Amaymon (or Amoymon) is a Prince of Hell who represents the sin of Wrath and, according to some Grimoires, is said to be the only one who has power that rivals Asmodeus. A curious characteristic of this Spirit is shown during the Evocation of Asmoday to visible appearance, when the Exorcist must stand upright with his Cap or Headdress removed in a show of respect; for if he does not it is Amaymon who will deceive him and doom all his work.

He is said to be a member of the Seven Princes of Hell and King of either the West or East. Asmoday and sometimes Gaap are said to be his servants.

He is said to have a poisonous breath and in The Lesser Key of Solomon states the Exorcist or conjurer must be in possession of a Silver Ring, duly consecrated and worn on the middle finger as a form of protection against this poisonous astral breath.

He is said to have some relation to the Marquis Aamon more likely a older brother.

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