat the fruit, they will rule without being under God's strings, becoming their own independent rulers. Adam and Eve's resultant of eating the fruit led to them being kicked out of the Garden and signaling Lucifer's victory.

Time on Earth

Curse of Cain

Lucifer abandons Cain

Despite being supposedly imprisoned, Lucifer's spirit wandered the Earth and influenced, as well as changed, the course of history itself. His first activity was his dealings with Cain, the son of Eve and Satan. Enraged over God's obvious favoritism of Abel's offerings than his own, Cain was approached by Lucifer who was sympathetic to Cain's plight.

Cain explains to Lucifer his situation, and resents God for having cursed his parents and his future descendants with mortality and death. Cain, however, did not understand what death is. Lucifer takes Cain into the Abyss of Space, where Cain realizes how small and insignificant he is. Next, the two travel back in time, where Cain sees Earth in its former beauty. Finally, Lucifer brings Cain to the gates of Hades. Cain is horrified by shadowy Hades, the 'realm of Death.' Lucifer explains that the phantoms flying around are the spirits of beings that God made and destroyed before He made mankind. All of this disgusts Cain, so much so that he simply wants to die and get it over with. He asks to stay in Hades, but Lucifer tells him he cannot, at least not yet and they return to Earth.

Cain begins to fear the looming shadow of death, and seeing this, Lucifer offered Cain his assistance, by giving him the tools that will not only help him gain God's attention but also will allow him to overcome the fear of death. Cain accepted and Lucifer branded Cain with a mark that will help him. Lucifer observed as Cain was shunned by his family for this heinous mark leading to the murder of his brother. Cain approached Lucifer after being cursed by God in a desperate plea to have him remove the curse, but Lucifer cannot as this was by God's will. He then requests for Lucifer to give him the power to overcome the fear of death, and Lucifer responds that he already has. He explains that by stirring Cain's instincts and his fears, it led him to murdering his brother and God cursing him with undeath, as such, Lucifer fulfilled his promise by proxy through God. Horrified, Cain desperately shouted to the Morning Star for help but Lucifer said he was beyond saving and left Cain to his fate.

Twilight of Hyperborea

Lucifer still desired to wield the fires of Vril, which he later discovered were being kept by the Hyperboreans, using the fire to advance their civilization and kingdom. At some point, Lucifer would attempt to cross the border of Hyperborea only to be stopped by Rahab. Moreover, the Angel of the Deep would not be fooled by Lucifer's deception and cunning mind, telling him to begone lest he incur the wrath of Heaven once more. Realizing that he cannot take the Secret Fire by force, Lucifer resorted to stealth but could not take Tanin'iver with him as the beast was recovering from its wounds inflicted by Gadreel. Against his better judgment, he sought the aid of one of the Ogdru Hem, Atlach-Nacha. Lucifer was warned of the dangers posed to allying with an Old One by his fellow monarchs, though Lucifer already knew that Atlach-Nacha would betray him at the most opportune time and prepared himself for the inevitable.

Lucifer would cloak himself with a shroud of darkness produced by Tanin'iver as he made his way to the outer southern borders of Hyperborea unseen, arriving at Mount Voormithadreth where she resided. Upon meeting with the Spider Goddess, he enlisted her help in retrieving the Secret Fire and he would also allow her to devour the sunlit gardens to sate herself. Although, she was hesitant as she feared the Heavenly Host as well as the power of the Hyperboreans whom repelled her long ago. To mollify her, Lucifer offered to sate her hunger with whatever she wished if she would aid him. She agreed, and Lucifer said he would return when the Hyperboreans were at their darkest times as he knew all too well that no kingdom would last forever in prosperance. It is said that during his absence, Lucifer also requested Satan to sow seeds of doubt, fear, and greed amongst the Hyperboreans to hasten their downfall, which Satan had done so by sending his outcast spawn, Cain, to Hyperborea.

During the twilight of the Hyperborean Age, Lucifer returned and gave Atlach-Nacha the cloaked weaved by Tanin'iver for her to devour and by assimilating the dark properties of the cloak, she wove a shroud of darkness over her and Lucifer as they made their way towards Hyperborea. The two moved within the depths of the ocean and the spinning of Atlach-Nacha's webbed trail created what modern humans describe as the "Midnight Zone" in the dark depths of the ocean. They would finally reach Hyperborea as the kingdom was in disarray due to Yhoundeh's machinations, and would use the collapse of the civilization as a distraction to move through the darkness where the Hyperboreans were none the wiser; Cain was also said to have traveled to Hyperborea under the shadows of Atlach-Nacha whereas he nor his people were unable to in the beginning. Having finally reached the gardens where the Vril Pyre was held, Lucifer allowed her to indulge herself in the consumption of the garden's beauty as he went to take the Vril. However, the Secret Fire would resist against Lucifer's subjugation and after much trial and effort, Lucifer was at last able to compact the Secret Fire down to a stable form, restraining it as though it were a small gem made of fire. Upon returning, Lucifer was surprised to see the Spider Goddess's form grow more hideous in size from devouring the divine garden before they fled.

