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When God turned on the lights, a shadow was cast. The shadow hit the chaotic waters and Azathoth sprung from the darkness. He's God's shadow. In every sense of the word. The darkness to the light. The evil to the good. Everything that God is not. And being in the presence of things that is his opposite drove him mad with confusion, anger, and waged war against the Almighty. The Almighty won and Azathoth was chained while in a deep sleep. If those maniacs manage to wake him up then everything and everyone is screwed beyond the confines of rhyme or reason.
~ John Constantine

Azathoth, also known as the Great Evil Beast, the Great Darkness, the Shadow of God, and the Ultimate Darkness, is a being that is outside of God's creation.

It is the soul of darkness itself, a complete absence of divine light. It is said to be the "Shadow of God", for when Light was first cast there was already Shadow. As a result, Azathoth is supposedly equal to the power of the Almighty, it is His opposite who existed before Creation.


There can be no definite description of the amorphous entity known as Azathoth, its appearance so incomprehensible that the mere sight of the entity has been known to shatter minds. Some believe that the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, known as Sagittarius A, may in actually be a mentally projected manifestation of Azathoth.

According to some of his followers in the Brujería, his body is composed of all the bright stars of the visible universe, but his face is veiled in darkness. H.P. Lovecraft describes him as an amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity



It is believed Azathoth dwelled in the void of space long before Creation itself. When God said "Let There Be Light", the Light that illuminated from His hand cast a shadow upon the waters of Chaos, and from that interaction sprung God's dark half. Azathoth was bombarded with the light upon awakening and became extremely enraged as a result. Azathoth emerged from the dark primordial waters of Chaos and warred against the Almighty.

Azathoth and Yahweh engaged in a fierce conflict with neither one gaining much ground given that they are both two sides of the same coin. As it is the Shadow of God it would also use the dark waters of chaos to form its own twisted creations, that being none other than the Ogdru Jahad who battled the first five Archangels that were created in response by God and Asherah. Whilst the archangels were successful in destroying some of the Outer Gods, God was able to defeat Azathoth using the Nihilo Mask to seal away the manifestation of darkness, imprisoning it with unbreakable bonds linked to the very foundations of the universe. Trapped within the Nihilo Mask and lost in the endless void, Azathoth fell into a deep and seemingly endless slumber for eons.

Birth of The Old Ones

Azathoth's slumber, however, did not go without consequence. As the entity slept, the abominable beings that fought alongside their creator managed seep through the eye sockets of the Nihilo Mask, but only these few are described in ancient tomes like the Necronomicon. The Ogdru Jahad spawned beings that came to be known as the Ogdru Hem, ferocious creatures bent on spreading poison throughout the good work of the Almighty and finding ways to liberate their eldritch parents from their imprisonment in the Outerverse.

Although, despite having been created by the Great Evil Beast, they seemingly acknowledge the threat it poses upon their own existence as well as Azathoth is known to be so mindless it has no purpose, reason, or conscience, therefore, upon its awakening they would most likely be destroyed alongside all of creation.

In response to this, they created the Idiot Flute Players, eldritch deities who would hover over the chained Mask of Nihilo, playing a horrendous cacophony of flute music and drums to keep the Daemon Sultan asleep. The music would reverberate through the chains imprisoning Azathoth within the mask, keeping him at ease. These "chains" are tied to certain parts of existence itself, requiring the destruction of fundamental aspects of reality in order to be broken.

Release of the Great Darkness

After the Apocalypse was prevented, along with the defeat and imprisonment of most of the Ogdru Hem, the weakened Firmament allowed Samyaza and the Grigori to escape their earthly prison after thousands of years thanks in part to the Brujería. Azathoth's awakening was prophecised as the "Rising Darkness" and his mere stirring could be felt by many supernatural beings and entities, creating many unnatural occurrences across the globe and for Heaven to be on high alert. John Constantine himself first took notice of this during his investigations especially after his encounter with an angel known as 'Ezekiel'.

