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You humans are the lowest forms of filth on this planet. No wonder the flies are attracted to you constantly. You reek of sin and malevolence. You are not even considered humans... but asses.
~ Beelzebub.

Beelzebub, a former Seraph turned high-ranking demon, is considered one of the Seven Kings of Hell and oversees the Order of the Fly. He, alongside Satan and Lucifer, form the Triumvirate of Hell and is additionally one of the Supreme Monarchs of the Inferno.


Beelzebub was an angel, more specifically a Seraphim, who was once under the Archangel Gabriel and revered as a Philistine deity named Baal Zebul. Either way, Beelzebub fell and joined with Lucifer to become a high-ranking demon in Hell. In Catholic demonology, he is sometimes considered to be one of the first three angels to fall from heaven, along with Lucifer and Leviathan.

Beelzebub is often confused with Satan, considering the two names can be interchanged. However, strictly speaking, they are two separate entities. In some tales, Beelzebub led a revolt against Satan (though this is most likely not true) and became the founder of the Order of the Fly. Beelzebub is the Chief-Lieutenant of Lucifer and is one of the most loyal to the Morning Star. Beelzebub is commonly described as ranking high in the hierarchy of Hell. He was of the order of Seraphim.

Beelzebub is seen as being associated with Pride or Gluttony, depending on the scholar, and is also the prince of false gods. Flies play a large focus in imagery detailing him and the malignant spirit can even take the form of flies according to some.


Fall from Grace[]

Beelzebub came into being shortly before the creation of Heaven and the Earth and is one of the oldest angels. Beelzebub was said to be of Lucifer's order, meaning that he was part of the Morningstar's choir or circle. He was among the angels that Lucifer would converse with amicably outside of his relationship with his siblings, alongside Samael. Beelzebub's ability to keep up with Lucifer impressed the latter with his character and placed great trust in him.

At some point before the war in Heaven, Beelzebub found and consorted with Naamah, a sister of Eve who was created to be one of the potential candidates as Adam's wife after Lilith's departure, by the Red Sea. Naamah and Beelzebub's sexual encounter resulted in the birth of Abezethibou. Abezethibou grew rapidly and joined the side of his father, leaving Naamah banished from the realm of the divine as a result.

Eventually, when the civil war in Heaven was brewing, Lucifer chose Beelzebub as his second-in-command for the rebel army of angels. Lucifer led the attack on the front line while Beelzebub led the support fire a step away from the front, providing the front with enough openings to attack. When Lucifer was confronted by Gabriel, Beelzebub clotheslined the archangel before he could attack the Morning Star with the two engaging in fierce combat as Lucifer made his way to the Empyrean. In the end, however, Beelzebub was defeated by the archangel.

Ruler of Hell[]

Beelzebub was among the 1/3 of the rebel angels cast out of Heaven for their transgressions, falling at "nine times the space that measures day and night" before finally hitting the Abyss. Their collision against the Abyss created a chain reaction that terraformed the empty space into the fiery terrain now known as Hell. Beelzebub was the second to awaken after Samael and, seeing the strength they still retained to awaken from their supposed eternal imprisoned rest, they were crowned as co-supreme monarchs next to Lucifer himself.


Beelzebub awakens from Lucifer's calling

However, before Beelzebub and his cohorts could conquer this new Hell, he was met with resistance in the form of the Three Great Evils, also known as the Prime Evils: ancient demonic beings that sprang forth from the Abyss and awakened upon the full birth of the universe. Beelzebub, alongside Lucifer and Satan, fought the Prime Evils with Beelzebub personally battling Dul'Mephistos, the Third of the Evils. He defeated the Lord of Hatred and banished him and his two brothers out beyond Hell's borders and further into the depths of Tartarus.

With the Evils out of the way, he conquered Hell alongside the original Princes of Hell and made it his domain. Since conquering Hell, he not only rules over the fallen angels, but also the demons that were native to the Abyss. He observed the commissioning of a grand and glorious palace known as Pandemonium to be built within the center of Hell, becoming its capital and Beelzebub becoming part of the ruling body of all Hell in the form of the Satanic Triumvirate. At some point he also founded the Order of the Fly which became his own personal court involving numerous elite and royal demons. The Order was also established as a way for Beelzebub to expertly deduce who he should place his trust in important matters and who he finds incompetent.

Adviser to the Devil[]

Beelzebub became something of an adviser to Lucifer and Satan despite being a co-supreme monarch of the Inferno, giving out his opinions and suggestions which are almost always acknowledged by the two fallen angels amidst the chaotic ramblings of the other fallen angels within the Stygian Council. In fact, Beelzebub was the one to suggest to Lucifer that he would make the first strike to God by targeting His favored creations: mankind. He and his two fellow rulers embody perverted reason, since they are eloquent and rational but use their talents for wholly corrupt ends.

