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Adam and Eve, the First Humans, Shepherds of Creation

Your pride and your arrogance has always led you to underestimate those who you hold in high contempt. So blinded by your own capabilities that you fail to see the potential they hold. Yes, they are flawed. They steal. They cheat. They destroy. They disappoint. But despite their primitive savagery they are capable of so much more and they've done just that. There is a reason why Father created them in His image. Because they embody His will. To never give up and always move forward. Never underestimate humanity's potential for evolution.
~ Gabriel to Samael

Humans, collectively known as Humanity, or Mortals, are proclaimed by God to be His greatest creations, to which He has given rulership of the Earth, its skies and it's seas; as well as all land animals, birds and fish. Humans were created after the angels, and became the eternal targets of Satan when the fallen angel refused God's command to bow before His newest creation in reverence.



These people. They're all my Father's creations. They're works of art. Perhaps His greatest masterpiece. And the Earth was His greatest gift to them yet they cannot comprehend what sort of gift they were given.
~ Uriel

Humans are descended from the first man was named Adam, formed out of the clay, and the first woman was named Eve, forged out of Adam's rib as to be his equal. Although, it was later shown that before Eve came to be, Lilith was Adam's first wife and was created through the usage of the same primordial matter that molded Adam and was thus his equal. Originally humans were intended to live within the Garden of Eden, where the most magnificent creatures of God's creation dwelled. In this antediluvian paradise, animals felt no urge to feed on flesh, instead living a vegetarian lifestyle and consuming the richest fruits and vegetables in the garden.

Fall of Man

When Adam and Eve betrayed the trust of God, they were banished from the Garden of Eden and had to adapt to a new, hostile environment. During this time, early humans served as prey far more deadly creatures, such as the Turok-Han, dinosaurs, and others. Eventually, humans began to develop tools and discover agriculture as well as domesticate animals. At times this occurred naturally, while other times this was done with aid from other deities.

At some point in time, God appointed the Grigori to watch over these humans and guide them in their progress, but explicitly expressed that none should interfere with mortals against his will. However, as they observed, the Watchers began to lust after the moral women and taught the humans forbidden divine knowledge, turning them against God. This, in addition to the rise of the Nephilim, caused God to bring down a Great Flood which wiped out most of humankind except for the family of Noah, which went on to repopulate the Earth.


Humans lived as one people during this time, but after the Fall of the Tower of Babel, humanity became fractured and were forced to disperse and establish separate civilizations in the lands of Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus valley, and China. Humans also established the Greek empire, the Aztec Empire, and the Roman Empire among others.


In modern times, Humans have settled all around the globe, with a great many living in densely populated cities like New York, Honk Kong, Tokyo, and Mexico city. Despite global crime being at a historic low, looming problems like global warming, pollution, income inequality and overpopulation threaten humanity, and many believe that the end of times is near. Due to advancements in technology like artificial intelligence, bioengineering, global surveillance, and nuclear weapons, some have begun to speak of the Apocalypse and cults inspired by The Book of Revelations have amassed many followers under the leadership of False Prophets. In the middle east, a great conflict exists between the Suni and Shia Muslims while in the United States, belief that the president of the country is the Antichrist is held by a significant portion of the population.

Many of the mythological beasts and monsters of old have either gone into hiding or been driven to extinction by the human race, though some like Werebeasts, Vampires, and Witches still walk among them in secret. Much of this ancient history is unknown to the civilian population, with only clandestine groups like the Federal Bureau of Control being aware of the supernatural and paranormal that exists in the world.

Body, Soul, and Spirit


Human beings are made up of three interconnected and intertwined components known as the Body, Soul, and Spirit.


The easiest to study and therefore the most understood by Science is the Body, due to its physical nature. Humans bodies range is terms of size, sex, and appearance in many ways, with races developing as human populations spread out across the globe.

Despite their physical differences however, many humans have come to value equality of treatment and acceptance of the disabled, though there are still those who stubbornly adhere to the antiquated beliefs of Survival of the Fittest.


As creations of God, humans are all imbued with a soul that serves as the embodiment of the divine purpose by which they are judged upon after their death. Humans souls are valued greatly ande sought after by evil beings like demons for their magical properties so powerful that not even Death herself can break a soul through force alone.

Each human's soul, upon their death, must face a Final Judgment to determine where their soul will go in the afterlife. Those who have broken God's laws and/or lived a life of evil are to be sent to Hell for punishment, while those who lived virtuous lives find eternal solace in Heaven. While punishment in Hell is stated on several occasions to be eternal, some believe one can be redeemed from Hell by powerful divine beings.

