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Milton got it right by me. I was pretty clingy to the point where neither Lilith nor Eve could catch a break or a breath. It only took me like, what? 300,000 years to finally see why they couldn't be around me? Or was it 200,000? I lost count. But yeah that's me. The Father of Humanity, ladies and gentlemen. Not quite what you would expect from God's most prized toy.
~ Adam

Adam was the first man on Earth, the consort of Eve and the father of humanity. He was also the first human to sin alongside Eve when they ate the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.


Adam was depicted as being a giant alongside Eve and the first humans. He was much larger than even the earliest humans which would explain as to why his Antediluvian descendants were also far taller than modern humans. As he was described as the perfect human, Adam was incredibly handsome and well-endowed. He was physically fit though somewhat slim, his hair was an auburn color and was slightly unkempt, and also had fair olive skin and sky blue eyes.

After the fall, Adam's being lost its radiance, as his skin mildly darkened along with his auburn hair though he still retained his sky blue eyes and impressive appearance. Like Eve, he would don the pelts of animals around his upper and lower body as garments.



Adam was said to have been created by God out of the dust from the ground, and was breathed life into the nostrils, causing him to become a living soul. He was given the Garden of Eden and it was his to enjoy, but he also had the full responsibility of taking care of it. Regardless, Adam was with no childhood, no parents, no family and no friends. Perhaps Adam's loneliness moved God to quickly present him with a companion, Lilith.

Lilith was created from the same primordial matter as Adam and as such is equal to him in every way. However, as a result of his loneliness, Adam became clingy and overbearing, which soon ended in Lilith not wanting anything to do with him especially when he was persistent in wanting to be on top during sexual intercourse. Lilith angrily cried out God's name and left Adam and the father of humanity was left alone once again.

It was then that God decided to create a second wife for Adam. This wife was made from Adam’s own body as He pulled a rib from Adam’s chest and formed it into a woman from the ground up; bones, muscle, sinew, blood, mucus, organs, skin, eyes, cartilage, hair, and so on but it was all right in front of Adam. Now, having witnessing this process Adam was so terrified that he refused to go near his new wife, much less name her. God then saw the error made in creating the wife in front of Adam and did what He could for the woman and destroyed her, though there are those who claimed that she, like Lilith, was permitted to leave the garden though what became of her is a matter of speculation.

Seeing this, God lulled Adam to sleep, took out one of his ribs and fashioned his second companion from it with the same primordial matter that he was created from, Eve. It is also said that God created other additional females for Adam in the form of Naamah, Agrat Bat Mahlat, and Eisheth Zenunim in case he rejected Eve. Adam, however, proposed to all of them but Eve was the only one who accepted whilst the other three left them. Unlike Lilith, Eve was mostly subservient to Adam but was quite curious and social with all that is around her. During their time together, Adam would have taught Eve the rules of the garden, and the two knew that one tree was off limits, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam was then tasked with naming every single animal in the Garden, down to the last organism and Eve was tasked with naming every plant. All except one denied to be named by Adam, with the creature itself, as a result of being unnamed, became formless and with no discernable shape. It simply became known as The Beast.

Original Sin

Adam and Eve's interactions with one another were also said to be mimicked by the animals that resided within the Garden though the animals implemented these interactions using their own methods. Among them was when Adam and Eve first kissed and a pair of lions, specifically a lion and lioness, mimicked this form of courtship by rubbing their faces tenderly against one another. At the time, Adam and Eve were unaware of the War in Heaven occurring above them which to them was only seen as a fierce and powerful thunderstorm although it certainly disturbed them. It was not long until they also witnessed a seemingly endless shower of "falling stars" shooting across the skies of Eden.

Eve tempting Adam

Even though Eve was created as a replacement for Lilith, the two would occasionally bicker and argue as Eve did not wish to be constantly under Adam's power and Adam would give her instructions and orders on tending to the Garden of Eden. It is unknown what Adam was doing during their brief separation although Adam himself said that he would occasionally seek more knowledge from the angel Raziel, who would reveal to him and Eve all the mysteries of the universe. When he returned he heard Eve's calling to him, and upon reaching her, saw that she was by the Tree of Knowledge with the Forbidden Fruit in her hand.

When she offered the fruit to Adam, the fate of the world was on his shoulders. As they ate the fruit in that one act of rebellion, man's independence and disobedience separated him from God. God then questions Adam and Eve initiating a dialogue. God calls out to Adam using a rhetorical question that is designed to prompt him to consider his wrongdoing. Adam explains that he hid out of fear because he realized his nakedness. This is followed by two more rhetorical questions designed to show awareness of a defiance of God's command. Adam then points to Eve as the real offender, then accuses God for the tragedy.