Beelzebub was among those that was intimately aware of Lucifer's plan for a New World Order with Beelzebub making sure all the right pieces are in order and was instructing the demons on what to do to guide the mortals above for the necessary events that will bring about Lucifer's utopia. However, it was not until Mundus made contact with the archangel Jophiel, informing them of Lucifer's plan, and plotted to imprison the Morningstar which succeeded in the end allowing Mundus to take the throne. Beelzebub and possibly Satan knew of this truth, but Beelzebub convinced Satan not to move against Mundus for it as the Lord of the Flies promised that Mundus's reign will not last from what Lucifer has planned in advance and have Beelzebub engage in the plan.

Of course, Mundus's reign was not without its resistance as the demon king, Belial, had grown tired of Mundus's way of ruling and rebelled against him. Mundus had Beelzebub develop a plot to create a revolt against Belial. Beelzebub accepted but only because this would be in accordance with the plan of Lucifer's eventual freeing without Mundus's knowledge. Using his influence and power, Beelzebub's revolt against Belial was successful and the Lord of Pride was thrown into the Ninth Circle of Hell with the aid of the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda, who led the Knights of Hell.

Encounters on Earth[]

Beelzebub was worshipped in the ancient city of Ekron until he was stopped by God. The name Baʿal Zəvûv is known, where King Ahaziah of Israel, after seriously injuring himself in a fall, sends messengers to inquire of Ba'al Zebûb, the god of the Philistine city of Ekron, to learn if he will recover. Elijah the Prophet then condemns Ahaziah to die by God's words because Ahaziah sought counsel from Ba'al Zebûb rather than from God.

Down through history, Beelzebub has been held responsible for many cases of demonic possession, such as that of Sister Madeleine de Demandolx de la Palud, Aix-en-Provence in 1611, whose relationship with Father Jean-Baptiste Gaufridi led not only to countless traumatic events at the hands of her inquisitors, but also to the torture and execution of that "bewitcher of young nuns", Gaufridi himself.

Beelzebub was also shown to be sowing his influence in Salem, Massachusetts; his name came up repeatedly during the Salem witch trials, the last large-scale public expression of witch hysteria in either North America or Europe, and afterwards, the Revolutions.


Beelzebub is often regarded as Lucifer's advisor and for good reason as well. He is highly intelligent and cunning, in no small part thanks to his stoic, calm and reserved demeanor and his ability to wade through one confrontation after another without losing his dignity, temper or advantage. Beelzebub is one of the few fallen in Hell barring Lucifer, Satan, or Lilith who possess immense political power. His alignment can also be called into question for while he utterly detests Heaven, he is capable of inciting political strife amongst other demon lords for the benefit of creating a power vacuum within the demonic realm that weakens his competitors and has also conspired with Mundus to rid the latter of Belial but only knowing that it would serve a purpose for Lucifer's New World Order.

Beelzebub, in spite of appearing subservient and passive, is an extremely intelligent being, highly proficient in manipulation and calculation. Such traits are so prominent that among the cacophony of suggestions and arguments within the halls of Pandemonium, Beelzebub was the only one Lucifer lent his ear towards; according to Lucifer himself, Beelzebub, though while immensely powerful in his own right, valued logic and cunning over power for unlike most of the other demon kings he understood that subjecting the denizens of Hell to their whims through sheer force would not provide a long lasting rule. His subtle and calculative nature is made more impressive by him owning the most prominent spy network in all of Hell through his own personal court that being the Order of the Fly. Despite often displaying sycophantic tendencies, Beelzebub's power compliments his ruthlessness and powerful intellect.

Power and Abilities[]

Beelzebub is the second most powerful being in the Inferno, second only to the likes of Lucifer and Satan. He is also highly regarded by many to be the demon that is "closest to Lucifer" and one that the latter holds in high praise in terms of power and influence. In fact, it is said that Beelzebub's intellect matches that of Lucifer and offers suggestions to the Morningstar that led to the downfall of mankind and the proper establishing of Hell's hierarchal kingdom. He posed as a difficult challenge to the likes of Gabriel, Sparda, and has defeated Dul'Mephistos, one of the Prime Evils.

Beelzebub's power and influence is great to the point where he once led a successful revolt against Belial as well. Beelzebub was shown to be powerful enough to challenge the archangel Gabriel himself with Gabriel being surprised at how strong Beelzebub is despite Gabriel being an extremely powerful angel in his own right. During his battle with Sparda, the Dark Knight noted that Beelzebub was more challenging and difficult than the previous kings, including Mundus himself. In relation to that, Beelzebub was also said to be more powerful than Mundus with the latter even begrudgingly admitting to the fact. As a result, Mundus was wary of Beelzebub at all times as he knew that the Lord of the Flies could remove him from the throne both physically and intellectually.

As the advisor of Satan and one who makes up the Satanic Triumvirate, Beelzebub has a phenomenal commanding influence over the denizens of Hell, including the lesser nobles who rule over regions of the Nine Circles. He founded the Order of the Fly, his own personal court of demons, where he would monitor the activities of Hell's royal demons and Hell's development in regards to resources and bureaucratic operations. This allowed Beelzebub to be aware of heated uprisings only to quell them and be warned of invasive beings like the Great Evils with him even personally banishing said Evil, that being Dormammu who is the most powerful of the Great Evils.