Lucifer finally obtains the Secret Fire of God (Art by Stefano Rutigliano)

Despite compacting the Secret Fire, it still fought against Lucifer and burned his left hand all the way up to his forearm, causing him immense agony but he would not release it. When they arrived at Cimmeria in the Eiglophian mountains, Lucifer, weakened from attempting to contain the Secret Fire, started to part ways from Atlach-Nacha. However, the Spider Goddess stopped him and demanded that Lucifer surrender the Secret Fire to which Lucifer refused. Atlach-Nacha reminded him that he promised her that he would satiate her hunger with whatever she wished but Lucifer corrected her by saying that he already did allow her to indulge herself in the Sunlit Gardens as he helped himself to the Secret Fire therefore he upheld his end of the bargain. Lucifer would again refuse Atlach-Nacha's demands, telling her that consuming the fire would only result in her destruction, to which she attacked the Morningstar saying that the fire too betrays him, and should she perish she would at least take pleasure in death knowing she devoured the Almighty's most favored child. Weaving her dark webs, she attempted to enmesh him in her nets and take the Vril by force. Even though Lucifer was weakened from his struggled containment of the Vril, he fought back against the monstrous Spider Goddess to which then, much to both his and Atlach-Nacha's surprise, the Vril responded to Lucifer's distress and unleashed a blast of blinding light that repelled Atlach-Nacha away from Lucifer. The brilliance of the Vril's radiance burned Atlach-Nacha's being, causing her to let out a terrible screech that echoed through the mountains all the way throughout the forest that surrounds it. She suffered several wounds from Lucifer's attacks, forcing her to flee. Having finally attained what he long sought, Lucifer returned to Pandemonium in Hell. His left hand and forearm would forever remain burned from forcefully restraining the Secret Fire.

Tower of Babel

Lucifer took Lilith as his bride and fathered Mundus with her though Lucifer held no special love for his child. Moreover, during unspecified periods of time, Lucifer also fathered the Horae with Themis. Lucifer would come to explore the world after the destruction of the Flood, and saw the world of humanity coming together under one united hand with a singular universal language. He particularly curious with the city of Babylon and its great king, Nimrod. He recognized that Nimrod was a Gibborim, a descendant of the Nephilim. Lucifer, in the guise of a mortal, would humble and win the trust of the Babylonian king. He would have him discover and utilize this ancient divine knowledge that was passed down to him through his celestial ancestors with Lucifer proposing that with such knowledge at his disposal, he could also create many wondrous things that will surely surpass the beauty and majesty of any land or construct in this or coming eras. Nimrod was enticed by Lucifer's words, and understand that he should not just be a king of man but must also be a king of the heavens given he holds the blood of the heavens within him.

Lucifer's fascination with the material used to build the majestic cities of Babylon led to his curiosity on what other methods its properties can be used for. And so he would further play with Nimrod's growing pride and ambitions, while also wanting these humans to build themselves into what they what they were truly meant to be without being limited by the hand of God. In the process, Lucifer witnessed Nimrod commissioning the legendary Tower of Babel's construction under the united hand of all humanity, the latter of which built the tower to breach the gates of Paradise in order to assume their place next to the Almighty. Lucifer also realized that the tower was no ordinary construct, but rather it held otherworldly properties which would allow it to interconnect with the Axis Mundi during the Convergence and in turn let the human race pass through the Firmament unharmed. This was all in thanks to Nimrod, who discovered this secret by his Watcher ancestors.

However, Heaven was alerted by humanity's attempt at arrogantly taking their place next to the Almighty which of course did not sit well for God. As a result, God sent forth an irresistible wave of power that tore the Tower of Babel down to its very foundations, and in the midst of the chaos, God changed the dialects of humanity's tongue, making them speak in different languages, but this did not impede Lucifer in the slightest as his 'experiment' was a success. After the tower's destruction and the scattering of a confused humanity, who now all speak in different languages instead of one universal language, Lucifer took this opportunity to have these scattered humans build their own towers but across the four corners of the globe. The four towers would act as gateways for the roots of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil after its inevitable resurrection from Limbo through the Beast. Lucifer ordered both Mammon and Mulciber, the architects of Hell, to guide the humans into building the four towers. Using the Secret Fire that he took from Hyperborea, and compounding it with dark alchemy, Lucifer created the Knights of Hell, among the most elite and powerful demonic soldiers in the Inferno. Five of these knights stood among them for their unrivaled power, strength, and skill and were elevated in status among the knights by Lucifer himself, becoming the Vassals of the Morning Star or the Five Knights of Lucifer.

Later on, his idea of a world without predestination sparked the formation and rising of none other than the Illuminati who formed sometime around Ancient Egypt. Lucifer guided these humans for hundreds of years and had them grow in power to where they would be able to suppress history and even alter it to avoid exposition. He would inform them of the events that will and are required to transpire in order for the promise of a New World Order to come to fruition which the Illuminati would build their entire lives over the bringing of this utopia all the way until the modern age. Satan also had a hand in aiding the Illuminati by having them discreetly be the cause for the rise of several great empires that historians have come to know about, with these empires serving as their own bases of operations and Satan ruling over them as his Earthly kingdoms although they were met with some resistance by the society known as Prodigium.


Things, however, seemingly turned for worst when it was revealed Lucifer's own son, Mundus, betrayed him. It is believed Mundus conspired with Jophiel, informing the archangel in regards to the threat Lucifer's plan posed to creation, to which she relayed to the Heavenly Host. Before this occurred, Lucifer laid upon the peak of Niphates, observing the nighttime sky in contemplation and deep thought. As he was lost in his thoughts, Lailah, the archangel of night, had constellations "sing with their illuminative fire" as she danced across the stars, which became a powerful spell that entranced Lucifer to a deep sleep. Immediately, Michael appeared before the slumbering Morningstar, restrained him with Judecca chains, and finally have him confined and imprisoned within a Great Tomb created by Jophiel. They took further precautions by have it be locked with mystical seals that can only be broken through prophesied occurrences. However, Lucifer was always steps ahead when it comes to "inconveniences" as he made sure the Illuminati would continue to carry out the mission of altering events to manipulate individuals into freeing Lucifer from his tomb and beginning the New World Order.

