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The Alpha Earth.

You thought your world to be the first creation, when it is in fact, only the most recent. Like your ancestors, who discovered the fossils of extinct beasts larger than anything you could possibly imagine, you have come closer to understanding the vastness of your insignificance.
~ Kthanid

The planet that was given the name "Alpha Earth" is said to be the first ever Earth that was created by God. Its existence is so shrouded in myth that even the angels are unaware of its existence, aside from the highest of the Archangels.


The Alpha Earth at first glance appears similar to our Earth, but upon closer inspection one can come to observe the dramatic differences. Unlike Earth, the Alpha Earth appears to remain in a state of primordial chaos, with the Elements themselves in disarray as turbulent storms of unknown nature roll across the planet's surface.

The atmosphere of the Alpha Earth possesses a reddish hue like the planet Mars, but is rich in oxygen, making Human habitation possible, albeit difficult. According to Remph, the surface of the planet has constructs that are eerily similar to the ancient civilizations of Earth, but that appear to be far older than anything built by humans could be.


Blueprint of the Earth

Some believe the Alpha Earth is the "blueprint" from which the Earth we know was designed, in a time before even the concept of Thought had come into existence. In the Age before all Ages, God used the Alpha Earth to create billions of worlds suitable for life to emerge and placed the primordial planet at the center of the Multiverse, so that it could serve as the seed for all of Creation.

However, each of these worlds would in time be devoured by the one who lurked in the Shadows of Creation, the Great Beast Azathoth. This would ultimately lead to a great battle between God and Azathoth, from which God would emerge victorious and Azathoth would become imprisoned within the Mask of Nihilo.

Hidden From Creation

As the "seed" of the Multiverse, the planet holds an infinite number of planets upon its many "branches", with every version of reality itself balancing precariously on this singular Earth. As a result, it has become a prime target of Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos. Nyarlathotep seeks out the Alpha Earth in order to corrupt it by plunging the Void Sword that houses the Anti-Life Equation straight into it, causing the Alpha Earth will be engulfed in the darkness of chaos as the barriers between the worlds crumble and innumerable alternate realities begin flooding into each other and colliding. This event would result in the destruction of Alpha prime, and consequently the destruction of the Multiverse itself. It for this particular reason that God hid away the Alpha Earth away from the forces of the Ogdru Jahad before He sent His archangels to battle them.

Center of the Cosmos

Due to existing in the center of the Multiverse, every single alternate Earth is a variation of the latter and is thus also known as the Original Earth, or Earth Prime. According to Remph, the angel of time, when thought came into existence as well as the illusion of free will, the ability of choice caused branches to spread about from the Alpha Earth and consequently give birth to alternate Earths. In layman's terms, every single choice the humanity makes leads to the creation of a reality where the opposite choice is given. This would mean that with every choice that is made, a world is made in the process.

History branches in two, creating one Earth where we made the choice and a second where we did not. This knowledge is said to be the life-long search that is the "secret" of the universe, which is basically billions of people making billions of choice and creating infinite Earths. The Alpha Earth is connected to the second Earth, which is the Earth that humans are most familiar with and call home. Our Earth can be dubbed the Omega Earth, being the last Earth to be created and thus the last perfect creation of God. The reason for this is because the Omega Earth shares the same components as the Alpha Earth and as such are part of a link.