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Alucard is, without the shadow of a doubt, the strongest and greatest of us all. Once he was a human, but he was unlike any human you would know. He was said to be one of, if not the, most cruel and barbaric humans that ever existed. So much so, that he wasn't even regarded as such in that category. When he became a vampire, he is now something much, much worse. He could destroy the world if he desired, and plunge everything into darkness and evil. You'd never know, and that's what makes him terrifying.
~ Helena Sinclair

Dracula, formerly known as Vlad III Tepes, also known as Vladislav III, Vlad Dracula or Vlad the Impaler, and currently known as Alucard, was a noble born in Wallachia of Transylvania now the most powerful weapon of the Hellsing Organization, founded by Abraham Van Helsing, and the greatest of all vampires on Earth. He regarded as the most powerful vampire ever conceived and is even lorded as the King of Vampires.


During his time as Vlad Tepes, his father was called "Dracul," meaning "dragon" or "devil" in Romanian because he belonged to the Order of the Dragon, which fought the Muslim Ottoman Empire. In the 21st century, he currently works as the most powerful agent for the Hellsing Organization, founded by Abraham Van Helsing after he defeated the mighty vampire king.

"Dracula" means "Son of Dracul" in Romanian. Therefore young Vlad was "son of the dragon" or Son of the Devil. Scholars believe this was the beginning of the legend that Dracula was a Vampire. Vlad lived in a time of constant war. Transylvania was at the frontier of two great empires: the Ottoman Turks and the Austrian Hapsburgs. Treachery, vindictiveness, and revenge ruled the day, as young Vlad soon discovered.


Slaughter for the Throne

Vlad was imprisoned, first by the Turks, who hauled him away in chains, and later by the Hungarians. Vlad's father was murdered, while his older brother, Mircea, was blinded with red-hot iron stakes and buried alive.

Until his death, Vlad ruled Wallachia and Transylvania, both part of Romania today. Twice he lost and reclaimed his throne, once by fighting his own brother, Radu. Although the Vatican once praised him for defending Christianity, it disapproved of his methods, which soon became infamous. Vlad's favorite method of torture was to impale people and leave them to writhe in agony, often for days. As a warning to others, the bodies would remain on rods as vultures and blackbirds nibbled the rotting flesh.

A Devil on Earth

Dracula was also known for slaughtering his own people simply to avoid war. When the Ottoman army attempted to invade Wallachia in the early 15th century, they encountered several thousand impaled and rotting corpses staked on the banks of the Danube River. Historical records state that the Ottoman emperor saw his forces return shortly after, many of them sobbing and ranting that whoever had slaughtered all those people had to be the Devil.

During one battle, Vlad retreated into nearby mountains, impaling people as he went. The Turkish advance was halted because the sultan could not bear the stench from the decaying corpses and the sultan was none other than Mehmed II who is known for his use of psychological warfare. Another time, Vlad was said to have eaten a meal on a table set up outside amidst hundreds of impaled victims. On occasion he was also reported to have eaten bread dipped in blood.

Birth of Dracula

Unfortunately for Vlad, however, his reign came to an end when he was captured by the Turks and was to be executed accordingly. He was eventually killed fighting the Turks near Bucharest, Romania. As he prepared for his impending death, Vlad internally prayed to an external force to save him from death and someone answered.

Vlad entered a state of Limbo as he peered into the pool of blood beneath him and materalizing before him was Satan himself. The Devil was impressed by his sheer bloodlust and ferocity but was also intrigued by his religious views as Vlad believed that if they continue to constantly kill in the name of God then He would finally present Himself before His flock as He would no longer be tolerant over the blood being spilled unto the lands. Satan then offered to make a deal with him, gifting him extraordinary power to destroy those who wronged him and to use it to establish himself as his own God since the Abrahamic God did not appear when Vlad called out to Him in exchange for his soul.

Vlad accepted and gained immense demonic power by drinking the Devil's blood just as he was executed by beheading. After his beheading his corpse and head was displayed in Constantinople, however, despite his demise, the Impaler was able to avoid his fate, escaping through Limbo and thus in the process, became the historical Dracula. As Dracula, he is widely known as the King of all Vampires, and the most powerful vampire of all time. No vampire in history is able to match his brutality and power, and rightly so. He then later turned the members of the Order of the Dragon into powerful vampires such as himself and became the ruling body of vampire society.

Conflicts with the Belmonts

The Vampire King had been invading European countries one by one with his army of monsters. He did this out of revenge as his wife and son were executed by those of Christian faith; later revealed to be a ploy created by Absalom, the Blood God, who wanted to use Dracula as a vessel to ensnare the world. Sonia Belmont found her grandfather, mortally wounded. Her grandfather told her that it was time for her power to be unleashed. Sonia took her grandfather's whip as a memento in her hand, setting out to Dracula's Castle. Sonia traveled across the Transylvanian countryside to the No-Life King's castle, destroyed Dracula's minions, but unfortunately was unable to truly defeat Dracula though he needed to retreat from being mortally wounded.

