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God is something that cannot be expressed through words or action. All that we can understand is that He is great. He is almighty. He is eternal. He is all and one. I personally never saw Him as a cruel being or a tyrant. The issue is that His so called followers twist His Word and make cults and thus depicted Him as such. I don't blame Him if He decides to rain down fire because of that.
~ Immanuel

God is both the creator and sustainer of the Multiverse, the Heavens, the Earth, and humanity along with being the 'Father' of Jesus Christ and the Angels and the consort of Asherah. He is addressed as Yahweh and/or Jehovah in the Hebrew Bible, and as Allah in the Qur'an.


Every single being that existed before the universe was made, and the universe along with the multiverse itself was created by His will.

It is accurate to say almost all beings, are, in some way "children" of God, as He is responsible for the creation of all beings. He is the creator of the universe and almost everything in it, including angels. Arguably the most powerful being of all, He is known for creating Heaven, the universe and all that resides in it, and claiming benevolent dominion over it. The exceptions to this rule are Azathoth, who with whom, and their creations: the Primordials and the Ogdru Jahad, as well as the lesser beings such as the pagan gods and Ogdru Hem that followed them.

His consort Asherah is the creator of the deities as well, allowing them to oversee and control fragments of the universe itself and in the process, made His existence hidden for the time being until he sent Gabriel to reveal His nature and all other things that are connected to Him and the events that occurred before the time of man to humans whom would later be addressed as His Prophets. The Prophets themselves act as His messengers on Earth, with the task of spreading His existence and love throughout the globe. And they are also said to wield a fraction of His divine power.


God is also usually defined as a non-corporeal being without any human biological gender, but His role as a creator has caused some religions to give Him the metaphorical name of "Father". Because God is conceived as not being a corporeal entity, He cannot (some say should not) be portrayed in a literal visual image; some religious groups use a man to symbolize God because of His role as the "father" of the universe and His deed of creating man's mind in the image of His own. God has been conceived as being incorporeal (immaterial), a personal being, the source of all moral obligation, and the "greatest conceivable existent".

God is mostly inactive, but oversees the omniverse. It is extremely rare for Him to intervene in the affairs of other beings. His ways are also said to be highly mysterious, to the point where not even His angels are capable of understanding His way of operation unless He informs them Himself. It is believed that one could be rendered insane if they attempt to comprehend His motives and methods.

The many different conceptions of God, and competing claims as to God's characteristics, aims, and actions, have led to the development of ideas of omnitheism, pandeism, or a perennial philosophy, which postulates that there is one underlying theological truth, of which all religions express a partial understanding, and as to which "the devout in the various great world religions are in fact worshipping that one God, but through different, overlapping concepts or mental images of Him."



In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness. An endless, shapeless, and formless void of nothingness. The only things that existed at the time was God and Asherah alongside Night and Chaos whom were the void. When God declared "Let There Be Light!" the light cast a shadow upon the seas of Chaos and from the shadow took the form of Azathoth which became the Shadow of God. Azathoth was exposed to Creation which brought about its anger and began a terrible war, with them having their own creations to fight with them.

While the duration of the battle between these two cosmic forces is unknown due to the fact that the concept of time was nonexistent, it is written that it took six days for God to finally defeat Azathoth. On the second day, God and Asherah created the first five Archangels - Michael, Helel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel - in order to combat Azathoth. On the third day, Azathoth dipped into Chaos and from it he created the Ogdru Jahad in order to combat the Archangels, while on the fourth day God and Azathoth, through their collision, created the essence of the Primordials. The fifth day resulted in the Primordials being fashioned by Asherah to combat the Ogdru Jahad.

At last on the sixth they were finally able to defeat both Azathoth and its creations. However, God was unable to destroy Azathoth fully nor was He able to do the same to most of the Ogdru Jahad, only successful in destroying some of them, and had no choice but to instead imprison what remained of Azathoth in a chrysalis state and chained him using what can only be described as metaphysical existential chains that held all of everything together. Moreover, Azathoth fell into a deep and endless slumber due to the surrounding of creation being too much for it with God then exiling the Ogdru Jahad into the Outerverse.

At some point in time, the after-effects of the warring conflict between God and Azathoth, especially when the two primordials required the use of chaos for creative and destructive purposes, lead to what is called the paranatural to seep through the confines of God's rings of creation. This was said to have been the result of God and His shadow's energies dropping in the seas of chaos which resulted in the birth of the Upside-Down Man, the true source of all paranatural phenomena. Seeing the threat he posed, God ordered Lucifer to imprison and seal off the Upside-Down Man to not affect the normal planes of reality.