Fall of Man

After a series of blaming occurs, God initiates judgement on all culprits involved. A judgement oracle and the nature of the crime is first laid upon the serpent, Eve, and finally Adam. In Adam's punishment, God curses the ground from which he came, and then receives a death oracle. When the angels are casting Adam out of paradise, he asks to be allowed to implore God, saying: "For I alone have sinned." He begs God to be allowed to eat of the Tree of Life. God refuses to give him the fruit of immortality, but promises, if Adam will keep from all evil, to raise him up in the last day and give him the fruit. Before being cast out, Adam is allowed to take sweet spices (to offer sacrifices) and seeds for his food.

Adam and Eve would go on to have many children, and among the two most well known of their children were Cain and Abel; Cain was actually a child of Eve and the fallen angel Samael. However, when he learned of Cain killing Abel, Adam separated from Eve for a 130 years. During this time, Naamah approaches Adam before seducing him and bears his demonic children, who became the Plagues of Mankind. Upon returning to Eve, the two conceived another child in place of the deceased Abel and named him Seth. Adam had a daughter, Awân, born after Cain and Abel, and another daughter, Azûrâ, born after Seth, and they had nine other sons; Cain married Awân and Seth married Azûrâ, thus accounting for their descendants.

It is also said that the angel Raziel had attempted to aid them in repenting for the sins. Seeing their fallen state, Raziel took pity on the mortals and purportedly gave his book to Adam and Eve so the two could find their way back "home" and better understand their God. Raziel's fellow angels were deeply disturbed by this, and thus stole the book from Adam and threw it into the ocean. God Himself decided not to punish Raziel, but instead retrieved the book by means of the angel Rahab and returned it to Adam and Eve.

Supposed Death

According to Genesis, Adam died at the age of 930 making him the third longest living person next to Noah and Methuselah. Adam's lifespan would have overlapped with that of Noah's father Lamech by at least fifty years. It is reported the creation of Adam on October 23, 4004 BC at 9:00 am and lived until 3074 BC. However, there are rumors circulating the he still lives and walks among his children, bearing the curse of immortality from having to devour the Forbidden Fruit.


Much like Eve, Adam was described as being curious and intuitive. He is seen as a strong, intelligent, and rational character possessed of a remarkable relationship with God. In fact, before the fall, he was as perfect as a human being can be. He has an enormous capacity for reason, and can understand the most sophisticated ideas instantly.

Although, Adam did have his flaws though he was unaware of them as he held no self-thoughts and awareness for his own. Among those is that due to his relationship with God, he felt privileged given that he was favored by the Almighty above all else, even His own children. This privilege borderlines on a sense of superiority to the point where he expressed it during intercourse with Lilith, his first wife. Adam's perception of being the favored creation often has him not take into account that his consorts were also favored to the same extent as him. This led to angels like Raphael disciplining him into not allowing pride to overcome him but instead must be humble. Nonetheless, his attitude would often push those he loves away from him.

Due to his actions, Adam would end up isolated and lonely and whenever God created a new wife for him he would immediately cling to them. This could indicate that his conflict and fall out with Lilith wounded him so much to the point that he was in a sense touch starved. His need for love and affection was great enough to where he even outright proposed to Naamah, Agrat, Eisheth, and Eve simultaneously only to be rejected by the tree women except for Eve who accepted his proposal. It is likely the reason why the three women rejected Adam was that they knew Adam would never give them personal space to where his presence alone would be suffocating. This proved to be true with Adam and Eve's various entanglements within the Garden of Eden.

Adam’s greatest weakness is his love for Eve. He falls in love with her immediately upon seeing her, and confides to Raphael that his attraction to her is almost overwhelming. Though Raphael warns him to keep his affections in check, Adam is powerless to prevent his love from overwhelming his reason. While he loves her, he is somewhat demanding of her, always needing her attention and would inform her of how to tend to the Garden of Eden. Consequently, Adam's love for Eve results in his disobedience towards God when Eve tempted Adam into eating the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. After the fall, his self-doubt and anger demonstrate his new ability to indulge in rash and irrational attitudes. As a result of the fall, he loses his pure reason and intellect, which also leads to Naamah seducing him, leading to the creation of the Nashyim. Despite it all, Adam deeply loves and cares for his family, doing all he can to provide for them while trying to adjust to his new status as a mortal.