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Lots of kids dream about being princesses or presidents. But few dream of being Gods. And the people who do dream of being gods aren't usually the kind of people you want to be stuck worshiping. I've tried to talk to other gods. They can be kinda unfriendly. Or weird. So, I've been muddling along on my own since Lucifer left. Trying to be a new kind of God. No commandments. No sacrifices. No fires. No floods. Just a lot of hand-wringing.
~ Elaine Belloc

Elaine Belloc is a Nephilim, the offspring of an angel and human. However, it is revealed that Elaine is the daughter of the Archangel Michael and a human woman known as Ursula Belloc.

It is prophesied that after the Final Conflict, Elaine becomes the new Supreme Being over existence alongside Calvin, gaining the sum total of Asherah's power and being with Calvin attaining God's, and presides over a Universe they remade.


Elaine usually appears as a girl with short brown hair that reaches past her ears with fair olive skin and a somewhat slender figure. Her eyes were noted to be a brilliant shade of blue but when using her powers they became a radiant white. She wore an assortment of clothing usually ranging to hoodies, sweatshirts, or denim strap dress. When she would use her powers, her normally short hair would elongate and flow upward in an ethereal manner, her skin would also glow a bright shade of yellow, and her voice echoed.


Elaine is the child of Michael and Ursula Belloc, a homeroom teacher in Colorado. Elaine is believed to be the first Nephilim that is sired by an Archangel as well as being the most powerful Nephilim in creation alongside Calvin Bloom, the son of Lucifer.

In the beginning Elaine seemed to be another character with the ability to see and speak to the dead when in fact she is so much more. It is only when she meets up with Lucifer and the Sons of Sparda that she learns of her true origins; being the daughter of Michael. After she was born, Elaine was taken and is currently under the care of the Devil May Cry organization, and in the span of a few days she quickly grew into a thirteen or fourteen year old girl, likely due to her status as a Nephilim and strengthened by her heritage as the child of an Archangel.

Elaine, unfortunately, is currently being hunted and pursued by many malevolent and powerful beings such as demons, monsters, and even entities that are associated with the Ogdru Hem and Ogdru Jahad. The only reason being is that she would either be used as a weapon or must be exterminated due to the threat she poses. The angels themselves are attempting to seize Elaine but mainly for protection knowing how powerful she is and as well as knowing how much of a threat she will be should she be placed in the wrong hands. Her power is so great she was able to gain the immediate attention of Nyarlathotep, a being so powerful that even the combined might of the five archangels was not enough to defeat him.


Elaine was a kind soul and arguably a sensitive one as well; Trish noted that she was far more perceptive than many children her age, able to read people better than most adults. Nico noted that Elaine had a "stout heart", and despite being naïve to most things, she was not indifferent to the suffering of others, often being valiant which reminded Gabriel of her father. However, due to her many exposures towards the supernatural as well as witnessing many people whom she considered friends dying to protect her, Elaine became more distant, moody, and somewhat grim.

Like her mother, Elaine tended to see the good in people and be hopeful. She was also a very fast learner, being able to identify the weaknesses of demons and certain monsters. She initially loved travelling and seeing the world, but as the world became more dangerous, it lost its allure. In part because of this, she had aspirations to open her own inn one day. She also had a good relationship with her father though she has never met her mother. She also deeply cares for her caretakers in the Devil May Cry agency, going so far as to admit that the Sons of Sparda and their spouses are her 'real' parents.

Powers and Abilities

As a Nephilim, Elaine is one of the most powerful beings in creation; however as the daughter of a human and an Archangel, Michael himself, Elaine's power far exceeds that of any Nephilim. It has been stated numerous times that Elaine possesses unimaginable power and according to her father, her power could very well exceed his own.

Mephistopheles claimed that the child could destroy the whole universe and Gabriel even stated that Elaine could do “almost anything”. Her power is so potent that Lucifer, who has been in the presence of God, Azathoth, and Michael, initially mistook Elaine for God when sensing her power. He states that she is similar to Michael yet drastically different, but at the same time still very powerful. Lucifer also comments that in comparison to his own children, Elaine is more powerful than they are while adding that Calvin, his Nephilim son, is perhaps the only other entity who is equal to her.