Angels and Beasts

Still on the sixth day, He and Asherah created the angels who acted as both their emissaries and soldiers. Afterwards, He and Asherah then planted the Tree of Life within the center of all Creation, and would act as the source and pillar for all existence with its branches stretching out through space-time and ending in the creation of other realms. The Tree of Life would reside in the upper-most heaven known as the Pleroma. After creating the lower Heavens, below the Pleroma, on the seventh, God noticed several artifacts that took form during His war against Azathoth. He scattered these artifacts upon the new born Earth as a way for it to be nurtured.

After Asherah and God planted the Tree of Life, the sovereigns begin to rest on the seventh day after the task was done. It is said that they rested beneath the Tree of Life, where the aroma from the dews from its leaves gave them comfort. As they rested, the inexhaustible profusion of their thoughts overflow, and a new being, the first Aeon, Barbelo, emerges from that intellectual flood which traversed through the stem of the tree, and blossomed into a flower. From the flower, emerged Barbelo, the first emanation. And with her emergence, more Aeons spontaneously emanated from the Tree of Life through God and Asherah's thoughts and feelings.

What followed was His latest masterpiece, the planet Earth, which would be given as a gift to His future magnum opus and that would be mankind. Afterwards, God would then form a Firmament between Heaven and Earth which is supposedly a dome of some sort that separated the two from one another, as it cannot be accessed by the inhabitants of Earth unless God allows it. The Firmament is then populated by luminaries which become the stars and the light to signify morning and night. The Primordials were also allowed to Earth, where they would reproduce and spawn the countless polytheistic pantheons of deities. These polytheistic deities protected the Earth from the Ogdru Hem, the spawn of the Ogdru Jahad.

Before He created man, God made the first beasts which each ruled over a part of the Earth. The first among them was the Leviathan, a primordial creature that swam within the oceans of chaos and was tamed by God to then roam within the depths of the Earth's waters, lording over the creatures of the sea. The second was the Behemoth, who lorded over the earth and its creatures and the third was the Ziz, who lorded over the skies and its creatures. These beasts were created as representations of the Earth's majesty and to express the dominant power of nature over man and are the only three beasts that Adam and Eve have no lordship over.

Heavens, Earth, and Man

With the creation of the angels, their places were also established, as their ranks were made and each given a specific task that was overseen by the archangels and God Himself. Lucifer, one of the first born, was the most perfect of all His creations and thus appointed him into lightening the stars by condensing clouds of hydrogen into star-masses and set them alight, earning him the title of "Morning Star", and also being the brightest angel in existence. Lucifer was so loved by God, even more so than Michael himself. Because of this he was proud and arrogant. When God created the animals of the Earth, He created the last of His creations which was man.

He named his latest creation 'Adam' and the first iteration of Adam was a hermaphrodite, an androgynous giant, simultaneously male and female. Equipped with four arms, four legs, two heads, two sets of sexual organs, and two bodies joined back to back. But this arrangement made conversation awkward and locomotion next to impossible. So God decided to separate Adam into two beings with one male and the other female; Adam and Lilith. He placed His two beloved creations known as Adam and Lilith in the Garden of Eden alongside His most prized creations. However, upon seeing that Lilith would not submit to Adam, He had his angels escort her out of Eden before forming another woman to be Adam's second wife, however, Adam witnessed the entire process of her creation and it deeply frightened him to the point where he was unable to name her.

Seeing this error, God put Adam to sleep and then would go on to create Adam's third wife known as Eve from Adam's rib as a replacement for Lilith. It is also said that God created other additional females for Adam in the form of Naamah, Agrat Bat Mahlat, and Eisheth Zenunim in case he rejected Eve. Adam, however, proposed to all of them but Eve was the only one who accepted whilst the other three left them. Samael, later to be called Satan, was then tasked with watching over the humans, however, being an arbiter, Samael saw that these humans were flawed and was angered that he would be tasked to guide and protect such creatures. Lucifer in the meantime, due to being His favorite, was exposed to God's plans and would only see that everything, including His children, would be under His rule and thus having no free will of their own. Lucifer was against this and rebelled against His creator.

Chaos in Heaven and the Fall of Man

Lucifer gathered a one third of the angelic host and waged war against God. However, there was resistance as God tasked His greatest soldier, Michael, into leading His armies and defeating his brother. After a titanic struggle, Lucifer and Samael were defeated and was cast out unto the Earth alongside their legion of rebellious angels by Michael. The collision of the fallen angels to Earth were like an endless stream of powerful fiery lightning, which soon created a deep abyss of its own and later be known as Hell that became a realm of endless punishment for the sinful.