The Belmonts showed great power and this led to the people of Wallachia fearing them. Due to this, they were banished and lived away from civilization for a long time, until 1476 when Dracula waged war upon humanity. At this time, no other person, man or woman, was able to stand up against Dracula's forces. The Church was left with no choice but to find a Belmont, which proved to be a difficult task as they could not find one anywhere in Wallachia. Their search gave results, however, when they found a youth who went by the name of Trevor Belmont.

Hunter, Knight, and a Speaker

Dracula continued his raid on Europe, having his generals and their own armies seize many cities and towns while also harvesting their blood but mainly for Dracula's own personal interests. His soldiers believed that Dracula was hoarding all the blood for himself when in reality he was being manipulated by Absalom to use the blood and the slaughters of these villages to revive Absalom.

It was not until that Dracula caught wind of three individuals who were standing against him and his goals that he became more desperate, which led to madness under the influence of Absalom taunting him on how he failed his family and people. After raiding Dracula's castle and destroying his top generals and most of his armies, Sparda, Trevor Belmont, and Sypha Belnades confronted the Vampire King himself. However, in the midst of the fight, they discovered that Dracula had been under the influence of the Vampire God, Absalom. Absalom was able to manipulate Dracula into killing thousands of humans and harvesting their blood in order to perform the ritual of bringing Absalom back to the mortal plane.

While they managed to halt the ritual, Absalom forced Dracula to consume the remaining reserves of blood and providing him with more than enough power to defeat the three heroes with a portion of Absalom's power added to his own. After a long and arduous battle, Trevor, Sypha, and Sparda defeated Dracula, and after this display of heroism, the Belmonts were hailed as heroes and allowed to live among people once more alongside Sparda and Sypha's coven. Dracula's whereabouts, however, were unknown as he was believed to have perished after a devastating final attack from Trevor, Sypha, and Sparda.

Agent of Hellsing

Dracula was revealed to have survived the attack and hibernated in a secluded area, replenishing his diminished strength and power. All the while, the Scarlet Brood were making their move into resurrecting Absalom since Dracula failed to do so. Dracula's absence also created a power vacuum as many vampires vied for control over the vampiric society although they also had to deal with the alarming rise of the lycanthropic plague that was spreading through Europe. Dracula had not awoken until he sensed Absalom's near impending return only to be thwarted by the combined efforts of Abraham Van Helsing and Vitali Romanov.

Dracula kept his distance for a while until his activities attracted Van Helsing when he learned of three missing women, whom became his brides, and soon Lucy Westenra's metamorphoses into a vampire. After Lucy's death, Dracula went after Mina Harker, who reminded him of his late wife, and this resulted in Abraham and his compatriots to initiate their grand battle against the vampire king.

While otherworldly powerful, Dracula was shocked to see the tenacity and strength of humans, the very same beings he once regarded as inferior and mindless animals. His defeat at the hands of Abraham Van Helsing had Dracula's view took a drastic shift. With his armies destroyed and his castles in ruin, Dracula was left with nothing and given a humiliating defeat at the hands of an ordinary human. However, rather than executing the Vampire King, Van Helsing instead took pity on the vampire and spared him, but on the condition that he would forever serve Van Helsing and his kin until the end of his days. Dracula accepted and made a blood oath to be in eternal servitude to Van Helsing and his bloodline. He became the Helsing family's ultimate weapon against the forces of darkness under the service of the Hellsing Organization founded by Abraham Van Helsing and now going by the name of Alucard.


Before and after becoming an agent of Hellsing, Alucard fights with ferocity, and often extreme cruelty, rarely shooting to kill until his target has been completely disabled and humiliated. As he is essentially immortal and invulnerable, Alucard is very egotistical. He freely taunts and belittles his opponents, often allowing them to inflict seemingly fatal wounds before healing himself and counterattacking. One of his favorite methods of fighting is to allow himself to be blown to shreds before simply flowing back together.

While intelligent and lordly in stature, Alucard is said to lack a certain charm to him. He has a feral and threatening nature to him that is only accentuated after the loss of his kingdom, people, family, and subjects. Before he would use weapons in combat, he is known to use his own claws and hands like a lion or bear. Despite this, Alucard during his years as Count Dracula was able to sway three women into becoming his vampiric brides and was also able to swoon Mina Harker despite being engaged to Jonathan Harker at the time. Currently as Alucard, he still does possess a certain underlying charm beneath his imposing and threatening nature.

Before he became Hellsing's weapon, Alucard would suffer no insult and delighted in meticulously planning vengeance on those who did so. Using both his supreme power and mind, he would maneuver his prey before surgically striking at his targets. This was demonstrated when forty merchants offended him. He issued a threat which insured the innocent women and children fled and understood the psychology of the merchants, that they would stay in town to protect their gold. He would then kill those forty men and only those forty. Showing the rest of the town mercy but perhaps doing so to make it abundantly clear that his massacre was not random; that was the cost of a transgression against him.

