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A goblin.

Goblins are a race of mischievous creatures of grotesque appearance known for their sneaky nature.


They enjoy playing malicious pranks on humans or the races of fae and are also often bullies to smaller creatures. Frequent past-times for goblins include scaring children, pulling people's hair, leading travelers astray and causing poltergeist activity in the homes of people they dislike.

Goblins are often greedy and territorial as well with nasty tempers, they love playing tricks but are not fond of being tricked themselves and in many ways they share common traits with an Imp but are not classified as demons (at least not until the rise of the Christian era). Most Goblin tribes tend to be annoying, obnoxious or mischievous rather than truly wicked and they rarely kill humans on purpose; although exceptions to the rule exist.

Goblins tend to stay away from bright light and like many supernatural beings are not exactly fond of Christian imagery due to the crusades and genocides committed against goblins during the dark ages. As a result, crucifixes are believed to keep these troublesome spirits away hung visible on the outside of houses, as unguarded homes were often seen as free game by goblins, who may stay and do housework for a while but would ultimately cause havoc (unlike the Brownie, who were benevolent house spirits).

Goblins could live anywhere as long as it is sheltered from sunlight and did not allow themselves to overcrowd and overpopulate. Although they frequented human abodes most goblins preferred to live in forests and woodland or bogs, though they seldom lived too far from humans or livestock as they found mortals a source of entertainment as well as trinkets and technology goblins aren't capable of creating.

Fae Goblins

There exist a handful of goblin tribes which live a more primitive lifestyle within the Feywild, having immigrated long ago alongside other Greenskins like Ogres and Trolls.

These goblins are known for the expertise in trap making which they use to catch prey within the hostile wilderness of the Feywild, and are capable of taking down creatures a dozens of times their size when working as a group. These goblins are also known to build elaborate villages high up within the canopy of trees and could swoop down on unsuspecting forest dwellers for an ambush in an instant.


Types of Goblins

  • Alux - Mayan goblin
  • Bauchan - Scottish domestic goblin
  • Bugbear - English hobgoblin 
  • Chaneque - Aztec nature goblin
  • Farfadet - French goblin
  • Gremlin - English air goblin
  • Kallikantzaros - Greek, Turkic and Slavic malevolent goblin
  • Kobold - Germanic goblin
  • Lutin - French hobgoblin 
  • Muki - Peruvian goblin
  • Pombero - Brazilian goblin
  • Trauco - Chiloé forest goblin