God then continued to oversee Adam and Eve's development in the Garden of Eden, He told them that they could do anything they wanted but were prohibited to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil but always eat from the Tree of Life. Seeing this, Lucifer had the fallen angel Samael possess a serpent with Lilith taking the form of a barn owl before entering the Garden, then enticed Eve into eating the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, in order for Samael to show how flawed they are, Lilith taking her revenge on Adam, and for Lucifer to cut God's hold over free will of mankind. They succeeded as Eve and then Adam was tempted into eating the fruit, from which God specifically stated not to. In the process, God had Uriel cast Adam and Eve to Earth and were cursed with the mark of sin; Eve would have labor pains while giving birth and menstrual cycles.

At some point later, one of the Sentinels of Creatio known as Khahrahk was driven mad from being "exposed" to the true nature of creation and waged war against all of existence, with the intention of wiping it out completely. Khahrahk, now calling himself the Scarlet King, targeted the Tree of Life to destroy all of existence and seeing this, God sent Michael to vanquish the Fallen Sentinel, which he succeeded by incapacitating him long enough for the Seven Archangels to plunge the Seven Sentinel Spears into the Scarlet King, that took the formation of seven chains. Despite their victory, Asherah was so overcome with grief and rage over everything falling apart that She left, which made God downtrodden and more lonely.

Cain and Abel

When Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel, Abel became a herder of sheep while Cain was a tiller of the soil. And it happened in the course of time that Cain brought from the fruit of the soil an offering to the Almighty. And Abel too had brought from the choice firstlings of his flock, and God regarded Abel and his offering but did not regard Cain and his offering. And Cain was very incensed, and his face fell.

Jealous of God's favoritism towards Abel, Cain led his brother, while being under the influence of the Mark of Cain, out into the wilderness to kill him. Upon returning, God asked Cain, "Where is Abel your brother? And he said, "I do not know: am I my brother's keeper?" Upon realizing what he had done, God cursed Cain and his descendants, saying, "Your brother's blood cries out to me from the soil. And so, cursed shall you be by the soil that gaped with its mouth to take your brother's blood from your hand. If you till the soil, it will no longer give you strength. A restless wanderer shall you be on the earth." The curse that Cain was given prevented him from dying and being slain, which would eventually drive him mad. Cain's killing of Abel tainted the Earth with sin.

Fall of the Watchers and the Great Flood

As humanity continued to grow and develop, God appointed a host of angels to watch over the human race but to not interfere in their affairs. The Watchers, however, soon began to lust over the mortal women due to Naamah's machinations of seducing their minds and spirits. And they descended upon the Earth to mate with them. The resulting union between an angel and human resulted in the creation of the Nephilim, cannibalistic giants that ravaged humanity and the Earth while growing rapidly in numbers. The Watchers even taught the humans forbidden knowledge that only had them spiral down a path of corruption.

Appalled and angered by the actions of the Watchers, God planned to destroy the Earth via a Great Flood but first had Uriel warn Noah of the impending destruction of the Earth and tasked him with crafting a massive ark that would hold all the creatures of the world and Noah's family. During such a time, God also established the Dark Angels, a host of angels that grew hateful and wrathful towards the corrupted humans so much they wanted to exact vengeance upon them for their sins. He oversaw one of the Dark Angels inhabiting a human that was not completely tainted by sin which resulted in the birth of the Ghost Rider.

In the meantime, God had His archangels deal with the sinful Watchers, with Michael subduing their leader Samyaza, Raphael binding the second leader Azazel whilst defeating the rest of the Watchers, and Gabriel coaxing the Nephilim to slay and devour one another. After the creation of the ark and the imprisonment of the Watchers, God summoned a destructive Flood that destroyed the sinful humans, the Nephilim, and all the monstrous beasts of the world with Noah, his family, and all the animals surviving this terrible flood. When the chaos subsided, God made a rainbow as a promise to never destroy the world again. After the flood, Noah elects Abram (later known as Abraham) to lead his people to the land of Canaan and settle there.


Abraham's initial community was developed by his son Isaac and then his grandson Jacob (also known as Israel). Jacob's favorite son, Joseph, was sold by his brothers into slavery and brought to Egypt where, owing to his skill in interpreting dreams, he rose to prominence and was able to save the region from famine. The Book of Genesis concludes with Joseph dying after telling his brothers that Yahweh will bring them out of Egypt and back to the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Many years later, when the Israelites have grown too populous for the Egyptians, an unnamed pharaoh orders them to be enslaved and makes their lives harsh. Even so, the Israelite population continues to grow and so pharaoh orders all male infants killed. A woman of the Levite tribe among the Israelites hides her son and then sends him downriver in a basket to be found by pharaoh's daughter, who adopts him; this child is Moses. Moses learns his true identity as an Israelite and, after killing an Egyptian, flees to the land of Midian where, in time he encounters Yahweh in the form of a burning bush. He guides Moses through his missions and travels and the Book of Exodus details the Ten Plagues which Yahweh sends on Egypt and how Moses leads his people to freedom.

