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Furfur, also known as Furtur or Ferthur, is the 34th spirit of the Ars Goetia and a great and mighty Earl of Hell (or a powerful Count).


Furfur rules over 26 legions of infernal spirits and his seal must be worn when he is summoned. Even without the proper usage of materials and ritual, Furfur answers to his children, and further aids their livelihoods with answers and promises which are both communicated through direct thoughts within the mind, it is a trade. A single known cult for his praising is known, though his worship and learning is considered private, and entwined to single persons.


He appears in the form of a deer or hart with a fiery tail. He will always lie to the summoner unless he is compelled into a summoning triangle. Once he is forced into the triangle, he takes the form of an angel, and he speaks in a rough and hoarse voice.

Collin de Plancy has shown Furfur as a monster with the hindquarters and head of a hart, but the breast and arms of a man, and bat-like wings that carry him through the air. The wings may be intended to suggest his angelic form.

Powers and Abilities

He can force the love between man and wife and is also capable of raising violent storms, with tempest, thunder, lightning, and mighty blasts of wind. If the summoner wishes, he will also teach of secrets and divine things. Mathers broadened this Demon's love making abilities to read “he will wittingly urge Love between Man and Woman”. The intention of the original text was to indicate that this Demon enables and encourages lawful loving relations within the bounds of marriage. There is no indication that he is to be used to promote sexual pleasure outside of marriage – the use of the term “wife” is quite specific.

His teachings consist of truths, as when presented with, brings answers and allows for wishes in trade of heart (happiness). Ritualistic depictions present in a triangle form, a pattern of circles and lines.