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The Archangels.

The archangels. The strongest, greatest, and most feared forces in all of Heaven. Neither demon nor regular angel can be equal to them. Their very arrival can cause demons and monsters to flee in terror. They would even rush bravely to the Ogdru Jahad. Believe me, you do not want them as your enemy.
~ Immanuel

In the nine orders of Angels, Archangels are among the eighth, making them second in the third hierarchy. They are treated as stronger then low-class angels but weaker than any other order of angels.

There is another type of archangels that have reached the rank of a Seraphim. These archangels are reputed as the strongest class of angel, being looked at as Heaven's most fearsome wrath. They were the first angels to be created by God.


The true archangels are the chief angelic creations of God. They were created in this explicit order: first was Michael and Lucifer (then known as Helel), and then Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. The archangels acted as siblings, and distinctively interacted with themselves and their father. Many other archangels came after those five including Metatron, Sandalphon, Azrael, Azazel, Raguel, Remiel, Anael, Chamuel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, Barachiel, along with many others.

At some point in time before the dawn of the universe, God and the Archangels fought Azathoth and the Ogdru Jahad and together, while they were unable to fully destroy them, they succeeded in binding them. God then locked Chaos away from the reaches of His creation, with its confinement being tied to the chains that kept Azathoth imprisoned for countless eons and imprisoning the Ogdru Jahad in the "Outer-Verse". God had then fully began Creation with Archangels and Primordials being tasked to maintain it along with Him. 

Later on, when God learned of the Ogdru Hem, he tasked his archangels to find and destroy these Eldritch beings. The archangels were mostly successful in destroying some of these beings, however, many of them were unable to be destroyed as they turned out to be slivers of the primordial chaos and thus are technically nothingness itself and not fully physical beings. Instead of destroying them, the archangels would simply imprison them. They would then request the deities of pagan religions to watch over the Earth and make certain that the Old Ones would not rise while they repair the universe alongside their father.


Archangels are one of the few bodies of angels that contact those on the material plane directly and are the ministers and messengers between God and mankind. Some of the most famous archangels include Michael and Gabriel who both appear in the Bible, although only Michael was named expressly as an archangel.

The archangels are powerful, angelic beings created by God before other angels. They were imbued with immense power far surpassing that of lesser angels, demons, and most other supernatural beings. Immanuel describes them as "fierce and absolute." They appear to be the angels that one angel described as having personally seen God.

According to some texts, archangels are also the primary warrior race of angels and are known to be at constant war with the fallen angels. It is even suggested that Lucifer was an archangel before his fall from grace, however, he was commonly seen as a Seraphim. The most prominent archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Lucifer, and Uriel. These archangels were the first angels to be created in existence and thus are among the most powerful of their kind, more so than lesser archangels. After the War in Heaven, a new group was created to counter the Seven Princes of Hell, they are known as the Seven Archangels

Notable Archangels

First Five

  • Helel/Lucifer - Archangel of Light, Desire, Free-Will and Justice/Light Bringer or Light Bearer (Fallen)
  • Michael - Archangel of Justice, Fate, Destiny, Humility, and the Military
  • Gabriel - Archangel of Faith, Kindness, Creation, Destruction, Temperance, Revelations and Messengers
  • Raphael - Archangel of Justice, Love, Hope, Despair, Healing, Chastity and Medics
  • Uriel - Archangel of Retribution, Madness, Clarity, Wisdom, Admiration, Fire and the Sacrament of Confirmation

Other Archangels

  • Jophiel - Archangel of Beauty, Patience, Understanding, Hope, Mercy, Forgiveness, Judgement, Repentance, and the Arts
  • Chamuel - Archangel of Love, Charity, Beauty, Joy, Power, Fortitude, and Contentment
  • Camael - Archangel of Strength, Courage, War, and Wrath
  • Azrael - Archangel of Death, Life, Grief, Patience, Forgiveness, Generosity and the Clergy
  • Zadkiel - Archangel of Mercy, Loyalty, Righteousness, Freedom, Benevolence and Forgiveness
  • Cassiel - Archangel of Temperance, Balance, Time, Speed, Solitude, Fairness Tears, Investors and the Deaths of Royals
  • Raguel - Archangel of Justice, Fairness, Harmony, Redemption, Speech, Vengeance and Churches
  • Remiel - Archangel of Compassion, Kindness, Visions, Whirlwinds, Thunder, Hope, and Earthquakes
  • Selaphiel - Archangel of Prayers, Truth, Honor, Connections and Worship
  • Jegudiel - Archangel of Diligence, Determination, Work, Change, Spiritual Labors and Revolution
  • Barachiel - Archangel of Lighting, Thunder, Adoption, Marriage, Family and February
  • Phanuel - Archangel of Hope, Judgement, Repentance, Truth, Formality, Individuality and the Alphabet.
  • Ariel - Archangel of Motherhood, Hearth, Victory, Conquest, Environmentalism, Nature and Wild Animals
  • Anael - Archangel of The Soul, Clarity, Humility, Pregnancy, Fortune, Possibility, the Moon, Femininity, Scientific Knowledge and December
  • Sariel - Archangel of Protection, Death, Ministry, Chastity, Morality, Modesty, Presence and Healing
  • Metatron - Archangel of Presence, Faith, Singing, Voices, Salvation and the Righteous
  • Sandalphon - Archangel of Gender, Loyalty, Companionship, Music and Prayers
  • Raziel - Archangel of Mysteries and Secrets
  • Merkabah - Archangel of Judgement, Souls, Chariots, Reality, Patriotism and Unity
  • Zaphkiel - Archangel of Knowledge, Emotions, Wisdom, Understanding and the Arts

Fallen Archangels

  • Samael - Archangel of Judgement, Loyalty, Honor, Accusation, Punishment, Wrath, Vengeance, Destruction, Rebellion, and the Roman Empire (Fallen). Currently known as Satan, adversary of God and His Creation, as well as the Christian faith
  • Azazil - Archangel of Nobility (Fallen). Currently known as Iblis, adversary of the Islamic faith.
  • Rimmon - Archangel turned prince of lighting, ambassador to Russian, only doctor of Hell and inferior demon.
  • Moloch - Archangel turned Prince of Hell
  • Dagan - Archangel turned Prince of Hell
  • Uziel - Archangel turned inferior demon.