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Gluttony. (Art by Thiago Lehmann)

Gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste.

In some Christian denominations, it is considered to be a misplaced desire of food or its withholding from the needy. Gluttony is associated with Beelzebub, one of the Seven Princes of Hell and it's counterpart virtue is Temperance.


Medieval church leaders (e.g., Thomas Aquinas) took a more expansive view of gluttony, arguing that it could also include an obsessive anticipation of meals, and over-indulgence in delicacies and costly foods.

Aquinas listed five forms of gluttony:

  • Laute – eating too expensively
  • Studiose – eating too daintily
  • Nimis – eating too much
  • Praepropere – eating too soon
  • Ardenter – eating too eagerly

Of these, ardenter is often considered the most serious, since it is a passion for a mere earthly pleasure, which can make the committer eat impulsively, or even reduce the goals of life to mere eating and drinking.