He grants Moses a fraction of His power to protect his people and himself with the most famous moment being Moses parting the Red Sea and God preventing the Egyptians from reaching the Hebrews as a Pillar of Fire. Moses never reaches the promised land of Canaan himself owing to a misunderstanding he has with Yahweh in which he strikes a rock for water when he was not supposed to but he turns over leadership to his right-hand-man Joshua who then leads his people in the conquest of Canaan as directed by Yahweh. Once the land is conquered, Joshua divides it among his people and, in time, they establish the Kingdom of Israel.

Book of Job

In the Book of Job, God asks Satan (Hebrew: הַשָּׂטָן‎ – haśśāṭān, literally "the accuser") for his opinion of Job's piety. Satan accuses Job of being pious only because God has materially blessed him; if God were to take away everything that Job has, then he would surely curse God. God gives Satan permission to take Job's wealth and kill his children and servants, but Job nonetheless praises God: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return there; the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." God allows Satan to afflict his body with boils. Job sits in ashes, and his wife prompts him to "curse God, and die", but Job answers: "Shall we receive good from God and shall we not receive evil?"

Job was then pushed to the point where he accused God of being reckless, unfair, and corrupt. Job then demands that God explains Himself in person, and God does so by coming in the form of a great storm cloud. His speeches neither explain Job's suffering, nor defend divine justice, nor enter into the courtroom confrontation that Job has demanded, nor respond to his oath of innocence. He instead takes Job on a virtual tour of the universe, He shows Job how grand the world is and He asks him if he is even capable of running it much less understanding it for just a day. He shows Job how much detail there is in the world, things that people see every day but really we do not understand at all except for God, intimately, as He pays attention to the beauty and operations of the universe in ways that no one can imagine and in places that no one could ever see.

God concludes by showing Job three powerful and primordial beasts; the Leviathan, the Behemoth, and the Ziz, each of these three beasts rule the seas, the earth, and the skies respectively but God rules over them in absolute. He tells Job that while they are very much capable of killing the likes of Job, they are not malignant and are apart of His good world. This dialogue contrasts Job's weakness with divine wisdom and omnipotence: "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?" Job makes a brief response, but God's monologue resumes, never addressing Job directly. Job makes his final response, confessing God's power and his own lack of knowledge "of things beyond me which I did not know". Previously he has only heard, but now his eyes have seen God, and "therefore I retract/ And repent in dust and ashes." Job is restored to health, riches and family, and lives to see his children to the fourth generation.


Many know that God is a benevolent being, and He is firm and just in His dominion over the Multiverse, but merciful in judging. His benevolence and merciful nature are demonstrated by the fact that, instead of just destroying Lucifer and his fallen angels for their role in the War in Heaven, He just expelled him from Heaven and imprisoned them in the Abyss. Furthermore, although He summoned the Great Flood to destroy the Nephilim and sinful humans because of the evil that spread among them, He was compassionate enough to spare innocent human beings and swore to never again destroy the world.

God loves humanity more than angels. Gabriel described humans as "God's pride and joy". The proof of this is that God loved the world so much that He sent His only son to earth to die in the name of humanity because of his sins, saving many souls from eternal damnation. Despite what Lucifer may believe, God set up the cogs in the Natural Order of creation so that he would have no judgment or control over the fates of mortals and immortals; instead, their own self-judgment and the choices they make of their own volition will have them decide their fates for themselves. Upon meeting Dante and Vergil, God showed Himself to be an immensely patient and composed individual, being unaffected by Dante's rebellious bluntness or Vergil's coldness. He could create new forms of study including language and culture, able to easily change His speech patterns and dialect to be better understood by people from a different era. His interactions with Dante and Vergil shows that He also accepts non-human individuals such as Cambions in Dante and Vergil's case but it depends on what they have committed in their lifetime and is also accepting of those with different belief systems showing that He, in John Constantine's words, is the "world-peace hippie" type although again it depends.