Book of Revelations

Lucifer Unleashed

As Lucifer laid within his tomb, he awaited the promised day of his return by the Illuminati, and after much trial and tribulation, by successfully manipulating certain people through the Illuminati into bringing about the Apocalypse, cunningly using them into setting up a chain of events that led to his freedom, Lucifer was at last freed from his prison but not before destroying his treacherous son, Mundus, and reclaiming the power and authority he stole from him. In addition, with each of the seals broken, a chain link would snap, heralding Satan's inevitable release as the chains of Judecca were linked to the seals that kept Lucifer in his Great Tomb. Before they would ascend to the Earth, Lucifer approached the released Satan who emerged from his titanic body, leaving behind a slobbering husk while also taking the lionshare of the power held within the body. Lucifer breached the barrier between Hell and Earth and his presence signalled the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Lucifer and his allies went through great lengths to acquire the needed components to bring about a New World Order. Throughout his quest, Lucifer was of course met with resilience from the combined forces of the Dark Knight Initiative and their respective armies. However, each time their efforts were thwarted and in vain as Lucifer proved to be a far more powerful opponent than they realized and it did not help that he had Satan at his side as well, aiding him with the forthcoming Apocalypse such as raising the four towers of Babel across the Four Corners of the World using the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In addition to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Lucifer had the remainder of his Illuminati followers to unleash the Banes of Job, summoning the Great Beasts of the Earth using the tablet that kept them dormant for many millennia to traverse across the Earth in a pattern reminiscent of an alchemical cross symbol that signifies the insignia relating to the Four Corners of the World. The four corners each house a Tower with the Beasts of Job crossing through the directional path where the four towers are located. The power of the Beasts of Job left behind from their rampage will travel through the centerpoint of the Earth and provide nourishment for the Tree of Knowledge and its roots. Fortunately, the Dark Knight Initiative managed to deter the appointed paths of the Beasts of Job, albeit with extreme difficulty, having them collide against each other in a massive quarrel while also defeating the Illuminati's acolytes that held a piece of the tablet that controlled the beasts. Before long, they reassembled the tablet and returned the beasts to dormancy.

At that time, their forces were spread out as they were fighting both the Beasts of Job and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Despite the Beasts of Job returning to dormancy, it only served as a minor inconvenience for Lucifer. He also became aware of their failing to prevent the Four Horsemen from raising the four towers of Babel. Lastly, Lucifer unleashed an assault on New York City to find the Woman of the Apocalypse to use the blood of her child to open the Scroll of Seven Seals, where they succeeded despite the efforts of the Initiative. Lucifer had even single-handedly attacked and slaughtered through the once formidable armies of the United States military, displaying his terrifying power over the humans with nothing but his bare hands and even brushed aside several powerful attacks from the enhanced agents of the various paramilitary organizations. The Initiative and the armed military forces attempted to strategize and coordinate their attacks on Lucifer, mildly impressing the Morningstar in the process, but his cunning and power was far too great for them. He made his point on it being hopeless to defeat him quite clear when he summoned Wormwood from the Heavens, utterly decimating their forces despite Dante and Derous's efforts in attempting to stop it. Before he could continue his assault, Lucifer was confronted by the Salvatore Brothers declaring that they would be the one to bring him down while providing enough time for the remainder of the allied forces to gather their numbers and retreat. Unfortunately, despite the ferocity of their attacks, Lucifer utterly and brutally dominated the Salvatores but went no further to pursue the mortals as he already acquired what he wanted.


At the climax, Lucifer resurrected The Beast by sacrificing seven of the most corrupt humans unto sinful lands, and the result of their blood soaking the sinful land awakened the Beast from beneath the roots of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which gave the Beast immense political power and influence over the minds of those that have been marked with the Mark of the Beast. The Dark Knight Initiative fought an arduous and extremely difficult battle against the apocalyptic power of the Beast with the monster only growing more powerful as time passed. The Shepherd of the Illuminati would become the Antichrist, where Lucifer had his body was sacrificed atop of the injured head of the Beast, to absorb all the evils the Beast absorbed through oceans of sin that occurred across the world. The Antichrist was born through the injured head of the Beast, and overcame some of the allied forces' attacks until he found himself being pushed by the four lycan elders with Miguel being among them. Lucifer remained at the sidelines for a while, undeterred by their impressive teamwork. He then had Satan summon Gog and Magog from one side of the planet to attack the opposing forces of humanity that were attempting to bring down one of the towers and had a rebel angel unleash the Euphrates Army on the other.

