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Dominion (Art by Aw Anqi)

Dominions, also known as the Lords or the Hashmalim in Hebrew, are part of the second sphere of Angels and are said to watch over nations and regulate the duties of lesser angels.


The Dominions are believed to look like divinely beautiful humans with a pair of feathered wings, much like the common representation of angels, but they may be distinguished from other groups by wielding orbs of light fastened to the heads of their scepters or on the pommel of their swords.


In Moses Maimonides' hierarchy of angels according to Jewish lore, they are Hashmallim, the fourth rank of angels, and are mentioned briefly in the Hebrew version of the Book of Ezekiel. They are also the angels who preside over nations.

The Dominions are responsible for managing the activities of other angels thereby manifesting the will of God through the power of administration. They do not involve themselves directly to what transpires on Earth so it is only with extreme rarity that the angelic lords make themselves physically known to humans.

Despite operating behind the scenes they were instrumental in maintaining the cosmic order. They manage minor aspects of Creation and one of the main tools at their disposal in seeing to this responsibility is delegating tasks to lower-tier choirs. The Dominions are said to receive their orders from not only the archangels but also higher-ranked choirs such as the Thrones or the Cherubim.

Known Thrones