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When they say my name perhaps I will be remembered, not as the one who let the serpent in but as one of the few who helped give Heaven a second chance.
~ Gadreel

Gadreel, also known as Gadriel, the Wall of God and the Silent Sentinel, is listed as one of the chief cadres of the Grigori of fallen angels. He was originally the first angel to guard Eden from any unwelcome guests before Uriel.


Original Guardian

Gadreel was the angel that originally guarded the Garden of Eden before Uriel from hostile forces, until Lucifer managed to trick Gadreel into letting Samael and Lilith in. This ruptured the Garden's stability, triggering a series of events that caused the Fall of Man. As punishment for his failure, Gadreel was kicked out from the Garden of Eden with Uriel taking Gadreel's place as the guardian of Eden.

Due to his failure for preventing the Adversary from entering the Garden of Eden, and being tricked by the Morning Star, Gadreel was shamed and scolded by God and the other angels. In attempt to rectify his mistakes, even though he himself knew it would be impossible to be redeemed for such failure, Gadreel pleaded with God to bestow upon him a new position as recompense for his previously failed duty. God accepted and moved Gadreel to the Watchers, tasked with observing and guiding mankind alongside 200 other Watcher angels.

Fallen Watcher

Unfortunately, Gadreel failed that as well as he was among the Watchers that joined the others in descending unto Earth to teach men forbidden knowledge and fornicate with their daughters. Gadreel had no choice in the matter either as the Watchers all took an oath that bound them together, meaning that if one of them commits a sin then they will all be a part of it. Being one of the corrupt Watchers, Gadreel is said to have been responsible for teaching man warfare. This contradicts the first section of Enoch, which claims that Azazel was responsible for doing this.

Gadreel was mentioned as the third of five "Satans" who led other angels into copulating with humans, leading to the creation of the giant-like Nephilim. The others were called Asbeel ("deserter from God"), Penemue ("the inside"), and Tamiel ("covered hand"). Nevertheless, because of Gadreel's actions alongside the other Watchers, he was banished from Heaven and thrown into Sheol for eternity.