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A giant.

Giants are, arguably, among the oldest beings that ever set foot on this planet. They came in all shapes and sizes. So, they can either be man-eaters or divine forces of nature, y'know like proto-gods. Their breaths create hurricanes, their foot steps changes the very terrain, and mountains are their thrones. One of Earth's first guardians, that is until the gods drove them away.
~ Lady

Giants are often depicted as humanoid creatures of abnormal size, at times hundreds of feet tall, and unlike the monstrous ogre, a Giant tended to be depicted as very much a normal human, albeit greatly magnified.


Although not as hideous or dimwitted as ogres, the Giant was seen as cruel and often cannibalistic, for they would lord over some distant domain and often hoarded treasure or other goods and would sometimes attack villages or travelers in their spare time. Also, unlike the almost universally malevolent ogre, the Giant was seen as a being that could choose to be good or evil and a great many Giants aided humanity as well as opposed it.

Much like the ogre, a female giant was known as a Giantess and she was often depicted as strikingly beautiful. In most fairy tales and folklore the Giantess was almost universally peaceful and when malignant was more of a deceiver or trickster than a brute, though exceptions existed.


In some cultures (most notably the Norse) Giants were also seen as embodiment of nature itself and were seen as formidable opponents of the gods (perhaps a throwback to memories of the Titans, a similar race of gigantic beings that warred with the Olympian gods in antiquity).

Nevertheless, Giants have walked the Earth during its primordial age and they roamed the valleys and plains long before people or other creatures set foot there. These giants could reach heights up to the size of mountains and would often be the uneasy allies of the gods that took residence on Earth. Due to being the embodiments of nature they were believed to have been spawned by the Earth itself although the method on how they were created is unknown.

Back then, Giants were the Earth's guardians alongside the gods. It was important that one giant must be sat atop the tallest mountain, which was a long-forgotten peak in the north at all times. On top, they would just sit and stare, being on "watch duty" for anything that might attack the Earth from up above. Young giants mostly served as guardians, and their guard duty could be a millennia-long duty. However, as time passed, space for the giants started to get smaller as humans appeared and built their cities and villages and the relationship between the giants and gods started to grow more strained. The reason why is because the gods yearned for the mortals' worship and grew anxious over the idea that they might instead worship the giants so the gods drove them away. Their current whereabouts unknown, though some thought that the giants jumped as high as they could and floated off into the stars which inspired the fairytale of giants residing in the clouds like in Jack and the Beanstalk.

Types of Giant