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No. He's more than just that. He's not a monster, he's more of an idea. He's the fear that mankind isn't the greatest power in the universe. That we are small. Insignificant. That we don't actually have any control, and that there's something bigger. Something that we can't even fathom the power of without going insane. To even just glimpse upon its form...would cost you your sanity.
~ Trevor Bruttenholm
In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.

Cthulhu is a monstrous cosmic being belonging to a group of entities known as the "Ogdru Hem" which ruled over the Earth before the time of man.


Being a member of these Old Ones, Cthulhu is by far one of the most well known, if not the most well known. This is most likely due to him being the High Priest of the Ogdru Hem, with his kind following his blasphemous teachings that dwell on the religion centered upon chaos. His brother is the Elder God Kthanid whose is good as Cthulhu is bad.  


Cthulhu supposedly has no true form, although this was later proven to be untrue since he does have one. However, Cthulhu's true form, if ever revealed, is said to "tear the fabric of our reality asunder". Due to his nature, Cthulhu chose a humanoid draconic form, with the head of an octopus, in order to be compatible with the laws of our dimension.



The origins of Cthulhu are largely unknown, but according to the cults that the worship the being, they state that Cthulhu was born or molded out of the countless slivers/threads of the primordial void of chaos that managed to evade destruction at the hands of God. Therefore, the Ogdru Hem are said to be older or as old as the universe itself, and are the influence of Chaos that will never fade away.

According to legend, Azathoth would use the slivers or threads of Chaos to mold entities of darkness and destruction before or during the formation of the universe, in order for its influence to never fade. Cthulhu was born out of the countless threads of darkness that formed and spread throughout creation. This thread of evil would make its way to a planet known as Vhoorl where Cthulhu would be born alongside his Star Spawn.

Primeval Age

Cthulhu was among the Ogdru Hem that hid from the wrath of the archangels, as such he and his ilk migrated from Vhoorl to the binary star system known as Xoth. While there, he met with another Old One named Idh-yaa and mated with her. Cthulhu's mating with Idh-yaa resulted in the birth of his infamous children: Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha, Zoth-Ommog and Cthylla. Cthulhu would then begin to move again, this time making his way towards Earth. However, the planet was protected with metaphysical barriers that would destroy his physical form. As such, he sent messages to Dagon, who dwelled on the Earth at the time, to build a towering monolith that would allow him safe passage through the Firmament.

With the construction of the monolith being complete, Cthulhu and his spawns made their way towards Earth, and using the power of the monolith that distorted the temporal powers of the stars, Cthulhu at last descended to the Earth. His arrival also sparked the second host of the Ogdru-Hem that would would war with the gods in the Battle of the Powers. At the peak of the dinosaurs' extinction, Cthulhu would come to wage war against the polytheistic deities of Earth for the sake of claiming the planet as their kingdom. However, at the climax of the battle, Cthulhu realized that there was a major flaw in his method of transportation to Earth: the temporal properties also affected him and was thus bound by the alignment of the stars. As such, when the stars became in disarray, it consequently forced Cthulhu and his race to enter a death-like state in his kingdom, which sinks in the uncharted depths of the Pacific Ocean.

To this day, Cthulhu is believed to still be in the depths of the Pacific, awaiting his release, which many of his followers are attempting to accomplish. In the old empire of Lemuria, Cthulhu was worshiped as Katha-Hem, Lord of the Sea, and was depicted as a massive octopus with wings and crustacean-like limbs.

Modern Age

Cthulhu's idol was discovered by Grigori Rasputin in the Gorinium Temple in the far reaches of New Orleans' borders. Rasputin remained in a trance near the statue until the arrival of Professor Ian Thatch and the Cavendish exploration party. The newly-awakened Rasputin and Cthulhu's star spawn devoured most of Thatch's exploration party. Thatch was allowed, under heavy psychological compulsion, to return to America, where Cthulhu controlled Rasputin and have him install himself below Cavendish Hall.

Cthulhu has indeed surfaced only once in the past during the early 1920's which was around the time of the Great Depression. When he rose, his presence immediately created a titanic storm that ravaged the entire Earth, with no one ever knowing that he was the cause. Things escalated to the point where towns and countries that were in his vicinity were reduced to shambles, as riots among other crimes and atrocities were created under his influence.

Powers and Abilities

Cthulhu, along with the Ogdru Hem, exist on a higher plane of existence far exceeding a human's understanding, even other lesser celestial beings, except high-ranking angels, demons, and gods such as Raphael, Satan, or Zeus who were able to casually look at his true form.

Added with his transcendent existence, Cthulhu is one of the most powerful beings in existence with his power surpassing demons, angels, and most lesser deities as well, though can be outmatched by the powerful Archangels and high-ranking gods and despite his terrifying power he is far from the most powerful of the Lovecraftian gods.

To gaze upon Cthulhu would welcome severe mental anguish and madness. Even supernatural beings fall prey to the madness at the mere sight of him, although more painful due to possessing senses higher than humans. Cthulhu's power is great to where his very dreams are said to reach throughout the gulfs of existence, and are capable of touching the sleeping minds of sensitive or artistic souls, driving them to utter insanity.