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“Is always hatching plots against newlyweds; I mar the beauty of virgins and cause their hearts to grow cold” – Testament of Solomon 5:7

Asmoday, also known as Ashmadia, Asmodai, Asmodaios, Asmodeus, Ashmedai and Ashema Deva, is the 32nd Demon spirit of the Ars Goetia and a strong and powerful Great King of Hell. He is the child of the Demon Lord of Lust Asmodeus and serves under his father and the Archdemon Amaymon along with Aamon. Asmoday more likely came to be by an accident as when King Solomon summoned Asmodeus, a piece of the demon fell off and became Asmoday.

He appears with three heads, the first like a bull, the second like a man, and the third like a ram. He also appears with a serpent's tail, belching or breathing fire out of his mouth and his feet are webbed like a goose. He sits on an infernal dragon carrying a lance and flag in his hands; all of these creatures being associated with either lascivity, lust or revenge.

Asmoday's Sigil

He is first and foremost under the power of Amaymon and when summoned the summoner must be standing with his cap off, for if it is on he will deceive them and reveal all of their doings to others. He teaches the art of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and other handicrafts. He also gives full and true answers to your commands and can render a man invisible, along with showing the place where treasures lie. He governs 72 legions of inferior spirits. 

Asmodeus and Asmoday are usually treated as the same Demon but as they have two separate origins, one born an Angel (Asmodeus) and one born a Demon (Asmoday), it is more likely that they are two separate beings.