It was not until the Heavenly Host descended down from on high to aid humanity in their losing battles against the forces of the apocalypse. After the Beast reached its completed state, it then went on to immediately devour the Harlot of Babylon, who was at the precipice of defeat after a fearsome battle with Hellboy, Seras, and Melissa Pezzini, which was the final step in having the Tree of Knowledge sprout from within it and bore the fruit. Lucifer believes the fruit itself to be the Rebis, his end-goal, prompting the Morning Star to devour the fruit and return to his full divine state while having the Tree spread across the Firmament with is roots growing from the four towers of Babel around the world. Lucifer would then be attacked by Dante and Vergil separately, only to fatally wound the sons of Sparda by blasting a beam of divine energy through Dante's heart, but not before destroying Rebellion, and stabbing Vergil with Tenebris before shattering the Yamato. Michael, who despite being exhausted from his battle against Lucifer, attempted to attack his brother only to be ensnared by Enochian chains summoned by Lucifer and chained to a rock.


After regaining his full angelic form, Lucifer confronts some of the leaders of the Dark Knight Initiative, commending them for their bravery and persistence but in the end it was all for naught. However, he set upon by Derous who unleashes the full brunt of his power through the Dragon Install and not only putting Lucifer on the defensive landing several mighty blows that make the Morningstar stagger, but even managed to injure him after a final devastatingly powerful attack. However, Lucifer manages to quickly recover from the attack all while praising Derous for his might. But before he could give Derous a quick death, his attack is deflected by none other than Dante much to Lucifer's shock. Not only did Dante return to life alongside Vergil, but unlocked their true hidden potential, the Sin Devil Trigger, alongside newly reforged powerful blades. The twins and Lucifer engage in a fierce and titanic conflict as they upheave portions of the Earth, cleave through mountains, and distort the skies. They are soon joined by Immanuel who aids them in their battle against Lucifer in his Celestial Form while fighting through the deteriorating planes of reality due to the Tree of Knowledge's meddling with the Natural Order. After a long and arduously epic battle, Lucifer was only defeated when he was betrayed by Satan who was in turn defeated by Dante, Vergil, Nero, and Immanuel, then later finished off by Michael.

Grigori Invasion

After his defeat at the hands of the combined might of the Dark Knight Initiative alongside others such as the other four main archangels and their angelic armies, Lucifer was chained and brought forth before the Paradiso Council, placed in the Ring of Judgement. Lucifer was amused by the fact that his siblings have assumed the positions of sovereign in God's absence. Each of the archangels would decide his fate with Michael demanding Lucifer deliver a statement in his own defense. Lucifer, however, scoffed at the notion of pardon as he not only is aware that he was beyond pardon for his actions but outright admitted that were the opportunity given to him he would do it again. Raguel wanted to rip Lucifer's essence from his 'body' and toss it into the Void where he would never again invoke such destruction. Raphael's proposal was to chain Lucifer in the Starless Halls of Night while Uriel attempted to have Lucifer rehabilitated something which Gabriel silently agreed with.

Michael, after much thought, came to a conclusion where he would have Lucifer imprisoned within Heaven this time, instead of Hell or in the depths of the Void, as Michael was aware of Lucifer's cunning and moreover believed that there may be angels in Heaven that would be seduced by Lucifer's sympathy, as such they would try to free him in both alternative circumstances. Both Ariel and Metatron were against this but Michael's word was final, and he made sure Lucifer would receive no visit in his cell. Despite his isolation, and the prohibition of seeing the Morningstar, he would get a few visits from the likes of Gabriel or Uriel, the latter being more frequent. Lucifer claims that he is unapologetic for his actions as he refuses to be controlled like a puppet though Uriel bemuses him with how despite being so remarkably brilliant, he could never see the big picture. Trouble soon arose as Samyaza and the Grigori invaded Heaven. They realized that the Grigori's release was due to the reverberating effects that the Apocalypse had on creation as a whole, with the barriers that kept dangerous entities away weakening significantly. They also received word from John Constantine that this was the Brujeria's doing. During the ensuing battles between the angels and the Watchers, Uriel was seemingly killed by Samyaza, which left a painfully profound impact on Lucifer.

They also discovered that Samyaza intends to rule all of creation by resurrecting the Great Evil Beast, Azathoth. He had the ancient coven of warlocks and witches known as the Brujería create a series of supernatural events across the United States on Earth, mainly to rouse the slumbering darkness from the sheer discord and turmoil that upsets the Natural Order while also aiding the Grigori in deciphering the Logaeth, the Speech of God which would allow them to locate the 49 keys to unlock the Gates of Heaven, and once conjoined would create a singularity that would reveal the location of Azthoth using the Logaeth. Unfortunately, they were too late, despite the best efforts of the Midnight Suns who attempted to stop the Bruhería. Samyaza was able to locate Azathoth's prison and by freeing him, allowed Azathoth to take the disgraced Watcher into himself and share his mind with the Daemon Sultan only to have Azathoth devour his whole being with the Ultimate Darkness instead have the totality of creation collapse at the seams. Michael, albeit reluctantly, sought Lucifer's aid with the latter being happy to oblige mainly to exact vengeance against Samyaza for killing Uriel. Michael also made it clear that should Lucifer at any point betray him there will be consequences much to Lucifer's amusement.

Lucifer reveals himself to Alana Bloom

Lucifer and Michael attempted to stop the Shadow of God but to no avail. Although upon seeing that Azathoth was confused and angered by his existence, Lucifer taught Azathoth the true meaning behind the concept of good and evil which seemed to have contented Azathoth and returned to his slumber. Eventually, Lucifer decided that he would instead remain on Earth in order to better understand his Father's creations but is under constant surveillance by the Global Occult Coalition due to Heaven being in ruin from Samyaza's attack. Lucifer even built a house for himself from the ground up, taking residence in Baltimore, Maryland. From there and during his exile, he had the freedom to explore and indulge in his preferences and hobbies, even making exquisite dinner parties from time to time. Despite his indulgence in the pleasures he once denied himself, Lucifer was quite depressed at the circumstances that led to this, feeling the weight of his actions crushing him. During his stay, Lucifer would come to aid the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigations in solving unnatural cases though the BAU would have no knowledge of his true identity. This would also in the process allow Lucifer to better explore the psychology of mankind and the phenomena behind the will of humanity.