However, despite seemingly having an omnibenevolent nature, God is capable of becoming quite wrathful as He does not have much tolerance against those who deliberately try to go against His plans nor those who would oppress His flock, ruin His gifts, and attempt to destroy His creations. This is evident in when God did not spare His angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell, and handed them over to the depths of darkness so that they would suffer for eternity in retaliation, reserving them for final Judgment. As well as how He sealed entities like the Ogdru Jahad in a "place" outside of creation along with Chaos with the prisons being so strong that they were unable to free themselves without an external factor, for trying to hinder the beginning of creation. In the Old Testament, He was a jealous and vengeful God that would not permit His people to make idols or follow gods of other nations or worship gods known by other names. He demanded the role of the one true God in the hearts and minds of Israel and holds His people accountable for their actions. God is also heavily against wars that are fought in His name, and is especially intolerant and wrathful towards mortals that are fanatic followers, the latter declaring the slaughter of people with different ideals and faiths thus being heretics is for His glory. His disgust towards such views and mindsets is made clear when the Bishop of Gresit was being ruthlessly devoured by a horde of demons or when Enrico Maxwell suffered under the effects of the Ghost Rider's Penance Stare and none of the angels came to his aid, implying that He forbade His angels from saving both the Bishop and Maxwell.

Not only does God justly reward human beings who are good and have faith in Him, but He is also willing to treat individuals who have sinned in the same way, as long as they are willing to repent. At the same time, God was a very modest being, openly stating that change is inevitable and one can only hope to prepare themselves for it. Likewise, He was open and truthful about His personal mistakes and shames as a father and creator. Despite His deified status, He also believed that no one should have more power than any other because He knows that the person will become arrogant and desire even greater power. He is also very much aware of most of His creations' lack of faith in Him, but admitted that their lack of faith does not affect Him before openly and affectionately saying that while they may lose their faith in Him He is hoping that they do not lose faith in themselves. His most prominent relationships are with His family, especially His children. While He was unwilling to accept that His actions sparked the disassembly of His family, he soon realized and accepted that He was not a good parent or husband as His decisions made Lucifer nearly destroy creation and Asherah leave Him. Due to this, God attempted to amend for His mistakes, and while it took quite some time, the perilous journeys that his children embarked on, making them develop and grow overtime, had Him express how proud He is of who they are now and that despite everything that has happened, He loves them with all that He is.

Power and Abilities

God is commonly attributed to omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, omnibenevolence, and divine simplicity. He is viewed as an omnipotent supreme being of divine grace and light that has always existed. His power and intelligence are superior to those of angels and other deities, and like the rest of his creations, God is the supreme unlimited creator of all life in heaven and earth. Because of His status, He was worshiped by ancient and modern humans as a supreme being and would proclaim that He is the only supreme being in existence.

Even the Primordials beings, seemingly omnipotent entities who exist as boundless infinite beings wholly transcendent of all concepts of space-time, and duality are presented as nothing more than infinitesimally microscopic fragments of His unfathomable self. God is also vastly more powerful than the Ogdru Jahad, seven gods of chaos that were born of Azathoth, His 'shadow' self. However, despite His superiority over such beings, He cannot destroy them completely as entities like the Ogdru Jahad are outside of His creation and Azathoth is His shadow so in a sense is His own self and thus He cannot destroy Himself but only imprison. Even if they are exempt of His rules within the confines of His creation, He is still capable of imprisoning them.

The only beings that are equal to Him are Chaos, Night, and His own consort Asherah whom is revered as Goddess of Creation. Much like Azathoth and the Ogdru Jahad, He has no power over Chaos but He can use the components of Chaos to create what is now known as Multiverse. When Yaldabaoth was confronted by Mekhane, and the Demiurge declaring itself the only Supreme Being, Mekhane scoffed at such a declaration stating that she is familiar with the Almighty and Yaldabaoth is in no way God. God is also capable of appearing as avatars with the three most notable ones are The Voice, The Hand, and The Presence. The Voice is sometimes referred to as the Angel of the Lord and speaks to those chosen by the Almighty, The Hand represents God's movement and actions such as The Flood, and The Presence is Him taking a shape or form like a burning bush or a pillar of fire.


I am the creator of all that has been or will be. I see through many eyes. Mine is such a vast existence that it is beyond comprehension. I'm all-powerful. My only weapon is love and peace. Because I desire peace for all.
~ God.
You may lose your faith in me...but never lose faith in yourselves.
~ God.
Please do not mistake my noninterference for apathy. Believe me when I say that I truly did want to lend an aiding hand to my creations. For a time I believed that if I continued to step in, whether it by teaching or punishing, these beautiful creatures that I have created would grow and evolve. But I saw that the more I interfere, the more their independence and thus their strengths and will begins to fade and it only stayed the same. As such...I needed to stay my hand and allow my children to find their own paths. I can only guide them not carve the paths that they desire for themselves.
~ God to Dante