The arrach is a creature from Scottish mythology, that is so dexterous and agile that it has never been seen because it moves to quickly to be spotted. While being cowardly, they are nonetheless vicious and prefer to create traps to ensnare their victims.

To witness them is something of a rarirty, yet despite their elusive nature there are several accounts that detail their appearance. Among those accounts it is widely known and accepted that arrachs resemble hunched, grey-humanoids with distended white bellies, spider-like faces, long skinny arms and legs, and three sharp, black chitinous claws instead of hands and feet.

They are not particularly intelligent, yet they possess the capability to shoot sticky webs, and can inject a paralyzing venom from their fangs.

Arrachs most commonly live in highland mountains, near trails and paths where prey commonly passes. They construct cocoon-like structures high in the mountainous regions and obscured by the surrounding foliage. From the entrance to these lairs, arrachs send long strands of web that connect the arrach's home to the traps it has placed

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