Scarlet King's Rampage

Lucifer and his siblings discovered that the Seven Leviathans, the seven children of the Scarlet King, have been slain, consequently severing the chain links that kept the Scarlet King imprisoned. When the final chain snapped, the Scarlet King soon broke free from his prison and resumed to set about to unmake all of reality by destroying the Tree of Life. While the forces of Earth were dealing with the Scarlet King's seven children and their legions, the fallen Sentinel personally made his way to center of Heaven only to find Michael waiting for him beneath the roots of the tree and the two primordial beings engaged in a ferocious battle.

However, Michael saw that the Scarlet King would not fall so easily and after suffering a grievous wound, the Scarlet King continued to make his way towards the center of the Tree of Life. There, he was met with what seemed to be the astral form of Asherah who implored the fallen Sentinel not to commence with his actions but the Scarlet King ignored her and coldly replied that he only wants to hear her cries of anguish as he rips the roots apart, to know the pain that he feels. But before he would begin, the Scarlet King gets tackled by an enraged Lucifer who viciously pummels him for daring to threaten his Mother. The two rocket through the roots before finding themselves underneath the Tree of Life.

Lucifer and the Scarlet King have a vicious battle with neither one gaining ground until the Scarlet King incapacitated Lucifer by blocking an incoming attack, and redirecting it back at the Morning Star with his own attack. He prepared to finish Lucifer off until he was saved by Michael and the two archangels battled the Scarlet King together. The two brothers were joined by Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel (revealed to be alive) and even then despite their combined might and the Scarlet King suffering enormous damage the fallen Sentinel still would not yield. During the course of the battle, Michael and Lucifer both developed a plan of both military strategy and cunning, and it involves ramming the seven spears that were once held by the Sentinels of Creatio straight into him before Lucifer would morph an entire planet into a colossal hyper giant which would then be slingshotted by Uriel, who fashioned it into an arrow, straight into the Scarlet King's head and effectively killing him. However, the battle between the fallen Sentinel and the archangels severely damaged the Tree of Life.

Pralaya's Awakening

It soon became apparent that it was only getting far worse as the damage received on the Tree of Life was causing all of existence to, little by little, collapse onto itself. The archangels attempted to stabilize the tree but to no avail and with their mother, Asherah, missing, all hope was lost. At some point, Lucifer heard a voice, not knowing it was his mother, informing him to take a seedling from one of the Tree of Life's fruits and keep it with until the appropriate time. Eventually, Lucifer was called into arms by his siblings upon realizing that the awakening of Azathoth, and the Scarlet King's rampage across creation ended up creating ruptures within the multiverse that allowed Pralaya, the Seas of Chaos, to rise once again from her slumber and swallow all of Creation itself back into her.

Upon introducing herself, Pralaya explains that she has simply been accelerating a process that Lucifer unintentionally began. All things have a price, and the Tree of Knowledge spreading throughout the firmament and the four corners of creation weakened the fabric of reality, thus opening the door between the realm of the void and theirs. Whatever she represents to them, the truth is that she is the void in which all things are birthed. The multiverse only exists because it was born into the void - and when it is done, age after age, she calls it back into her womb. Lucifer, knowing his actions were the cause of this and possibly many to come, decided to personally confront Pralaya herself. All the while, John Constantine, Kiden Nixon, Gabriel, and Michael create a force-field around the House of Ideas, but they need the Swamp Thing to act as their connection to the World Tree if they intend to fend her off for good. At first the Swamp Thing was unsure if he would be able to connect to such a nexus of unknowable life given that it predates everything, Lucifer approached him and revealed the seed from the fruit of the Tree of Life. He explains that he will plant the seed within the Swamp Thing before he and the elemental plummet straight into Pralaya's womb.

While Michael attempts to fight off Pralaya's void tendrils and John acting as a distraction, Lucifer and Swamp Thing dive straight into the void of Pralaya. Inside, Lucifer recalls the acknowledgement of his father's words and his mother's advice, his Light Bringer powers resurfaced in full. To the cosmic entity's surprise, vines sprout from her chest, and the fruit sprouting from them break open, during which Lucifer's voice is heard saying, "Let There Be Light", unleashing a powerful burst of light that engulfs the entirety of the void. With the tree's return rejuvenation, so too returns all creation and is once again stabilized. Pralaya is thus repelled, and all is restored, with Lucifer returning to his true angelic state and no longer fallen.


Lucifer can be wholly be described as being brash, bold, prideful, charismatic, idealistic, and arrogant. Even as an angel he was a driven, charming, determined and brilliant being. After his fall, Lucifer became a revolutionary and an anarchist, fighting against a corrupt system made by a higher power in pursuit of essential truths but with tragic consequences. The most potent aspect of his personality is his desire to gain true and total freedom from the chains of predestination that was decreed by God and given that he embodies free-will, the concept of predestination where one is not control of their own lives, is an affront to his very existence.

