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Michael's around fighting demons and vanquishing evil. Raphael heals the sick, the wounded, and the dying. Uriel guides the souls of the departed with her light. And Lucifer? Well...I'm sure you already know. But me? I'm top-tier when it comes to my line of work. Descending from the Heavens to pass forth messages from my Father to the "chosen ones" as He so puts it. Being God's messenger has its perks I'll admit. But I could've done without the humans screaming half of the time when I presented myself. Part of the reason why I took Zachariah's voice away, too. As for taking breaks on Earth? Let's just say I don't like paperwork.
~ Gabriel

Gabriel is a mighty archangel and a high-ranking messenger angel, quite possibly the highest of them all. His name means "God is my Strength" and is known to be the left hand of God and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, in contrast to Michael who is the right hand of God. Gabriel is the third oldest of the five archangels.


Gabriel's main function in Daniel is that of revealer, a role he continues in later literature. In the Book of Ezekiel, Gabriel is understood to be the angel that was sent to destroy Jerusalem. Gabriel takes the form of a man, and stands at the left hand of God. Alongside archangel Michael, Gabriel is described as the guardian angel of Israel, defending this people against the angels of the other nations

Gabriel is also tasked with overseeing which soul is allowed entry to Heaven or Hell although while that duty is performed by other angels, even by Michael who scales the weight of the soul depending on its virtue or vice, this particular task is more attributed to Gabriel himself.

By Muslims, he is especially noted for revealing the Qur'an to Muhammad and for being the messenger that tells prophets of their obligations. In Islam, Gabriel is the highest-ranking angel, while Raphael is the second. He is also called the Holy Spirit in Islam.



Gabriel was created after Lucifer and Michael making him the third oldest of the archangels. He was present during the battle between his Father and Azathoth and aided his siblings in their own battles against the Ogdru Jahad. After successfully defeating the Ogdru Jahad, Gabriel and his siblings went on to stabilize the newly created universe before helping further in its creation. According to Gabriel, he would impose form and matter on the words as they cool.

As time went on, Gabriel become something of a medium between the mythical deities and angels. He would often, under his Mother's guidance, help direct the second-generation deities to their tasks when it came to imposing a firm embodiment of a concept, element, emotion and so forth and would make sure that there were no conflicts of any sorts between the gods and the angels since both sides were not exactly all that pleased on having their soon-to-be worships intermingling.

War in Heaven

In the war in Heaven, Gabriel was amongst the leading forces of the Heavenly Host against Lucifer's rebellious faction. During the war, he attempted to persuade his brother from going any further into the Empyrean to confront God and pleaded for him to stop, but seeing Lucifer's unwavering resolve, he was prepared to fight him only to find himself engaged against Beelzebub and soon Mammon himself. After a long battle, Gabriel emerged triumphant against the two former angels, but was in shock to see the fight between Lucifer and Michael escalate to enormous proportions.

After the establishment of Hell and the major shift in the fundamental nature of existence, Gabriel's work truly began. Gabriel himself states that he had one of the more exhausting tasks in Heaven. He was one of the main ones in charge of the ‘bureaucracy’ in Heaven. The paperwork he oversees decides where certain souls go, records on Heaven’s departments and branches, also manages the creation of souls and so forth. He comically remarks that his position is akin to the "post-office" of Earth. At some point in time after the fall of man, and their developing society across the Earth, it was Gabriel who proposed that Rahab would be the one to act as a defender and mentor to the people of Hyperborea as he understood that Rahab had a deep love for them. While Azrael added that since he is his subordinate he could also be their guide to the afterlife. Both Azrael and Gabriel's proposition were accepted by Michael and the Divine Council.

Unfortunately, during the twilight age of Hyperborea, Gabriel was the archangel who descended from Heaven with his host to subdue Rahab. Rahab tore into the continent of Hyperborea, flooding massive sections of the land and even tore a chunk of the continent off in sheer anger as he sensing the darkness of the Adversary and would not allow it to fall under his hands and be seduced by his forked tongue nor the perverted touch by Yhoundeh. While fighting ferociously, he could not overcome the might of Gabriel. Instead of slaying him, Gabriel pitied the angel, so instead as punishment, he would be imprisoned in his own domain with the creatures he once swore to protect. From there, Gabriel ordered his host to slaughter the surrounding Kraken that were feeding upon the Hyperboreans who attempted to escape through the seas, as he subdued Rahab himself. Afterward, he would use the corpses of the slain Kraken to bind the now fallen angel to the depths of the ocean, crafting chains from their very entrails.

