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That's right. The Father of Murder. Or the first "villain" as they also call me. But what I people don't get'll never get that this curse made me live with the guilt of killing my brother for countless centuries. The thought of your own parents disowning you. Your own people turning against you. It hurts. But even so I'm here...always will be. And I'm also very much the last person on Earth you'd want to piss off.
~ Cain

Cain, known by his titles as the Father of Murder, the Wanderer, the First Immortal, and the Slayer of Kin, was the brother of Abel and the first born son of Adam and Eve.

Cain is infamously known to be the first murderer and the catalyst behind the Cycle of Fratricide. He is also regarded as the first true immortal seeing as how he is the first born child of the progenitors of humanity and that his curse forbids him from being taken by death, leaving him to wander the Earth for eternity.



In the beginning, Cain cared for his brother, but over time this love grew into a rivalry due to the fact that Abel had much more time with God than he. This rivalry was soon fueled by jealousy that quickly turned to rage. His rage would then turn to sin as Cain treacherously murdered his brother Abel, lied about the murder to God, and as a result was cursed and marked for life. With the soil of the land left cursed after drinking the blood of Abel. Cain was no longer able to farm the land.

According to teachings this was the first true murder mankind committed and as such Cain has become an immortal symbol of villainy in religious works and is referred often as "The Father of Murder". Furthermore, Cain's murder of of Abel sparked a vicious cycle known as the Cycle of Fratricide which involves a brother killing a brother in a fit of rage, hatred, and jealousy for centuries to come.

Cain's actions lead humanity further into darkness and in some texts Cain is seen even depicted as a son of Satan or Samael due to his heinous acts. Cain is portrayed as corrupt and cruel and in some ways reflecting the darker aspects of humanity. Cain is also described as a city-builder, and the forefather of tent-dwelling pastoralists, all lyre and pipe players, and the bronze and iron smiths, respectively.

Curse and Mark of Cain

Cain's curse involves receiving a mark from God, commonly referred to as the mark of Cain. This mark serves as God's punishment to Cain by preventing him being embraced by death, as such no human, beast, or entity would be able to kill him. The mark itself is believed to be more of a spiritual mark and possibly located on the forehead as a way of signalling others that Cain was an sinful outcast.

The physical mark, however, has been branded by Lucifer himself and was acquired right before Cain set out to murder Abel. Not only that, but Cain acquired the mark in order to show to his parents, Abel, and God that he is superior, which only shocked and disgusted them rather than impress them. The Curse of Cain granted the latter his immortality and invincibility from death while the Mark of Cain gave him his powers through rage, aggression, and hatred.

He requested the Morningstar to aid him in being superior, which Lucifer agreed to do, but at the cost of his own soul. Cain accepted, and thus Lucifer branded a mark on his arm, now dubbed as the Mark of Cain, and imbued Cain with the rage of Lucifer. The mark itself caused Cain to be rebellious, aggressive, and quite fierce, slowly making his humanity fade. When Cain showed the mark to his parents, Abel, and God to prove that he was superior, they were only shocked and disgusted rather than impressed. 

Corruption of Innocence

Not only did Cain's actions first sparked murder itself, but acquiring the mark of Lucifer, gave birth to the infamous event known as "the Deal with the Devil". Cain is cited as an example of unrighteousness. Cain eventually decided to move on with the introduction of Cain's wife as being his sister, a concept that has been accepted for at least 1800 years.

It is said that Cain settled down and married his sister Awan, who bore his first son, the first Enoch, approximately 196 years after the creation of Adam. Cain then establishes the first city, naming it after his son, builds a house, and lives there until it collapses on him, supposedly killing him, although there are legends which soon become rumors begin to circulate that Cain survived and is actually still alive, living among his descendants much like his parents, but cursed by the mark placed on him by God.

Cain's Madness and Rampage

As centuries pass, Cain hid amongst his descendants and watched them slowly fall into corruption and madness due to his actions. At some point, his immortality drove him to the point where he attempted to kill himself but to no avail. He even went so far as to perform a ritual that would have him open a gateway to Hell where he would spend the eternity there instead of Earth. Cain, however, was not welcomed within Hell and forcefully driven out.

But Cain resisted and in a spurn of rage, began slaughtering the demons that stood against him and prevented him getting his well-deserved fate. Due to his immortality and rising power from his sheer rage, none of the demons could bring down Cain and were only met with a bloody and gruesome end by his hands. It was not until the Dark Knight Sparda stepped in to drive Cain out. Their battle was long and seemingly never-ending with Cain only growing stronger throughout the fight. However, Sparda managed to strike a blow that stunned Cain and provided him with more than enough time to expel him from the Inferno.

Modern Age

Cain's experience and realization that he is not even welcomed in Hell drove him mad with rage. Like many immortal beings that walked the Earth he had witnessed empires rise and fall, civilizations flourish and fade, monarchies dethroned, and has engaged in many wars hoping to die but always fail.

It was not until during World War II that the Ahnenerbe began to perform the Rite of Solomon that Cain reached his breaking point and provided aid for the Allied Occult Initiative, Hellsing Organization, the Order of the Silver Cross, and B. P. R. D. in defeating the Nazi occult group in the guise of a soldier.

He was later recruited by the Federal Bureau of Control after seeing his impressive track record and is regarded as one of their ultimate trump cards, arming him with the Praetor suit, advanced destructive weaponry, before then using him to combat threats the Bureau would have difficulty bringing down. Interestingly, the FBC are unaware of Cain's true identity but they do have knowledge over the facts that Cain is more superhuman than most, especially with the most prominent trait of his is that he is unable to die despite suffering severe fatal injuries from powerful supernatural forces.

Powers and Abilities

Originally, Cain was a normal human that was susceptible to disease and death but after being cursed with the mark he gained superhuman abilities and great destructive power. Cain possesses incredible superhuman physical prowess, beyond that of any mortal or beast, augmented via the countless wars and battles he was in throughout the ages, and later surpassing all other powerful beasts and supernatural entities, the exact limits of which are yet to be determined.

Cain's driving factor is his rage for the more he is enraged the further his power and strength increases making him a near-unstoppable destructive force of nature. This was shown when he ventured through Hell in an attempt to kill himself only to kill the hundreds of thousands of demons that stood in his way. One of his more famous feats is contending with the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda, in his prime to where the two engaged in single combat that shook the foundations of Hell until Cain fell under a mighty blow from Sparda. It is said that Cain is perhaps the only known being in history that has fought Sparda to a near stalemate. His increase in strength allowed him to lift weights far in excess of a hundred tons. His rage also dulls his senses to pain to where Cain would continue to fight with increasing ferocity and speed no matter how strong the counter of his opponent is. However, he can be knocked out or stunned by sufficiently powerful attacks but even then it requires tremendous effort to do so.

Another pivotal factor to Cain's power is his immortality and invincibility. The curse that was placed upon him not only prevented him from aging but also did not allow him to die no matter the damage he sustains from his opponents or other powerful external forces thus making him immune to conventional means of harm. This also resulted in Cain being immune to the effects of starvation, dehydration, and disease. Due to his curse preventing him from dying, Cain has partook in numerous wars and battles throughout human history, which in turn made Cain into an extremely accomplished combatant with thousands of years worth of tremendous mastery and experience over both armed and hand-to-hand combat. When Cain fought the werewolf Miguel, his examination of Cain's methods of combat made him realize that the Father of Murder was not only familiar with every known fighting style on Earth, but also mastered them, even ones that are unknown. This in turn makes Cain to be quite possibly the most skilled and powerful fighter on Earth, with few others rivaling him and surpassing numerous other highly adept combatants.