His determination and pride had him convinced that his revolution to shatter the chains of destiny and not be bound under the grand plans of a higher power was truly for the greater good, and that it would bring order, purpose, and direction to the universe while providing benefits for mankind in the long run, he tirelessly endeavored to fulfill this vision. While both willing and very much capable of achieving his own ends by force even against the world, he also knew better than to presume, for all his power, that he could take on the whole of creation by himself and possibly come out on top. As such, he relied equally much on his outstandingly genius-level intellect and excellent mastery in the use of tactics and strategy which he imparted onto his disciple, the Shepherd, who is the head of Illuminati, that allowed him and the members of the Illuminati to remain in the shadows for so long without rousing any suspicion and incite panic, mayhem, and political discord while making it all the more difficult for the many organizations that were roped in to oppress them to try and bring them down.

Aside from his ability to create carefully-woven plans to achieve his goals, Lucifer is an extremely persuasive orator and is known to be a very powerful speaker. Clever and composed, he had a phenomenal command of the art of public speaking, allowing him to mystify and terrify his audiences, allies and enemies alike, inspiring fanatical loyalty with each word, and gaining widespread following for his cause, followers whom he affectionately referred to as his as "brothers and sisters" for his fallen cohorts and called his human followers "friends". Indeed, this skill is such that he was able to convince one-third of the angelic host to join his cause before the impending war in Heaven. When appearing in front of an audience at a rally, Lucifer was treated as a revered celebrity, as was expected of someone with his charisma and wisdom. The demonic inhabitants of Hell even revere Lucifer as a god-like figure. He is loyal to those who are loyal to him and treats them with respect should they prove worthy of themselves. This shows that in a sense, similarly to Vergil, Lucifer would acknowledge those who are strong in both the physical and mental sense. He would test his followers by having them partake in missions that would ensure the progress of plans and see how capable they are when they are faced with obstacles and see if their own personal gains would outweigh his cause.

Lucifer also showcased extreme dislike towards those who are arrogant and possess a superiority complex, ironic since he himself is arrogant and prideful. Example was when he faced off against the Salvatore Brothers, expressing his obvious disinterest and being unimpressed by their power and titles. As he brutalized them, he mocked them for their boasting of their power thus crushing their spirits and pride. Another example was his annoyance towards Katya Orlov, a Russian politician of the Liberal Democratic Party, who was in league with the Illuminati and the prophesied Harlot of Babylon, acting all haughty and arrogantly disregarding the Dark Knight Initiative only for Lucifer to threateningly shut her down by saying that they have made it this far, nonetheless. He was also not above punishing his followers if they display too much pride and overconfidence in their powers, telling them not to underestimate the enemy, another irony and quite frankly hypocritical trait since he himself underestimates his human enemies and considers them beneath him that he barely gives them attention although it is only through their tenacity, determination, and power that Lucifer finally acknowledges them as worthy opponents.

Much like the inhabitants of Hell and most angels, Lucifer harbored nothing but contempt and disdain towards the human race. Like some of his angelic brethren, he addresses them in derogatory terms, calling them "hairless apes" or "talking monkeys" and would not shed a tear if a million of them were slain. This also ties into idealism, as he is idealistic to where he had absolutely no complaints about the murder of hundreds of innocent people as long as that accomplished his long-term goals, example in when he had the four Towers of Babel rise from beneath the Four Corners of the World resulting in untold destruction and innumerable human casualties. He was disgusted by how the humans treated his father's greatest gift to them, which was the Earth, and the advancement of their society and culture only led to pointless wars, deaths, disease, and oppression. The same can be said for the demons as well, as he finds them to be uncouth and repulsive alongside other supernatural beasts. However, despite his views on humans, he does find use for them as he acknowledged that once his goals were complete and that creation would no longer be under the shadow of his father, the humans would serve a higher purpose and would embrace themselves for what they were truly made for since the dawn of creation. Lucifer also displayed curiosity and fascination with the more harmless things that humans have created and discovered.

Lucifer is incredibly manipulative, although contrary to the Christian depiction of being the "Prince of Lies" Lucifer outright refuses to lie, finding it crass and beneath him, and tells the exact literal truth to those he persuades to join his cause. His charisma, wisdom, and soft-spoken attitude, makes it incredibly difficult for one to be deterred by his words. Indeed, Lucifer even persuaded Leonardo Watch to join his cause by promising that once he breaks the chains of destiny, his sister would not be blind from the exchange of the Eyes of God and would no longer be disabled. Lucifer also showed a great trust in his followers, as seen by his trusting to Beelzebub, the Shepherd, and his other Acolytes to "spread the word" of his ideology across the world through the Illuminati even all the way back to Ancient Egypt. His persuasion even affected Vergil, making the Son of Sparda see that no matter the alternative choices he made to prevent his mother's death, it will always lead to the same outcome ending with him escaping Hell and thus breaking the first seal that will unleash Lucifer. This prompted Vergil to cut ties with his friends and family and establish himself as humanity's enemy for even if they stop Lucifer, things will go back to the way they were before with humans actively competing and fighting each other. Lucifer's immense talent as an orator coupled with his charisma, wisdom, and beauty has even garnered him the loyalty of several angels in Heaven.