Underneath his arrogance, Alucard is deeply sad and appears to be envious of humans. Alucard also has great respect and admiration for humans who have the willpower to endure old age and death as well as those who cling onto their humanity to defeat a monster because he had none of these qualities when he faced death. This respect and affinity also extends to non-humans like Dante to where the son of Sparda embraces his humanity more than his demonic heritage to aid him in conquering the monsters of the world which fits into his philosophy that only a "human can kill a monster" meaning those who embrace their humanity can defeat one who rejects their humanity. Alucard is also capable of affection, as he shows a great deal of it to Seras and Integra on occasions. He has also shown it to Nezuko Kamado to some extent, stating that the corruption of an innocent soul such as hers is unjust.

In conjunction, Alucard also holds a great affinity for humans who take pride in themselves, often expressing his desire to die by a human/mortal. He often shows respect for certain humans for their bravery, such as the mortal Iscariot members who fought to let Anderson reach him. This affinity also extends to certain characters that would face insurmountable odds with an unwavering resolve, especially if they were humans such as his own master Integra Hellsing and others like Trevor Bruttenholm or Ivan Romanov. Alucard has expressed extreme disgust with the vampires he has been hunting for the last 100 years, especially when they kill without purpose. He does, however, hold some measure of respect towards true vampires like the Sinclair Family and even Hector Van Neck whose only desire was to unite the vampire race under one nation though under destructive means by resurrecting Absalom and using the Blood God's power for himself to execute it. In relation to this, he is not entirely against immortality. Rather, he believes it is something one must earn. Presumably, he views his own transformation as an escape from death and a cowardly action. He happily gave Seras immortality (despite his self-reflection) due to her indomitable will and courage, for continuing to fight against the monsters in Cheddar and not giving up even when she was about to die.

Powers and Abilities

Alucard has all the common powers of a vampire but to the highest degree as well as all of the advanced vampiric powers, cementing him as the most powerful vampire in history, defeating some of the most deadliest and powerful beings on Hell and Earth. During his final battle against Satan during the Apocalypse, and having absorbed the immense power of the Devil, Alucard's power increased tens of folds, possessing an incredibly vast and terrifying quantity of dark powers. Alucard's level of power makes him to be among the most powerful beings on Earth, with only few to rival him. In fact, Alucard's power and status is what made him a successful candidate to replace Absalom and has proven to even overwhelm the mighty Blood God several times during their battle in London. Blitz T. Abrams of Libra proclaims that no "Blood Breed" could ever hope to match him with Satan himself admitting that he is his greatest achievement.

Due to being a Nosferatu and the first of his kind, Alucard can also assume any form he desires. He is capable of shape-shifting into a plague of rats, a swarm of bats and insects, an amorphous darkness, and can even phase through solid objects. He is also capable of assuming other humanly forms, such as when he took the form of a child during World War II when fighting against the Ahnenerbe and the Thule Society. He can use his own blood as a weapon, condensing it to such a degree that he could not only weaponize it as a result but also perform incredible damage to his enemies including other Nosferatu. His most devastating attack, though this was after he drank Satan's blood, is the ability to transform himself into a draconic form composed of smoke and fire.

Perhaps his greatest weapon is his immortality. It is unclear if Alucard is a true immortal, but he is at least biologically immortal, immune to disease and aging. Alucard has suffered all manner of injury to the most extreme degrees, only to reform himself. This seems to indicate structural immortality as well, but the vampire himself asserts that there is no such thing as a true immortal. This means his immortality is only biological, and there is a way to kill him. Anderson's talk of him being "alone" and his duel with Satan implies that after his seals are removed, his heart is vulnerable to being impaled if not other forms of destruction, which would in turn destroy him for good. After absorbing Satan's blood, his immortality may have been augmented, but if so, it is not known how. It is also shown that his powers can be taken away from him, such as when Satan siphoned all the power he had as he was the one who gifted it to him in the first place, rendering him mortal and thus fatally wounding him. He could also be incapacitated by sufficiently powerful attacks such as when Satan brutalized him during their first battle so much that his regeneration was hindered for a while.

Like most traditional vampires, he possesses extraordinary physical strength, exceeding normal vampires, capable of matching some of the strongest beings. He possesses telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, can manipulate the weather to some degree, and the ability to transform into magical smoke and manipulate the smoke to a variety of effects; such as flying through the air and landing with enough force to stagger a battalion of Iscariot soldiers, constructing a whip of red energy, likely made of his own blood, that slices enemies with great speed and force, and instantaneous teleportation. Though he generally dons a corporeal, humanoid form, Alucard is made up of a highly variable otherworldly substance that is black in core and reddish on its edges. This can be especially seen whenever he takes heavy damage, the darkness being immune to conventional weaponry. Along with composing his being, it can serve as a weapon as he can form it into a variety of weapons such as spikes and teeth. He can even summon otherworldly dark beasts like the Black Hound of Baskerville to fight for him. After absorbing Satan's blood he is capable of summoning more deadly creatures to fight in his stead such as when he transformed into a giant three-headed Hellhound made of blood and shadows, resembling Cerberus, to fight against Satan in his Red Dragon form.