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Banshee (Art by Iren Horrors)

People like to think that when you hear a banshee's wail, they'll hopefully die a peaceful death. Though it's not that simple and death takes many forms, I admire their hope for the best.
~ Bodhmall.

A Banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology, who serves as a messenger from the Otherworld and an omen of death for families that become linked to the Banshee.


The cries of a Banshee are believed to herald the death of a member of the family. Banshees are frequently described as dressed in white or grey, often having long, pale hair and skin. Other stories portray banshees as dressed in green, red, or black with a grey cloak.

Accounts of banshees go back as far as 1380 with the publication of the Cathreim Thoirdhealbhaigh (Triumps of Torlough) by Seean mac Craith. Mentions of banshees can also be found in Norman literature of that time.


Banshees are often considered hateful and angry spirits, however some Banshees who had a strong connection with their family in life go on to watch over them in death, manifesting themselves as beautiful and enchanting women that sing songs of concern and love for their families several days before the death of a family member, as a way to grieve for their loved one who will soon be joining them in the great beyond.

More common depictions of a Banshees portray them as vengeful spirits who in life hated their families. These banshees do not sing soothing songs, but instead shriek and howl wildly in celebration of the death of somebody they despised.

In some legends, banshees are the ghost of a young girls who suffered a brutal death. it is said that these banshees appear as an old woman with rotten teeth and long fingernails, wearing rags and with red eyes filled with hatred. Looking directly into the eyes of these Banshees can result in immediate death.