Lucifer is known for his proud nature. He was extremely confident to the point of arrogance and appeared almost impossible to intimidate, unfazed when Shax told him that challenging the Dark Knight Initiative would require caution. He was even unfazed when confronting Derous, whose Dragon Install was without any limiters and at its highest peak, being partially annoyed and displaying only anger when Derous would attack him with powerful attacks. Lucifer also displayed sadistic traits, evidenced in him not only mercilessly brutalizing the Salvatore Brothers but also torturing them such as when he punctured Jakob's chest and goaded him into stabbing him with the Muramasa Blade to no avail all while mocking him as being the "Strongest Shield and the Sharpest Blade". Lucifer revels in crushing one's spirits and confidence such as when he not only slaughtered the armies of the united forces of the Dark Knight Initiative with nothing but his hands and soon his sword but also had them see how hopeless it is in trying to stop him for even their trump cards were nothing to him. Lucifer appears to have a twisted sense of pleasure in letting his opponents think they have the upper hand only to quickly crush such hopes. Despite being seemingly not interested in fighting, Lucifer does actually enjoy a good fight as he was elated upon realizing that he would fight his brother Michael once again. He acknowledges one's power and strength during battle. He is also surprisingly honorable as he was unwilling to fight an opponent he considers beneath him although that could be counted as him being arrogant. He was still honorable to where when he makes a promise, he intends to keep it and see that it is fulfilled.

However, in spite of all this, Lucifer is in many ways a tragic figure. He is fully aware of the consequences of his actions and the lengths he was willing to go to reach his goals were fueled by ambition and a fanatical sense of self-purpose, rather than evil intent. He knew that his ideals and goals would have terrible consequences and sacrifices and would not only push him away from his family but also make them turn on him. He also knew that his pride would never allow him to repent as he also knows that if he does, he would go against everything that he stands for regarding free-will. In fact, Lucifer also knew that the rising tension in Heaven would spark a civil war which was something he was trying to avoid at all costs, however, it was not until he discovered what God told Michael regarding his role in slaying Lucifer that he snapped and declared war on the Almighty leading to the War in Heaven. Despite being cast out and shunned by Heaven, Lucifer still cares for and loves his family as shown when he attempted to persuade his brother Gabriel from fighting him and was stricken with sorrow believing that his actions would break his mother's heart and visibly shed tears upon fatally wounding Gabriel. While having a calm and composed nature, Lucifer is capable of terrifying displays of rage when provoked, shown when the Scarlet King threatened his mother Asherah, with Lucifer promptly releasing his incredible rage upon and temporarily beating the Scarlet King into submission. He reacted violently when he learned of Uriel's death at the hands of Samyaza and was hellbent on making the fallen Watcher suffer greatly.

Because of his predicament and his firm belief in his own ideals, Lucifer was prone to breaking down, but this was on rare occasions. His breakdowns only occur when there are individuals that continue to resist him and with success as well, increasingly becoming more frustrated and angry; Ivan Romanov compared it to a temper tantrum. He was also unaccepting of those that can overcome him, especially mortals. Unlike most demons, Lucifer only kills out of necessity and never without reason. At best, Lucifer dismantles and incapacitates his opponent but if provoked enough he resorts to killing. He is not even above killing his own children as when he destroyed Mundus for imprisoning him in his tomb. Even then, despite being surrounded by his fallen brothers, Lucifer always felt like he was alone especially after he fell. Lucifer is reportedly known for having contemplated his past misdeeds and felt remorse and shame for the horrifying things he had committed during his attempted dismantling of God's grand plans with one of the more prominent factor being the civil war in Heaven where he was forced to kill his own siblings that fought against him and his rebel cohorts. His guilt and remorse only worsened when he saw how the results of his goals ended in many catastrophic events on Earth and in Heaven such as the awakening of Azathoth and the release of the Scarlet King.

Powers and Abilities

Being the second-born creation of God, Lucifer is a being of incalculable celestial power. He is among the most powerful entities in all of creation with Immanuel stating that the Morningstar is powerful in ways that defy description itself and commands the legions of Hell, including its lords, unchallenged; the only two beings that somewhat rival him in the depths of Hell are Satan and Beelzebub who formed the Satanic Triumvirate. Lucifer's power surpasses even the likes of the Ogdru Hem, extraterrestrial beings of unimaginable power that have existed before or during the dawn of creation, and rivals the likes of the Ogdru Jahad whom are the parents of the Ogdru Hem. After being released onto the Earth, Lucifer's mere presence upon breaking through was said to have "shook the globe" and created several unnatural disasters around parts of the world. Moreover, his presence also caused supernatural beings and psychics immense agony and trembled from sheer dread.

Lucifer is dangerous to the point where he is able to intimidate other powerful beings such as the Endless. Dream of the Endless outright admitted that Lucifer is much more powerful than he is and stated that he is not even sure if he will be able to survive a straight fight with him. His other siblings like Delirium, Despair, and Desire also expressed fear towards the Morningstar. He is able to unnerve the gods themselves when in their presence despite the enormity of their power. In fact, some have expressed doubt and fear at the thought of fighting him, much less defeating him, given that his role in the Apocalypse would also spell their doom. Gabriel himself confirmed that while they may put up a good fight in the end, Lucifer will turn them into "finger paint", and convinced the gods to stay their hand and not move against him. Sorcerers like John Constantine showed fear when first learning of Lucifer's impending return, even outright admitting that he has no known method of taking him down, much less fighting him. Immanuel told Vergil that fighting Lucifer is a fool's errand and that he would lose even with his powerful friends fighting alongside him. This was proven to be true as he not only slaughtered the military forces of the United States and the Global Occult Coalition without any effort at all, but also casually resisted against and brushed off attacks from some of the forces of the Dark Knight Initiative.