Slayer of the Nephilim

After seeing the devastation caused by the Nephilim from the actions of the Watchers, Gabriel was tasked by God to destroy the Nephilim. He does this by turning the Nephilim against one another, leading the bastard spawns of the Watchers to slaughter each other, rather than to have his hands be covered in blood. It might be through this that Gabriel refrained from bloodshed entirely due to wanting to maintain his image as a messenger as he simply tells the Nephilim to destroy each other.

After the flood and subsiding, God repaired the air and conjured a rainbow as a promise to never again destroy the Earth. During his time on Earth, Gabriel and several other angels aided the gods in repairing their temples after their destruction from the flood. At some point much later on, he had a relationship with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, although due to Gabriel's heavily occupied schedule they had little time together and their relationship was on and off. Regardless, they harbored great feelings for each other.

Book of Daniel

Gabriel appears to Daniel in a bizarre dream, with Daniel being deathly afraid of the heavenly messenger due to his appearance. Gabriel helped him up so that he could explain to him the vision regarding the goat and the ram. He explains that a fearsome and terrible king will arise, causing astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy the Jerusalem, make deceit prosper, and will consider himself godly. He will then soon take his stand against what Gabriel calls "The Prince of Princes" only to be destroyed in the end.

When Daniel was praying and pleading to God to not destroy the people of Jerusalem and the city despite the sin and shame they have committed, Gabriel returns to Daniel, saying to him that he will give him insight and understanding, telling him that due to being highly esteemed his prayer is answered. Gabriel goes on to explain about these seventy years, and gives him details about the End Times and the suffering that will be caused in-between, all which lead to a virtuous eventuality. At some point later, Gabriel supposedly appeared before Daniel again but this time in a form which Daniel describes as a "man in linen" telling him about the fate of Israel and that his delay was due to his confrontation with the "Prince of Persia" until Michael arrived.

Book of Ezekiel

Gabriel appears in a form that the bible once again describes as the "man in linen", being tasked by God to go through the land of Israel and mark upon the foreheads of those who will be spared from His judgement due to the fact that the people of Jerusalem have lost their way, becoming sinners, adulterers, and worship false idols. Gabriel is present with six other individuals, revealed to be Destroyer Angels, who follow him into the city to kill anyone, whether it be the old, the young, man, woman, or even child, that does not have the mark written on their forehead.

Due to this, Gabriel is often seen as a key facilitator of the destruction of Israel for he is the one marking the Israelites, in effect, deciding which ones live and which ones die although of course God had already decreed which ones were to be marked and Gabriel was following God's instructions. However, it is still unknown if this man in linen truly was Gabriel since Gabriel is meant to protect Israel, although on another point while Gabriel does have the people's best interest at heart his protection is only available as long as God decrees it. Gabriel describes this part of his life as one of his more "darker" moments since he was sullen, miserable, and bitter due to Lucifer's imprisonment and his Mother's leave of absence.

The Annunciator

In the Book of Luke, Gabriel predicts the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, and appears before the priest Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth. Gabriel presents himself before Zachariah when the priest was burning incense in the temple of God, startled and gripped with fear from Gabriel's overwhelming presence only for Gabriel to assure him to not be afraid. Gabriel tells Zechariah that his wife will bear him a son and that he is to call him "John", further saying that he will be a joy and a delight and will be highly recognized in the sight of God as he will bring back the people of Israel back in God's arms.

Zechariah, of course, could hardly believe what he was hearing leading him to question Gabriel, asking him how he could be sure of such a thing since he and his wife are so old they are far beyond the years of conceiving a child. Gabriel was annoyed by this and took Zachariah's voice away, returning it until his predictions come to pass, due to being a messenger of God and does not tolerate those who question a message from his Father.

Gabriel's more famous appearance was when descended to Nazareth, appearing before the Virgin Mary and frightening the poor woman because of his presence. Gabriel comforts her and tells her that she will give birth to a son and he will be called Jesus, going on to say that he will in fact become the "Son of God" and reign over the descendants of Jacob for all eternity. Though Mary was baffled by this since she was a virgin, but Gabriel explains to her that the Holy Spirit will enter her womb and form the child inside her.

