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I'm Eve. As in the Eve from the story of Adam and Eve. The first woman or as my descendants like to call me the "Original Sinner". Which is funny, really. I never imagined being able to think for yourself would be considered a sin. Don't take this as me being thankful to Lucifer for having me damn my descendants. The Garden and the equal share of creation was amazing but it's just that after the apple incident...things are more clear now. You'll understand what I mean, someday.
~ Eve

Eve is the first woman created by God. According to the second chapter of Genesis, Eve was created by God (Yahweh) by taking her from the rib of Adam, to be Adam's companion since her predecessor Lilith would not comply to Adam's requests and left him.


She is often widely regarded as the "Woman of Sin" for succumbing the Devil's temptation in the form of a serpent into eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. She shares the fruit with Adam, and as a result the first humans are expelled from the Garden of Eden.


Eve is an indescribably beautiful woman, with Adam saying that her beauty alone could never once be ever replicated by another human female. Eve was quite tall, with a voluptuous and curvaceous figure, being well-endowed. She had fair ivory skin, which in the beginning, alongside Adam, was said to be as radiant as the sun, full lips, and had forest green eyes.

Her hair reached all the way past her rear, with its color being a vibrant reddish orange (other accounts has it being a radiant gold) and being slightly unkempt. Moreover, due to her connection with the plants and vegetation of the Earth, Eve's hair would have several flowers sprouting from different sections of her hair. She was also said to sport a "crown of leaves" with their shadings varying from dark to bright green in the center.

After her expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Eve lost her radiance but not her beauty. Her skin darkened considerably and her eyes became a darker shade of green. She also no longer sports flowers in various sections of her hair. She also wore pieces of animal skin that would protect her from the harsh environment of the youthful Earth.



Eve was created shortly after Lilith and an unnamed woman after her due to the former not wanting to submit to Adam during sexual intercourse. She was crafted from Adam's rib and was given to him as a replacement for Lilith. It is also said that God created other additional females for Adam in the form of Naamah, Agrat Bat Mahlat, and Eisheth Zenunim in case he rejected Eve. Adam, however, proposed to all of them but Eve was the only one who accepted whilst the other three left them.

Unlike Lilith, Eve was submissive to Adam, though only to some degree, but she did share the same privileges where they could freely roam the Garden of Eden and eat from the Tree of Life thereby gaining divine power, authority and immortality. Adam was then tasked with naming every single animal in the Garden, down to the last organism and Eve was tasked with naming every plant.

Eve is shown to be the more intelligent of the two and like Lilith would find Adam to be stuffy and overbearing, wanting to spend more time learning about herself and all that is around her than to just be wholly submissive to Adam. Because of this, she convinces Adam to separate from one another for a time to work on different parts of the Garden. During their moments of separation, Eve would engage in meaningful conversations with the celestial beings that stood watch over the Garden of Eden, with more notable ones like Raziel and Raphael.

Temptation of Eve

Adam and Eve's interactions with one another were also said to be mimicked by the animals that resided within the Garden though the animals implemented these interactions using their own methods. Among them was when Adam and Eve first kissed and a pair of lions, specifically a lion and lioness, mimicked this form of courtship by rubbing their faces tenderly against one another. At the time, Adam and Eve were unaware of the War in Heaven occurring above them which to them was only seen as a fierce and powerful thunderstorm although it certainly disturbed them. It was not long until they also witnessed a seemingly endless shower of "falling stars" shooting across the skies of Eden.

Much later on, Eve took some time off from Adam after another disagreement and rested beneath a tree, but during that time, Eve was unaware that she was being observed by an owl, revealed to be Lilith in disguise, and upon approaching the owl, she discovered it was capable of speech. Taken aback by this at first she found herself having a rather friendly and light-hearted conversation with owl, talking about Adam's suffocating presence and the nature of how things operate in this newly born world. During the conversation, Lilith was intrigued by Eve's thirst for knowledge, specifically the knowledge of the self, and persuaded Eve to sate her curiosity by actively searching for answers independently rather than rely on the celestials for they would only give her answers with hidden meanings than straightforward ones.

Enlightened by this, Eve is then told by Lilith to go to where her curiosity first peaked, and that is where Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is stationed. There, she finds the Serpent, unaware of its possession by Satan, who continues to seduce her curiosity by telling her that if the fruit from the tree would be able to give him the power of speech and thought, then what would it grant for the likes of God's perfect creations. At first she was torn between disobeying God and desiring to learn more, but the Serpent directly disputes God's command. She relented and ate from the fruit, then shared the fruit to Adam.

Divine Transgression

However, upon eating the fruit, Adam and Eve became self-aware and were flooded with emotions and thoughts, the first of which was lust only to be ashamed and cover themselves upon discovering that they were naked. Eve and Adam hid from God in fear, only for the Almighty to find them and interrogate them. Adam pointed towards Eve as the culprit, God then challenges the woman to explain herself, who blames the serpent. In response, God cursed the serpent crawl on its belly, so losing its limbs.

