Asbeel, meaning "God has forsaken" or "deserter from God" is the angel of ruin as well as being one of the fallen angels from the Grigori who led humanity astray after leaving their post.

While it is common for fallen angels to tarnish the name of God, Asbeel is different from that. True to the meaning of his name, Asbeel has completely abandoned himself from God and His grace. Unlike many of the fallen, Asbeel wishes nothing from God as he lost his faith in Him, as well as his faith in his brethren that remain in Heaven.

During and after his fall, Asbeel pondered on why God would not allow His creations to properly advance themselves. And why he would choose destructive solutions rather than completely clean away the evil and malice in their hearts. This had led him to become somewhat of a maltheist as he believes that God is a tyrant whom would rather have worship and praise given to him in exchange for aiding His creations rather than just outright helping whether or not they worship him.