Aiding the Dark Knight

After the defeat of the Seven Kings of Hell and the destruction of their forces, it is said that Sparda received aid from Gabriel where the banishment consisted of conjuring a powerful binding spell that tied the princes' to their respective circles and prevent them from going any further near the physical world. Gabriel only gave directions to Sparda discreetly with Sparda never knowing about Gabriel's true identity. The archangel took an interest in the Dark Knight and observed him from a distance throughout the centuries. During certain occasions, Gabriel would appear before Sparda and his friends as a random citizen, offering them pieces of wisdom or ways that would help them overcome a growing threat. Gabriel's interest in the demon led to him watching over his next of kin and that being the sons of Sparda.

However, he did not step in to aid Eva when she was murdered by Mundus' forces as this event would carve the fated journey that Dante and Vergil would embark and all of which would eventually lead to the Apocalypse. Gabriel kept an eye on Dante disguised as a regular bartender in Dante's favorite restaurant where they make his preferred pizza. It is implied that it was Gabriel who ordered Immanuel to rescue Vergil from Hell, Vergil's repeated failures of attempting to escape the Demon World only changed when Immanuel guided him unseen though some of the denizens of the Inferno had their suspicions. When Vergil reunited with Dante, he continued to observe them closely, only revealing himself to them and their allies when Immanuel made his presence first known to the sons of Sparda, warning them of the coming Apocalypse. Gabriel knew that Vergil was the first seal broken which would result in Lucifer's eventual rise, but he also knew that by saving and reuniting him with Dante they are the only hope of stopping Lucifer and Satan.


Out of all the angels, Gabriel deeply loves the humans and spends the majority of his time living among them. However, after the fall of Lucifer and the absence of God, Gabriel made his residence on Earth seemingly permanent. He will, silently, protect the humans he walks amongst whenever they are threatened. But while Gabriel loves humans, he will put them in their place if they disrespect him or act arrogant.

In human form he is laid-back, jovial, humble, and an eccentric. However, he shows a deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation warrants it, and unlike his brothers, Gabriel is actually sarcastic and humorous when he needs to be, making him the most 'human' of the angels. Despite taking a residence on Earth, he still follows his Father's commands when given. Unlike most angels, Gabriel is also capable of displaying romantic love, with none being more evident than his relationship with Athena.

When it comes to his job of being the messenger of God, Gabriel takes this role very seriously to the point where he will take away one's voice if they do not listen to the message he brings. He is also quite protective of his family as he furiously silenced Keith when the latter insulted his two brothers, that being Michael and Lucifer. Gabriel is aware of how dysfunctional his family is and engaged in many attempts to amend their broken links, but seeing that it was in vain Gabriel simply left Heaven and resided on Earth though still committed to his task and hoping his family would one day make amends become whole again.

Powers and Abilities

As the third oldest of the archangels, Gabriel is one of the most powerful beings in existence. He is third in power below Michael and Lucifer and is above the likes of Raphael and Uriel whom are both noted to be quite powerful in their own right. Gabriel's power and combat prowess was first shown when he engaged in battle against Beelzebub himself, who was second-in-command of Lucifer's rebel army, and then Mammon which resulted in Gabriel defeating them both. During his stay on Earth, Gabriel walked amongst the humans and other supernatural beings undetected for many years, with even individuals like the sons of Sparda, the werewolves, and others completely unaware of his true identity despite their highly advanced senses and perception.

Another testament to his power was when he slaughtered the entirety of the Nephilim race although he did not physically fight them but instead instigated their lust for wanton carnage and bloodshed by having them murder each other, however, Gabriel implies that he could have easily killed them himself despite their great and fearsome power but did not wish to stain his hands with their blood. Gabriel also destroyed Ronny Schiatto, a Complete Homunculus that held sway over the fabric of space and time, with a casual touch. Much later on in the modern age, Gabriel confronted Lucifer during the Apocalypse and engaged in fierce combat against his fallen brother. Gabriel was shown to hold out quite well against Lucifer despite the latter being more powerful than him with Lucifer even showing small signs of struggle though Gabriel was defeated in the end.

During the Grigori Invasion, Gabriel fought and bested three of the fallen Watchers, moreover some of the Watchers expressed doubt at the thought of defeating Gabriel which is an implication of how greater the archangel's power is compared to them. Later, when the Scarlet King was freed and rampaged across creation towards the Tree of Life, Gabriel joined his siblings in the fight against the fallen Sentinel. Gabriel was able to land several mighty strikes against the Scarlet King before being overwhelmed.