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The Heavenly Host.

The Heavenly Host are the armies of Heaven comprised of warrior angels that are led by the archangel Michael.


While angels are at times regarded as messengers, they are often overlooked as being soldiers of God. The Bible gives several descriptions of angels in military terms, such as their encampment, command structure, and combat. The Heavenly Host can also be applied to a council of high-ranking angels.

The heavenly host are commonly thought to have been created on the first day. However, the Jewish faith affirms angels were created either on the second or fifth day.


The heavenly host participated in the War in Heaven. The Seraph known as Lucifer, began to rebel against God and Heaven and was able to coax a third of the hosts of Heaven to his side before declaring war against God. Michael amassed his own army of angels, which became known as the Heavenly Host, loyal to God against the fallen angels of Lucifer. Armed with a sword from God's armory, he bests Satan in personal combat, wounding his side. Michael alongside his army banished Lucifer and his rebel angels into the seas of chaos.

The Heavenly Host played another role where they participated in the Deathless War. Seeing the growing threat of the Sarkics as well as the impending arrival of Yaldabaoth due to their machinations, the armies of Heaven joined with the forces of Earth and Hell to push back the Sarkic Empire and destroy the abominations that were spawned from it. Their partaking in the war marked the first time in history where the angels descended to Earth to aid in the destruction of a growing evil.

Thousands of years later, they once again played another major role where they came to aid the united forces of the Earth against insurmountable numbers of Gog and Magog and the Euphrates Army. During the Apocalypse, Lucifer had Satan and his forces bring forth Gog and Magog and the Euphrates Army to completely eradicate the human race along with anyone else that would oppose his plans. The Global Occult Coalition alongside the combined might of the Dark Knight Initiative's own forces and the armadas of many other countries were fighting a losing battle against Gog and Magog with the Euphrates Army, with both wars against these apocalyptic beings taking place on one side of the planet to another. It was not long until Michael led the Heavenly Host to aid humanity in their growing struggle and quickly turn the tides in their favor.