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The Garden of Eden

To be honest, there are times where I really miss being in the Garden. It was stupendously beautiful and lush. Filled with life, serenity, and tranquility. A true paradise on Earth.
~ Eve

The Garden of Eden is a paradise that overlapped between the Earth and Heaven created by God and intended as a home for the original humans, Adam and Lilith, declaring them his favorite creations and deserving rulers of this land. The garden also served as a preserve for the most magnificent creatures of God's creation, whether they be flora or fauna.


In this antediluvian paradise, animals felt no urge to feed on flesh, instead living a vegetarian lifestyle and consuming the richest fruits and vegetables in the garden. It is said that any material within the Garden is so pure, completely devoid of sin and is unspoiled, that any weapon forged with it is capable of fatally wounding an entity as powerful as The Beast itself. Furthermore, within the garden exists various species of extinct creatures that can be found nowhere else on earth, still living in a balance and harmony lost to humanity.

Using the imagery of the word qedem, if one were in the Garden of Eden, looking figuratively out toward the front of it, he would see the lesser, physical realm on the outside, just as we here on Earth look out and perceive “the heavens” by looking figuratively back toward Eden from our fallen state, but unable to completely perceive a realm we are no longer physically equipped to perceive.

When Cain left the presence of the Lord he went “land of Nod, on the east of Eden.” In Hebrew Nod means, “wandering, vagabond, drifter, homeless”. This is an apt description for the physical Earth that Adam and Eve fell to after having been living in a state of heavenly pleasure and bliss, being able to perceive and communicate directly with the angels and God whenever they chose.


In the beginning, it was Lilith and Adam who once resided in the Garden with Lilith being Adam's equal due to being created from the same material as him. However, Lilith would grow tired and angry at Adam, refusing to submit to his desires like she is a mere plaything. The archangel Samael took the opportunity to take Lilith for himself, which eventually created the sin of Lust. Because of this, God cast out Lilith and Samael and eventually replaced Lilith with Eve, so humans could continue to reproduce, and his favorite creations could live on. The one rule they had to follow, was that they could not eat from the forbidden fruit.

After the War in Heaven where Lucifer declared war against his father and brethren, and was eventually cast out, Lucifer had Satan, then known as Samael, to prove to God that His favored creations are not as perfect as He so declares on Satan's behalf while also freeing them of God's puppet strings on Lucifer's behalf. Satan and Lilith eventually made their way to the Garden, but not before sneaking past Gadreel's notice thanks to Lucifer, and possessed a snake and owl respectively. Lilith planted the seeds of doubt and determination in Eve, prompting Satan to then corrupt the minds of Adam and Eve, and tricked them into eating the fruit in order to prove to God that they were truly imperfect and that if they were, they would never have listened to him.

Because of this, God had Uriel cast the humans out of the Garden for disobeying Him, before then tasking Uriel to guard the gates of Eden with the Flaming Sword alongside several other Cherubim who stand watch over the borders of the Garden, preventing any of the rebel humans from entering God's temple residence. God also had punished Gadreel by banishing him from Heaven due to letting the Adversary slip past his detection. To this day, mankind has been banished from the Garden, prohibited from entering with angels who guard the entrance to the Garden with flaming swords capable of annihilating all but the most powerful of foes.

Gates of Eden

The Garden of Eden is closed by four gates that are also the four cardinal directions. The Eastern Gate is protected by Uriel whilst the remaining three cardinal gates are protected by powerful Cherubim. Since the Garden of Eden appears to be a spiritual realm of existence, the borders must therefore be metaphorical.

The East symbolizes the spiritual portion of man and is the border between the physical and spiritual realm. Humans will be merged, according to God’s promise, 5,500 years (the exact calendar measurement of ‘year’ is not defined) after the fall, at which point One would come to save Adam and his seed; those who have been washed in the waters of the Northern Border (blood of Christ) will be reacquainted with their former spiritual sensory apparatus and be able once again to commune and perceive God and the angels directly after they cross back into Eden, presumably at the point of death of their physical body.

The Southern and Western borders are indicative and symbolize those elements that are required for life to exist in the physical realm—water and fertile earth/food. The four gates and what they symbolize and hold are described as follows:

Eastern Border

Whatever the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil was (the Gnostic writings claim it is symbolic of the sexual orgasm—a pleasurable and voluptuous feeling that took them out of the natural, pleasure and voluptuous state of Eden as they attempted to create their own pleasure to be “as the gods” knowing everything—the good and evil—about the world), Adam and Eve were subsequently cast out of the Garden to the “east.”

The East of Eden is then the divide between the spiritual realm and physical realm; the former was enjoyed by the original humans along perhaps with a version of the latter, while after the fall, all subsequent humans were only able to perceive and interact in the physical realm alone. As such, it is almost impossible to locate the gate, or the Garden of Eden here on Earth, because it does not exist in the physical realm, actionable to our sensory organs.

Northern Border

Used metaphorically, the Northern border, as described by Adam, is symbolic of a sea of energy that extends on the border of the world eastward (outward toward the front), encompassing the whole world unto the borders of Heaven.

The sea (of energy) on the Northern border was a place where Adam and Eve could be bathed and restored to their former self in order to allow them to be allowed back into the garden.

The Northern Border appears to be an area where the sins of the fallen humans are washed away, making them whole and able to reenter the Garden in their former state. This appears to be a metaphor for the blood of Christ, which was shed many generations after the fall. After being figuratively bathed through Faith in the energy that is in Christ’s blood, all sins are covered and those who accept his grace are able to be readmitted into that former, pleasurable state and condition—also known as “heaven.”

Southern Border

Metaphorically, the southern border of the Garden of Eden is symbolized by liquid water in the physical realm.

Shortly after eating physical food for the first time (in Eden, they did not have digestive organs and no need to eat physical food because they derived their energy from the Tree of Life), Adam and Eve were instructed to go to the bank of a stream on the Southern border of Eden and instructed to drink water because their bodies were now “brutish and requires water to drink.”

Western Border

In addition to liquid water of the Southern border of Eden, Adam and Eve also needed food to eat which was derived from the fertile soils of Earth symbolized by the Western Border of Eden.

Adam was called by God to the westward as far as the “land of dark soil” where wheat, corn and figs were growing. It also appears to be indicative of physical, solid earth since God “made Adam dwell in the western border of the garden, because on that side the earth is very broad” He also describes the Western border as a place where a seed will go from Adam (his progressive generations) that will defile themselves with their sins and ultimately a flood will occur to overwhelm and wipe them all out.