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If you have ever walked through a cemetery on a dark night and seen eerie lights rising up over some of the graves, the chances are that Bifrons is nearby. If the sight of the lights may seem spooky enough to cause goose-bumps to rise up your spine, just hope you do not run face-to-face into demonic figure at work in that cemetery.
~ About Bifrons.
Executioner? No my friend. I'm an architect, and my work is in the school of broken bodies. I have run short of opportunities for planning those bodies as of late. Would you like to assist me in this endeavor?
~ Bifrons.

Bifrons is the 46th spirit of the Ars Goetia and an Earl and Count of Hell.


Bifrons appears in many forms but usually always as a ghoulish figure depicting his apparent interest in things of the dead. He lights strange lights above tombs of the dead. He is one of the three demons that held sway over the dead. Jointly with the evil Bune, Bifrons is in charge of moving the bodies from one grave to another, while hellish Murmur takes over the souls.

Bifrons' being revolves around old literature of death and decay. Bifrons' work is pestilence and poison, and if you look at his back, it contains nozzles which contagious fumes spread like miasma. Similar to mustard gas, but will quickly burn flesh like white phosphorus. For his head, or mask, a rat skull to fitting his a pestilence and a plague carrier.

Bifrons is an infernal duke suspected to have played a hand in entombing a traitorous overlord formerly under Mammon, and has been leeching off his power since then.

The late S. L. MacGregor Mathers, among the great authorities on demonology, wrote that Bifrons enjoys appearing in the form of a monster, but after a while, upon request, will change and appear as a man. Bifrons controls over 26 legions of infernal spirits.


If he takes human form you can expect the face to be well hidden under a hood. He will first appears as a monster but after a while he will take the shape of a man at the command of the summoner.

Bifrons is a demon of monstrous guise with two faces who often takes the form of a man well versed in astrology and planetary influences, excelling as well in geometry, herbology, mineralogy and botany. In his demon form, he seems to possess candles with magical lights.

A remote viewing session portrayed Bifrons as a large, oval body with a bulbous nose and a hole in the middle of the “head” where the eyes would appear if the entity were human. Every artistic image that could be found of Bifrons depicts him as a monster.

Bifrons can also appear as an enormous red, horned toad with wings.


Fall from Grace

Bifrons was an angel, belonging to the choir of Virtues, that fell from grace during the War in Heaven and became a demon. After his fall and the establishment of Hell's hierarchy, Bifrons was appointed as an Earl in the northern province of Niflheim, home of the dreaded worshippers of death and decay. It is fitting that Bifrons wanders in the decaying lands with a lantern, guiding and harvesting spirits that wander into his domain.

Tears of the Fallen

Despite his status as an Earl of Hell, Bifrons longed to return to Heaven but knowing that his chances are slim to none, he wept eternally. His fiery form smothers in a thick patch of smoke, his breath toxic and his touch deadly. Anything that Bifrons touches or breathes on is reduced to dust and ashes, and his cries strike fear among the the most stout hearted men.

Bifrons was forced to wear an armored shell to keep his intangible form, trapped with grief, despair, and hatred for the rest of his life. His curse is his burden, cast out from the living and doomed to wander with the dead. When new foreigners came from other worlds, Bifrons' heart waxes with hatred, and hunts these unfortunate beings with relentless hate and despair.


Bifrons was summoned by Yomyael (while possessing Varvara) who sought to built a new Pandemonium on Earth.

Bifrons was skeptical of Yomyael, who had stolen the ring from the Duke of Hell Amdusias. Bifrons had obtained his own ring from Beelzebub himself. Yomyael reminded the Earl that she controls him through the same blade that Hellboy had used to harm Satan.

Bifrons later led an aerial assault against the forces of the B.P.R.D. who sought to wipe out the remaining demons in New York. The Earl notably battled with Liz Sherman, who eventually managed to kill the demon.


He is known to be dreadful, damned and ominous but at the same quiet and alone. His personality is very wicked and dreadful. He's the kind of being that doesn't kill his victim, only to slowly breaking them physically until their souls shattered by immense despair. When another ask him about a machine he was build, the dialogue will have a darker tone.

When this demon communicates, it is said that the message appears to come as a gentle voice inside the head. Aaron Donahue, who once evoked this spirit, wrote that “some may sense a calm voice only from the right side o the head. It will seem as your own voice or as if you are speaking to yourself. The lexicon will be slightly different from that of your own and you may notice thoughts that are new or subtly foreign.”

Power and Abilities

His office is to teach men astrology, math, geometry, and other arts and sciences. He also will teach men the uses of herbs, about precious gems, different types of wood and and the properties of different plants and stones. He is of great help for necromancers.

Upon the command of his summoner, he will also move a buried body to another location or light candles upon the graves of the deceased that he has control over.

He also moves bodies into different graves, lights candles over graves, and (depending on the version) commands either 6, 26, or 60 legions of spirits. It is said he also has the ability to control the souls of the dead.


  • According to Rudd, Bifrons is opposed by the Shemhamphorasch angel Ariel.
  • He was once imprisoned in a brass vessel.
  • He might have once been an angel of the Virtues, as he teacher astrology and Ariel (the supposed leader of the Virtues) being his angelic opposition.