John's travels and investigations of these events led him to gathering other individuals well-versed in the supernatural, founding a loose alliance known as the Midnight Suns, with these individuals also being drawn in by the unnatural events that have been occurring due to the Brujería's activities. However, it was revealed that the angel Ezekiel was in fact Samyaza who tricked Consantine and the Midnight Suns into giving the Brujería what they want. They unintentionally released the Grigori from their chains with the host of fallen angels making their way towards Heaven. Samyaza desired to rule over creation and remake it in his image and so he began seeking the fabled Nihilo Mask.

The Grigori invaded Heaven with Samyaza attempting to find the seals which held the Blind Idiot God at bay and kept him asleep. After a defeating some archangels and searched through the ancient divine tomes regarding the events and history of creation, including before said creation, in order to gather the information needed, Samyaza learned of the location of the mask and with the aid of the Brujería, succeeded in awakening Azathoth and donned the tenebrous mask, thereby becoming one with the Shadow of God.

Azathoth's Rampage

Immediately, Azathoth's awakening began causing existence itself to fall into chaos due to the dark power accumulated in it's eons of slumber. Azathoth rapidly assimilated Samyaza's consciousness and soon his whole being, consequently becoming their own sentient entity. Upon awakening, Azathoth was in a state of fury over everything during eons of imprisonment. It encountered a number of mystical or supernatural individuals (Gabriel, John Constantine, Spawn), who did not know of the entities nature or origins.

In conversation with these astonished being, it learned from Gabriel that darkness was evil, John Constantine told it that evil was despicable, and Spawn taught it the concept of revenge. Infuriated, the being sought to assault Heaven to demand answers from God as to its existence, trampling all that it crossed paths with. This power was so huge, it caused mythology's main three figures - Zeus, Odin, Ra - to gather for their greatest and most powerful forces and weapons with even the realm of Hell coming together in order to defend themselves should the Blind Idiot God decide that it wanted Hell as its realm.

Enlightenment of an Idiot God

However, before Azathoth could reach the gates of Heaven, it encountered none other than Lucifer and Michael. The two great archangels attempted to fight off the Daemon Sultan but where unsuccessful despite possessing the legendary weapons of Michael's lance and Uriel's blade.

Seeing that Azathoth would not yield and that existence itself was at the precipice of being wiped out, Lucifer instead opted to try an alternate solution. He taught it the concept of good and evil, life and death, intertwined so that one could not survive without the other. Azathoth was silent and still for a long while and the revelation quelled its anger and confusion to the point where it returned to its dormant state in the center of the universe, the host body of Samyaza withering away as the mask returned to its inert state. It is implied that Azathoth understood Lucifer's words and thus became one with creation, the necessary opposite to balance out reality.


Being the shadow of God in every sense of the word, Azathoth is the complete and contrasting opposite of the Almighty. Serving as the counterweight of God, who is the supreme manifestation of love and creation, it is the ultimate personification of hatred, destruction, and every form of evil there is, making it the most maleficent entity in existence. It has enough knowledge and intelligence to communicate and perceive the universe and beings within it. While dubbed as the ultimate being of evil, the concept of good and evil or duality itself is completely foreign to it as it is outside the creation of God thus all concepts which resides in His metaphysical circle are unknown to it.

Furthermore, as the dark alter-ego of God, Azathoth is an entity without a mind of its own, being practically mindless and acts little more than a beast that possesses only terrible desires, destroying all so that it no longer finds itself be bombarded by the Light and creation. In spite of this purpose, the Great Evil Beast still harbors, what at least can be counted as, its own goals. Azathoth genuinely does hate and fear the Light and the mystery behind the purpose of Creation, and it's ultimate goal is to destroy everything in existence and to become the one remaining presence in it, leaving no stories and no life left to ever exist which it only sees as a terrible noise.