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A pomegranate as the forbidden fruit.

The Forbidden Fruit, often envisioned as an apple or a pomegranate, was a divine fruit that became a tool of evil that lead to the downfall of humanity


The divine fruit was used when the Serpent successfully tempted Eve into eating it, which was a grave sin as the Forbidden Fruit, true to its name, was the sole fruit in all of Eden that God forbade humanity from eating. Eve in turn tempted Adam into trying the Forbidden Fruit and at once the two of them became aware of their nakedness and tried to hide themselves out of shame, when God arrived to visit them they became afraid and tried to hide.

However, God found them and thus, this began the event known as the Fall of Man. It is said the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that bore the Forbidden Fruit still exists in the Garden of Eden, but God tasked a powerful angel known as Uriel to guard the gates of Eden so that no mortal may enter it, as was part of his punishment for Adam and Eve's transgression. The Forbidden Fruit is since then become a task to the corrupt for them to acquire and harness, as they believe that by eating the fruit, it will not only give them everlasting life, but divine power as well.


Despite the fruit being identified as an apple by Westerners, it is unknown what the fruit actually is. Which fruit may have been the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden, possibilities include apple, grape, pomegranate, fig, carob, etrog or citron, pear, and mushrooms.

Proponents of the theory that the Garden of Eden was located somewhere in what is now known as the Middle East suggest that the fruit was actually a pomegranate, a plant indigenous from Iran to the Himalayas and cultivated since ancient times. The association of the pomegranate with knowledge of the underworld as provided in the Ancient Greek legend of Persephone may also have given rise to an association with knowledge of the otherworld, tying-in with knowledge that is forbidden to mortals.