Despite their innate power, souls are vulnerable to certain supernatural forces that can weaken, or influence them in many conceivable ways. One can come to lose their soul by living a vile and contrary to their Divine purpose that the soul is corrupted, or by willingly selling one's soul to infernal beings like Demons.


The Spirit is the unique cosmic energy nascent within all things. In Humans, it is the metaphysical energy projected from their very existence that reverberates throughout reality. This inner Spirit is unique to each individual and is what transcends the human body upon death. After death, the spirit may either ascend to have their Soul judged by God, or may remain on Earth to wander as Undead. The most common of these undead spirits are Ghosts, who remain due to unfinished business in the mortal plane.

The Spirit is known to be much larger than the physical vessel it inhabits, and can become intertwined with places, objects, and even concepts. The Spirit is the embodiment of a person's beliefs, values, and desires, and is what inspires and drives them through life. Those who lose Spirit lack the willpower to act or persist, as they have lost the animating force within them and entered a state of depression. This state is able to be rectified, and when a human becomes in tune with their Spirit, they are able to attain great power.

Human spirits are intricately linked with the universal cosmic energy through pools of energy known as Chakras. Humans who are able to cleanse themselves and awaken the 7 Chakras become able to access the Lightbody and become one with the cosmos.

Human Skull


Death is the natural conclusion to mortality that all Humans must go through in order to enter the afterlife. Death can be achieved through significant damage to the physical body, or through old age and health complications. Human bodies can display a level of both fragility and durability depending on different circumstances, but in the grand scheme possess rather vulnerable bodies easily capable of being killed in many ways by the world around them.

This knowledge of mortality is a driving influence on human society and individual humans, with some becoming emboldened by this fact while others become filled with existential dread. Throughout time, various religions have been founded in the attempt to find a way to escape this fate or be prepared for its eventual arrival.

Upon death, human spirits are reaped from their bodies by a Reaper who is responsible for escorting them to their destination in the afterlife. While this does no harm to those who have retained their soul throughout life, spirits of the wicked suffer greatly during this process. Occasionally a reaper will take pity upon a spirit with unfinished business, and will allow them to remain as Ghosts, though these occasions are rare, and never does a reaper allow a human to return to true life.


Many supernatural beings, regardless of their origin and alignment, look down upon humans due to their mortal fallibility and physical frailty. Certain beings like Satan are known to have great disdain for the human race viewing them as savage and murderous creatures while others like deities simply view them as expendable resources or play things. Even other angels at times frown upon humans for their actions on Earth.

As a result of this, ancient humans developed a unique shout, a technique derived from the mystical Draconic Language of dragons, specifically designed to be effective against beings of an immortal nature. This ability manifested as a powerful Shout that forced immortal beings who heard it to experience the concept of mortality. This potent mental onslaught was known to be so debilitating that could disorient even the most powerful of immortals, leaving them vulnerable to an attack or being subdued. In order to use this ability, one must have accrued a significant amount of life experiences in order for the attack to be effective.

Veil of Normalcy

Over time humans have formed various organizations that deal with the supernatural powers that exist among them. Some of these groups (the Hellsing Organization, B.P.R.D., Order of the Silver Cross, Libra, Nightstalkers and the Vatican) are known to stand against supernatural forces such as vampires, werebeasts, demons, and the Ogdru Hem, while groups such as Apostles of Hecate, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn study either study magic, witchcraft and the occult or form pacts with supernatural beings, often taking part in immoral practices or also using them to combat the forces of darkness.

The most enigmatic group of all is the Illuminati, which is tied to a centuries-old conspiracy that might involve Satan and a One World Government/New World Order. The Federal Bureau of Control on the other hand works to suppress knowledge about the supernatural world and contain anomalous entities and Objects of Power that threaten the stability of human civilization. When it comes to threats emanating from space, it is the Men in Black who ensure that humanity remains protected from and unaware of the presence of aliens on planet Earth until the species is able to handle the knowledge of extraterrestrial life.


Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky,over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”
~ God create humanity Genesis 1:26-28
Blood I will mass and cause boned to be. I will establish a savage, 'man' shall be his name. Verily, savage man I will create. He shall be charged with the service of the gods That they might be at ease! The ways of the gods I will artfully alter. Though alike revered, into two (groups) they shall be divided.
~ Marduk creates humanity in Enuma Elish Tablet 6, lines 5-8