Divine pronouncement of three judgments are then laid against all culprits. A judgement oracle and the nature of the crime is first laid upon the serpent, then Eve, and finally Adam. After the serpent is cursed by God, the woman receives a penalty that impacts two primary roles: childbearing and her subservient relationship to her husband. Adam's penalty thus follows. Both begged for forgiveness, which was given to them. However, for her share in the transgression, Eve, and womankind after her, is sentenced to a life of sorrow and travail in childbirth, and to be under the power of her husband.

Cain and Abel

At some point during the years of mortality, Eve came across the fallen angel Samael, now known as Satan, who was posing as an angel that was observing her and Adam during their frail mortality on Earth. She could not find comfort in Adam and despite her attempts no comfort in herself, either. Satan, despite his views, provided her with foreign comfort, not of flesh but that which transcends it. They took this time to share what they both went through, which soon resulted in the two eloping together and Eve becoming pregnant with Cain in the process.

Satan, posing as an angel, seducing Eve

While it is unknown what sort of relationship Eve and Satan had, it is implied that Eve possessed a calming influence over Satan, so much so that Eve herself stated that she witnessed "the burning fire" slowly fade from his eyes implying that he had grown quite fond of her. Eve further states that she honestly felt quite badly for him but at the same time underneath it all there was this "strength" and "magnetism" that attracted her to him resulting in their sexual relation. Abel was then conceived by Adam soon after. Cain grew up to be a tiller of the ground, and Abel a keeper of sheep. But because of Cain's jealousy and his heritage of being the son of Satan, he murdered Abel in a rage. After the death of Abel, Eve gave birth to a third son, Seth, from whom Noah, and thus the whole of modern humanity, is descended. Although after Seth, Adam and Eve separated from each other for a 130 years.

It is also said that the angel Raziel had attempted to aid them in repenting for the sins. Seeing their fallen state, Raziel took pity on the mortals and purportedly gave his book to Adam and Eve so the two could find their way back "home" and better understand their God. Raziel's fellow angels were deeply disturbed by this, and thus stole the book from Adam and threw it into the ocean. God Himself decided not to punish Raziel, but instead retrieved the book by means of the angel Rahab and returned it to Adam and Eve.

Eve had sons and daughters beyond just Cain, Abel, and Seth. Furthermore, possibly as a result of eating the Forbidden Fruit, Eve was cursed with immortality and thus was forced to wander the Earth and never aging, it is unknown where she resides now, but if legend has it, her current whereabouts are in South America. Moreover, Eve reveals that she never got back together with Adam after their separation as she had the sense that whenever she was around Adam only the worst happens, her children on the other hand are only the best gifts she received during those years, including Cain himself.


Almost immediately after she was created, Eve has been shown to be extremely curious and fascinated by all that she sees. In fact, at one point, upon seeing her own reflection she was completely entranced and astonished by her own beauty, however, this should be not be confused for vanity as this was simply Eve's exposition to her own self. Eve's curiosity could be counted as naivety and innocence, and while she would spend time with Adam and be subservient to him, she would take the opportunity of her free time to explore and learn.

Aside from her beauty, Eve is gentle, kind, friendly, and jovial. She had a calming influence and very approachable demeanor, which is one of the reasons why even Satan himself was taken aback by her characteristics, eventually leading to the two eloping together. She is not unintelligent, but she is not ambitious to learn, content to be guided by Adam as God intended. Although, her time spent in the Garden was not enough for her to learn of everything. Moreover, Eve also found Adam's presence to be suffocating, a feeling shared by her predecessor and sister, Lilith, though she tolerates him to some degree. Throughout her time in the Garden of Eden, Eve craves knowledge and desires to know more, interestingly, she seems to display a preference of what she wishes to learn about as at one point she walked away from Adam and Raphael whilst the archangel was in the midst of answering their questions about the nature of the universe.

Unfortunately, her naivety and curiosity would lead to her eventual downfall, as she experienced during her conversation with Lilith, who was disguised as an owl, planting the seeds of possible outcomes to what would occur should she attempt something she was specifically told not to do. This culminated in Satan, who was disguised as a Serpent, playing on and tempting these thoughts implanted by Lilith, resulting her in disobeying God alongside Adam. Upon eating the Forbidden Fruit, Eve was able to think for herself and understand the differences between right and wrong, among them was shame upon realizing that she was naked and hid herself from God with Adam.

After being cast out of the Garden and living out her life as a mortal, Eve was hardened, guilt-ridden, and mostly miserable from living upon the harsh lands of the Antediluvian Earth though she found solace, comfort, and love with her children. However, that also came to an end when Cain killed Abel, causing her and Adam to separate from each other for 130 years. Since then, due being immortal from eating the fruit, Eve had to endure watching her descendants fall into sin and evil for countless years. According to Eve, for a time she held onto the hope of her descendants learning to live amongst each other in peace but that was shattered from the realization that they will never change. She instead lives out the rest of her life caring for orphaned children, owning nursing homes and orphanages, which is a safe haven for her as she prefers to be around innocence than the evils that exist outside.