If he is provoked to violence, his preference seems to be to use fire and light as a weapon. His original role was as "God's lamplighter", in which he used his will to condense clouds of hydrogen into star-masses and set them alight. As terrifying as they are at times brief, battles with Lucifer usually begin and end with him drawing down the flames of a superheated main sequence star and incinerating to ash anything in the immediate area. Nevertheless, has proven himself to be quite an extraordinary and adept combatant, showing to be methodic, basic, but brutal and analytical. He was able to defeat many of the other lesser archangels that tried to stop him, bested Gabriel in combat, defeated nearly all the forces of the Dark Knight Initiative, either without or slight effort. Rendered both Dante and Vergil in a coma, beforehand he casually swatted Dante wielding his father's sword after shattering Rebellion with a single punch, and even after they unlocked their true hidden potential they still struggled considerably against him, brutally beat down the Salvatore Brothers, and fought on equal terms with Michael; in fact the battle between Lucifer and Michael was said to have set the cosmos ablaze from the sheer force of their power alone during the War in Heaven. Some of his most impressive feats, much later on in the story, involves him being able to clash and hold his own against Azathoth with Michael's aid, defeated Pralaya with his Light Bringer powers, brought down the Scarlet King with the aid of his four siblings, and even held out against the Outer God Nyarlathotep despite the fact that the Crawling Chaos was more powerful than he was.


  • "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven."
  • "After eons of reigning within the Abyss I knew but only one reason that my Father would not listen...He would be the victim of senility. And no one would want the Almighty to lord over all creation in such a condition. Thus, I would appoint myself as the new lord of the cosmos and rule in His stead but as blindness and naivety would have it my siblings would not allow for it. Our ongoing disagreements over the matter eventually sparked a civil war of which I tried to avoid though what is the use when you are within the confines of pre-destination that was written by a senile old man?"
  • "A liar am I? Now I find that to be quite offensive. Those Biblical authors and the God-praising fools all bestowed upon me the title of 'Prince of Lies'. Let me assure you that I am no deceiver nor trickster of any sort. If you want to make a deal then I will tell you the contents of my side of the deal. If you want to hear the truth I will tell you the truth. And I will tell you the exact literal truth. But be warned, my dear. The Devil's truth is but a path towards damnation. After all...the road to Hell is paved with good intentions."
  • "Satan. The Adversary. Prince of Darkness. Such titles mean little to me. But to you they speak volumes. Well, I can assure you that you have every right and reason to tremble at your knees from the mere mention of such epithets. For I am the one who waged war against the Almighty. I am he who rebelled against His wishes and demands. He whose power shook the very throne of God and set the plains of Heaven ablaze with my flames. For I refuse to be bound by fate and will shatter the chains of illusion to reign over freedom! Now, I recommend that you stand clear of the path to my objective. For it is not danger that will you find if you do not is inevitable destruction."


  • While in modern literature, Lucifer and Satan are treated as the same entity, the name Lucifer was never identified with Satan until the Latin translation of the Book Isaiah. A specific passage in the book refers to a King of Babylon, who is described to fall from heaven and is called Helel ("shining one"), a name which refers to the Morning Star or Day Star (the planet Venus), which subsequently became translated as Lucifer. The Book Isaiah was recalling an ancient myth about a celestial being, trying to usurp the place of gods, but was cast into the underworld as punishment for his pride. European medieval literature also credits Lucifer with his attempt to overthrow God, while distinguishing him from Satan.
  • Lucifer would occasionally be mocked for being a "momma's boy" as Lucifer enjoys being spoiled by his mother, Asherah, though she loves her children equally. It is also implied that Lucifer loves his mother more than he loves his father as he never required to put effort into gaining Asherah's attention while he tried many times in God's case despite the fact that Lucifer was God's favorite.
  • Like all angels, Lucifer is genderless and as a result has no concern over the concept of sexuality. This also ties into the fact that Lucifer is uninterested in the concept of romance though it has been hinted several times that he has taken a "liking" towards certain characters but it was never established if it was out of sheer curiosity or genuine affection.
  • During his self-imposed exile on Earth after the Grigori's attack and Azathoth's awakening, Lucifer discovered to having a passion for classy activities such as refined cooking and elegant art or aesthetics.
    • This paints him as being the usual depiction of the Devil in that, in the words of Abigail Hawkins, "He's a dandy. Charismatic. He likes refined language, art, and dressing beautifully. Added with his looks he's not only very fascinating but also very hard to understand. You'd think you would know the basics but really you haven't touched the surface. And that's what makes him so dangerous."
  • Lucifer is known to enjoy reading. He has a particular fondness towards books that explore the themes of tragedy, tyranny, madness, thriller, adventure, and dystopian.
    • His favorites appear to be Paradise Lost, Ulysses, Crime and Punishment, Frankenstein, The Master and the Margarita, Odyssey, Aeneid, Macbeth, Hamlet, The Ethics of Ambiguity, and Oedipus Rex.
    • It is implied that Lucifer was used as a muse for some of the authors to aid in the making of their stories with the only confirmed one being John Milton who wrote Paradise Lost.
  • While he does not need to eat, drink, or sleep he nonetheless enjoys Earth's food. He prefers the more elegant and refined type of food and drink and ones that he personally makes for himself and his guests but has an extreme dislike and aversion towards junk food.