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Angels are many things, Dante. Most people tend to think of them as messengers of the Almighty. Others tend to see them as warriors of Heaven. They can be both, and more than that as well. They are glorious as they are terrifying. You would be wise to not cross them. There's a reason why the demons fear them so greatly.
~ Trish

Angels, also known as Malakim, are the divine celestial beings that appear in every Abrahamic religion (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) as manifestations of God's will and to rule and protect Creation from all beings that seek to destroy it. The word "angel" means "messenger" in Greek. Angels serve as a link between God and humankind. They are also sometimes referred to as "servants."


The generic angels depicted in paintings are almost always of this class being with wings, silk robes, and halos. This regular appearance of the angels, however, is far from the truth. They can both appear in the form of holy white light as well as immense celestial power. Angels can also be classed as warriors, and as such they are usually depicted as having celestial armor.

Their true forms are nothing less of holy righteous beings which are beautiful as well as hazardous, overwhelming, and terrifying all at the same time. It is said that their true visage is so overwhelming it can be fatal to humans, demons, monsters, and even lesser gods. They appear more as Eldritch abominations rather than the stereotypical depiction of angels although they can choose to compress their forms into more humanoid ones.

They have massive feathered wings ranging from two to six (maybe more) on their backs, four animalistic heads with halos of light around them, eldritch bodies, several eyes that can be found on either their bodies or wings, and heights as tall as skyscrapers. However, an angel's true form is inconsistent and constantly shifting, and often described as being "ambient". They are spiritual beings of enormous celestial energy and simply looking at one can cause a person to lapse into shock, extreme fright, and rendered insane or can even result in death; Gabriel's true form was so intense it destroyed a minor Shinto god.


While they are immortal, they are not eternal. For at the end of the universe, when the stars, suns, and galaxies are extinguished, the angels shall fade away as well, only human souls will remains along with God, as, unlike angels, they are truly eternal, until God restarts the universe. Furthermore, because angels were all created at the same time, their numbers are always the same.

God does not create angels continuously. The quantity of angels that exist today are the same that existed at the moment of creation itself. It is revealed by Metatron that even though many angels perished during the War in Heaven, other angels were created to replace their numbers, however, these numbers did not exceed that of their former ranks. One angel revealed to Mary Malone that their numbers are in the "uncountable billions". Angels are unable to truly die unless they were wiped from existence entirely by a one who far exceeds their own power. Once they perish, they become in a sense "incorporeal", unable to assume a form whether it be physical or even spiritual, and it takes extensively long durations of time for them to regain their original form and being.

Angels are also genderless and are neither female nor male. They can only be identified by gender through the mortal form they assume in order to walk amongst the humans. Their names also do not apply to their gender with one example being Gabriel assuming a female human form and Uriel, who is usually identified as female, assumes a male human form. The angels themselves are not perturbed by their address from their own kin for even though Uriel is genderless she is still referred to as "sister" by her siblings. Angels can also be androgynous when taking a human shape which is more fitting considering their inhuman and otherworldly nature. Even when compressed into a humanoid form, angels can appear visually unreal, like a psychedelic hallucination or optical illusion.

Powers and Abilities

An angel's basic form of power is the ability to produce a blast of holy white light. This light is so powerful it can render any unholy beast to ash. They also have the ability to heal, read minds, enter dreams, telekinesis, affect or even control the weather, manipulate time, pyrokinesis, and much more. Basically, their power is immense and godly, although it depends on the rank of the angel, but nonetheless, they naturally outclass most supernatural beings and beasts, with a few exceptions, and are classed as among the most powerful beings in the supernatural world.

It is mentioned that Michael can easily move mountains, and in Revelations seven angels of God's anger destroyed a third of stars. A German astronomer believes that there are planetary angels which can move and position planets and stars into their respective orbits. Even with this power, there are some beings that even the strongest angels would find themselves being overwhelmed by such as the Ogdru Jahad.

  • Immense Strength: Angels possess tremendous celestial strength, allowing them to carry more than a million tons and create shockwaves with their strikes alone. They are vastly stronger than humans and other supernatural/paranatural entities, and only matched or surpassed by the Old Ones and mythological deities.
  • Immense Speed: They can move, think and react fast enough that no human, lesser monster, or lesser demon could perceive them.
    • Flight: Even though they can teleport, angels are capable of flying at hypersonic speeds so much so that Immanuel has been seen breaking the sound barrier whilst flying.
  • Immense Durability: Their bodies are nearly invulnerable, with missiles, explosions, bullets, and even several supernaturally enhanced swords being unable to so much as break their skin. They can also survive unharmed in environments of intense temperatures, exposure to harmful chemicals or the vacuum of space. However, beings who are just as or more powerful can break though their extremely advanced durability.
  • Transcendent Physiology: Their very presence is also described as being unnerving, disorienting, and sometimes painful. Psychics and empaths can rarely stand to be anywhere near an angel due to the sheer strength of their spiritual presence, which can be felt even by non-psychics from a mile away. Supernatural individuals are also more sensitive than psychics and empaths to the point where it causes them pain and are immediately on edge. They can even choose to increase the intensity of their aura if they so wish, to the point where anyone in their vicinity would be reduced to ash.
    • Transcendent Voice: Even their true voices can be deadly and destructive for whenever an angel, while in human form, speaks in their true voice those in the vicinity are overwhelmed with agonizing pain in their ears to the point where they bleed from said ears and then eyes and nose which then results in death. Their true voices could also shatter glass and cause other electronics to malfunction and combust. Demons can resist their true voices such as when Eligos was knocked by Immanuel's shout as the demon restrained him although given that it was a shout it harmed Eligos nonetheless.
  • Wings: Contrary to popular belief, angels do not need their wings for flight though they can maneuver their flight trajectory using them. The wings could also be used as weapons or shields, the latter of which is strong enough to block some of the strongest of attacks. The number of wings on an angel depicts their rank in power within the Celestial Circles of Heaven. A normal angel has three sets of wings, and while in battle, the wings not only serve as a power of flight, but also seals for their power. When an angel releases its first pair wings, their speed increases. When the second pair of wings are released, their agility and reflexes are increased. When the third and final pair of wings are released, their strength also increased.

Ranks of Angels